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Support at your change process

Through life coaching, energetic therapy (healing), inner vision, insight, awareness and teaching I support you in your change process. The process needed to realize the change from a life that doesn't suit you because you have fitted it into your environment, to a life that fits exactly who you really are and your environment.
It does not matter where you are in your process. I can support you every step of the way.
Whether you have just started clearing what unconsciously affects you from your past,
whether you are already consciously attuning your environment to who you are,
or that you support others in their change process.

I work with what presents itself. With that which may and can be healed at that moment,
As a result, every session is different, while my approach remains the same.

Support options

View the options below to see how I can support you with your personal change process,
through healing (inner vision, energetic therapy), insight, awareness, coaching en teaching.

Longer trajectories with intensive support

Separately bookable treatment sessions

Look at Tariffs for the different options and prices for strip cards and payment in installments.



 You go through life independently and with confidence


 You have insight into your unique self so that you know why you do what you do


 Your choices are well-founded, making uncertainty a thing of the past


 You are completely free to make your own choices in all situations


 Your physical, mental and emotional well-being improves


 Persistent blockages have been resolved


 Everything flows again


 You fully embody your higher consciousness


 You co-create your life along with your higher consciousness based on equality


 Your life has meaning and purpose


 You have insight in your life plan


 And also into the relationship between your life and the lives of others


 You find new solutions to existing problems

More information about your multidimensional development and growth

In the beginning of your life you were not aware of all the unwanted influences that were acting upon you.
These influences therefore could determine your choices. This resulted in the creation of a life that doesn't really fit who you really are.

The moment you become aware of this, because your life starts to feel uncomfortable or painful, you can start aligning your life with your life plan.

This is a whole process that consists of 3 intertwined steps that repeat themselves over and over.
You probably recognize this and are already in the middle of it.
I can support you in every aspect of this process.

The steps are:
- aligning and tuning all the dimensions of who you are.
- becoming aware of all subconscious influences and neutralizing them.
- align every area of your life with your life plan.

Ultimately, you are meant to consciously co-create your best life possible.
Together with all dimensions of yourself, others and life as a whole.

Successive changes in your energetic system, shown schematically:
(Similar to the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.)


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