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View the options below to let me support you in your personal change process,
through healing (inner vision, energetic therapy), insight, awareness, coaching en teaching.

Intensive Life Path Support

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My sessions are aimed at supporting you in your change process.
The change from a life that does not suit you because you have fitted it into your environment,
to a life that exactly fits your environment and who you really are,
And your transformation from conscious 1-dimensional functioning human being to a conscious multidimensional functioning inspired and animate human being.
It does not matter where you are in your process. I can support you every step of the way.
Whether you have just started clearing what unconsciously affects you from your past,
whether you are already consciously attuning your environment to who you are,
or that you support others in their change process.

I work with what presents itself. With that which may and can be healed at that moment.
This makes every session different, while my approach remains the same.



 You go through life independently and with confidence


 You have insight into your unique self so that you know why you do what you do


 Your choices are well-founded, making uncertainty a thing of the past


 You are completely free to make your own choices in all situations


 Your physical, mental and emotional well-being improves


 Persistent blockages have been resolved


 Everything flows again


 You fully embody your higher consciousness


 You co-create your life along with your higher consciousness based on equality


 Your life has meaning and purpose


 You have insight in your life plan


 And also into the relationship between your life and the lives of others


 You find new solutions to existing problems

Support with your multidimensional development and growth

In the beginning of your life you were not aware of all the unwanted influences that were acting upon you.
These influences therefore could determine your choices. This resulted in the creation of a life that doesn't really fit who you really are.

The moment you become aware of this, because your life starts to feel uncomfortable or painful, you can start aligning your life with your life plan.

This is a whole process that consists of 3 intertwined steps that repeat themselves over and over.
You probably recognize this and are already in the middle of it.
I can support you in every aspect of this process.

The steps are:
- aligning and tuning all the dimensions of who you are.
- becoming aware of all subconscious influences and neutralizing them.
- align every area of your life with your life plan.

Ultimately, you are meant to consciously co-create your best life possible.
Together with all dimensions of yourself, others and life as a whole.

Successive changes in your energetic system, shown schematically:
(Similar to the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly.)


My sessions are aimed at supporting you in your change process.
In your transformation from conscious 1-dimensional functioning human to a conscious multidimensional functioning human being.

It does not matter where you are in your process. I can support you every step of the way.
Whether you have just started clearing what unconsciously affects you from your past,
or you are already working on consciously attuning your environment to who you are.

Am I the right person to support you?

Mission statement

“It is my passion to manifest a world in which all lives are atuned to each other so that everyone, with no exceptions, can live the life that matches who they are. The life they are born for. Their best life possible.

I support conscious, spiritual people in attuning their lives to others in such a way that not only they themselves can live their best life possible, but anyone with whom their lives are connected. ”



I see you
I see the person you are trying to be and the one you really are.
I see how you live your life and how life is meant for you to live.

I also see that there are things you don't want to see.
I will bring those things to your attention.
In a very safe, trusted and gentle way.
Illuminating all sides of them.
So that you too can see that everything can be there.
And that not all is what it seems.


Together on the way to your best life possible
I connect with you on a deep essential level.
This allows me to guide you like no other during your personal transition.
In the transition from a life that does not suit you because you have fitted it into your environment,
to a life that fits exactly who you really are and into your environment.


I look at your life from:
- human perspective (this life),
- the perspective of your soul (across several lifetimes),
- the perspective of your higher spirit (your potential possibilities),
- and the perspective of life as a whole (your life attuned to others).
I relate these different perspectives to each other.

This makes you aware of the common thread in your life.
You gain insight into the learning path of your Soul (your core or essence).
You will get to know your unique qualities and skills.
You become aware of the important role you play in life.
Your life takes on meaning and becomes meaningful.


I am an intermediary between you, the Human, and you, the Soul.
With the people I work with there is an agreement at soul level.
It is therefore no coincidence, but through the work of your Soul that I appear onto your path.


Often the problems in your life have arisen because you have broken all contact with your Soul (essence).
You went your own way.
Or you have been seduced to leave your path.
In both cases you no longer have contact with your essence.
Because of this you don't know how to continue.
Your Soul wants to restore the contact with you so that you can follow your life path again.
This is necessary because there are people who can only continue when you take your position within the whole again. I support this wish by enabling a new partnership between you and your Soul.


I understand and speak the language of your Soul, symbolic language.
This allows me to communicate with your Soul and convey the messages to you clearly and purely.
Sometimes your Soul talks to you directly through me.
Symbolic stories play a major role in the healings.
That is the way your Soul speaks to you.


I am specialized in solving persistent and complex problems.
Problems others cannot solve.
I will solve your problems permanently.
You will never have to come back to me to ask to fix the same problem again.


I remove blockages by making you aware of them and clearing them energetically.
I align all layers of who you are with each other.
This allows you to start living the life that matches who you are.
The life you were born for.


I can look into and read the quantum field.
The field where everything IS. The Akashic Records.
This allows me to relate your life course to your life plan.
So that I can see exactly where and why you have deviated from your life plan.
And also what it takes to be able to continue your life path again.

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