A Higher Level of Existence, Living in Alignment with All Life
How the Structures are Changed

The Life Path Navigation System, global overview

Mutation date: June 2016

In the Evolution of humanity we are currently in a transition phase to the next level of existence.
In that transition phase we make the transition from a human(ity) who feels separated from the rest of life, to a human(ity) who knows he is one with all life.
From creating your life without regard for the lives of others, to co-creating your life taking the connection with the lives of others and the unity of life as a whole into account.

Restoring and securing the coherence of life

Part of my Soul Mission in this transition, was the design, testing and implementation of an energetic system with which life regains coherence and with which that coherence is secured.
This energetic system, the Life Path Navigation System, has been designed and implemented in such a way that every human being is embedded in Life as a whole. Every person, including those who think they are separate from others.
With the implementation of the Life Path Navigation System in our collective consciousness, the principle of 'absolute free will' has been replaced by the principle of 'free choice within everyone's possibilities'.

So, although there are still people who do not take the coherence and unity of Life into account, collectively, as humanity as a whole, we are already at the next level of existence, where we co-create our lives in connection with the lives of others and life as a whole.

Live Your Best Life Possible! Nothing can stop you anymore! Only you can keep yourself from it.

The Life Path Navigation System connects the separated realm in which we live a human existence with the total reality that Life is. In other words, it connects the region that we call time-space with the quantum region which time-space is a part of.
This allows the course of the evolution of physical life to be better aligned with the future possibilities.
The system also interconnects all individuals. As a result, the coherence can be determined and everyone's place within that coherence, and everyone's possibilities can be attuned to each other.

It should be clear that this system was not designed from a human perspective. It is designed from a higher perspective, a perspective from which there is a view of both human life and all of Life.

Co-create your life based on attuned realistic possibilities

The Life Path Navigation System provides the framework for all realistic possibilities with which human life can be shaped. The possibilities are realistic because everyone's possibilities are aligned to each other. The choices everyone has to shape and live their lives fall within this framework of realistic possibilities.

The Life Path Navigation System is designed in such a way that it helps you make the right choice.
It supports the decision-making process in life.
It helps answer questions such as:
"Which option do I choose from all my options?",
"How can I best realize this opportunity?",
"In what form?",
"How do I best approach this?".

The system consists of three parts, three separate designs, which are closely related:

Chakra Communication- and Information System
(Life Path Navigation System)

Levenspad Navigatie

Through this energetic system, which works through the chakras, everyone is connected with the whole and with each other.
All (physical and mental) possibilities, wishes, desires, ideas, personal preferences, beliefs, intentions, behavior, habits and customs of everyone are included in it.
It handles the tuning, coordination and synchronization between everyone.
The Personal Soul Plan or Life Plan is composed and executed as part of the Collective Life Plan.
Life takes shape by attuning our possibilities and choices.

Life plan / Soul plan
(Virtual, dynamic map with all options)


The Life Plan, or Soul Plan, is a virtual representation or projection of all realistic possibilities you can choose from, planned out into the future.
Through this plan you can (broadly speaking) map out your desired path through life. It is a dynamic plan that changes with every choice, yours or others.
The Life Plan is the result of the alignment between everyone who is connected to your life, according to the organization of the collaboration cube.

Collaboration cube
(Organizational model and model of the integrated human being)

Geïntegreerd mens

The collaboration cube is an organizational model.
It organizes the cooperation between all independently functioning parts within the multidimensional unity that life is.
The individual person is the one who, through this cooperation, brings out a unique expression of life and adds it to the collective life.
If all parts work together perfectly and consciously, then we can speak of an with the whole integrated human being. The symbol of the cube on its tip represents this integrated human.
The principles of this cooperation model are incorporated in the chakra communication and information system.

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A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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