A Higher Level of Existence, Living in Alignment with All Life
How the Structures are Changed

The Collaboration Cube versus the Pyramid model

The Collaboration cube

The collaboration cube is an organizational model that supports multidimensional life. The model puts the individual human being in the driver seat of its own life and at the same time at the co-pilot seat of the evolution of life as a whole. In the middle, where these two perspectives on life meet, the individual human being works at the production of the collective creation.

Cube model

fig. New multi-dimensional organizational model: The Collaboration Cube
The pyramid model

De collaboration cube replaces the old 3-layered pyramid model. This model does not support multi-dimensional life. It does not support the life of the individual human being and it does not support the evolution of life as a whole.
The pyramid model only supports the production of the collective creation through cooperation.

Pyramid model

fig. Old 3-layered organizational model: The Pyramid Model

The pyramid model is developed to support the creation of the collective life, the community. The model ensures that the work that has to be done within a community, is being done. This model is a result of the idea that a group has more chance to survive  than an individual, in a world full of danger, a world you don't understand.
The pyramid model supports Surviving as a group. 

The collaboration cube is in fact an extanded version of the pyramid model.
The pyramid model, that only looks at the collective life from the perspective of the community, is extanded with the perspective of the individual and with the perspective of life as a whole. Subsequently, these three perspective are connected with one another in such a way that a harmonious and balanced community can be created.
The collaboration cube places the community in the midst of Life.

The most important differences



Joint, dynamic decision making Hierarchical, static decision making
Individual and joint responsibility Hierarchical responsibility
Focused on optimally aligning, developing and utilizing possibilities to shape and experience life
(increase in possibilities, abundance)
Focused on economic growth and material prosperity of the community as a whole
(increase in money, wealth)
The possibilities of the Earth are being managed The possibilities of the Earth are being used and consumed
Combines the interests of the individual, the community and life as a whole Only considers the interest of the community as a whole
Everyone receives what one needs to be able to optimally utilize the unique possibilities so that all individuals in the community are optimally supported What every individual receives depends on the importance of the individual for the survival and the prosperity of the community
Every individual is valuable to the community because of his or her unique possibilities Every individual is replaceable because only general possibilities are being developed
The individual is part of life as a whole and is the basis for the collective creation (community).
The community is formed through utilizing the unique possibilities of all individuals and addressing the needs that come forth from this.
The community is leading.
The individual is subordinate.
Evolution is not in the picture.
The individual disappears in the mass.
The individual is being shaped to the group.
The group consists of identical individuals who all show the same group characteristics.
Unity in diversity through symbioses Unity through equality and merger
Individuals Live in freedom,
supportive to the community and life as a whole
Individuals Survive in limitation,
bound to the community

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A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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Collaboration cube
Cube model versus Piramid model

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