A Higher Level of Existence, Living in Alignment with All Life
How the Human Being Has Changed

Path of development of the evolved human being
and changes in society

December 2013
The importance of living in line with the natural unity of life

Changes in one's own life, the lives of others and/or society, only lead to effective and lasting improvements when those changes are in line with the natural unity of life.

Humanity has been intensively engaged in a transformation process for a number of years now. A process that is necessary to bring daily life back into line with the inner coherence that life naturally has.
People have started to shape their lives without taking the connection between all lives into account. Not intentionally, but simply because humans could not perceive that connection.

Today's societies are aimed at protecting people as best as possible against everything that threatens their own way of life. So also changes that are meant to recover the cohesion of life.
Transformation of societies is necessary to realign all lives and to restore the inner coherence of life.

Evolution of society follows the evolution of life

Natural life consists of a visible, tangible part and an invisible, intangible part.
The visible part, the physical world, is located in an area determined by time and space.
The invisible part is outside this area.

In the beginning of its existence, mankind knew only the visible part, because the human body was not yet fully grown and therefore had no possibilities to know the invisible part of itself. It still took many evolutionary cycles.

Today's societies have their origins in those early days of humanity and therefore only take the visible part of life into account.

Over time, humanity has also become acquainted with the invisible part of life, but that has never led to adequate changes in societies.
The human has never realized that a human himself consists of an invisible part next to the visible part. It never recognized this part of himself.
On the contrary, The human has declared the invisible part of natural life in its entirety to be the domain of God and thus inaccessible to man. (Except for a single chosen one, messenger or deputy of God.)
The idea has been incorporated into societies and thus forms a limitation for the further development of humans.

In the meantime, the human body has evolved from an evolutionary point of view. Societies now need to be adapted to this evolutionary stage of human life so that they are back in line with the natural evolution of life.

The multidimensional human

The construction of the human body makes it possible to fully encompass both the visible part (Human) and the invisible part of man (Spirit) and to function from both planes.
In order to be able to relate the invisible and the visible part, there is a third part, an intermediate area, which can encompass both areas (Soul). This creates a collaborative whole.

In the beginning the body of the human comprises only the visible part of itself.
The human is thereby separated from his Soul and Spirit. As a result, The consciousness of the Human, the Soul and the Spirit first undergo their own development, independent of the development of the other parts.

The usefulness of this is that the individual parts can fully get to know themselves and their scope before functioning together as an integrated whole.
This is an important principle in the evolution of life.
Each new option is first explored separately and only then used in conjunction with the existing options.

Through a transformation process, the human can also encompass other areas. This is done in two steps.
First the intermediate region (Soul) is included; the separated person then transforms into an animated person.
Thereafter, the realm beyond time and space (Spirit) may also be included; the animated person then transforms into a consciously inspired person.
The image below illustrates this transformation process:

development phases
development phases

The Human now has three versions, three stages of development.
The differences between the various developmental stages are comparable to the differences between larva and insect, caterpillar and butterfly, tadpole and frog.

In humans, however, these differences are not visible on the outside. The outward appearance of human remains unchanged. This makes recognition of the developmental stage difficult.

And like all previous models of the physical body (animals, fish, plants, bacteria, ....) all three stages of human development are simultaneously present in the current reality.
Every body has its own purpose.
Every body gives exactly those experiences that an individual (individual consciousness) needs at that moment to be able to learn, grow and develop.
Each individual at his or her own pace according to a series of experiences precisely suited to that individual.

One body is not better than another. They are all just right.
Every year new caterpillars appear, or wingless grasshoppers that can jump but cannot fly.
This preliminary stage is necessary in order to be able to transform into an adult stage with wings with which the thinner layers of our reality and habitats that lie outside our direct field of view can also be reached under our own power.

These human development stages each have their own path of development.
The transition to the next stage of development is made through a transformation process.

During the previous collective transition to the 'animated human' stage of development (tens of thousands of years ago, Lemuria/Atlantis), all sorts of things went wrong. Among other things caused by the idea that everyone must simultaneously transform to the next stage.
Techniques were devised and applied to take even those with us who were not ready to the new stage of development.
The traces that this has left in our societies are still visible today.

The negative consequences of those choices have now all been rectified. We have learned from those mistakes. This time, the individual is not equated with the collective, but individual differences are taken into account.
From now on, the individual is respected and each individual is optimally supported in their own, self-chosen individual development process. Both those who have chosen a slow path and those who want to take the fastest path.
This will become visible in societies.

However, in order to be able to adequately support a person, it is important to know what stage of development that person is in.
For example, it is important to know whether a person is driven by the human consciousness or by its soul consciousness.
Both can want something very strong. This is often interpreted as 'having a big ego'.
However, the human being who functions from the human consciousness mainly wants something for himself. And if it fits for himself, he or she also wants something for others. The human being who functions from the soul consciousness, wants something because it fits within what everyone wants, so also what he or she wants.

Someone with a human consciousness who inflates himself into a big ego or who makes himself very small in order to maintain himself within his (or her) living environment can cause problems in society. On the other hand, a great self-consciousness with a strong will and also letting yourself be carried away with others, is a requirement to be able to function properly from the soul consciousness.
The sentence 'I want' says nothing at all about the level of development of a person.

For example, it also makes a great difference whether a person invents his or her ideas with the human mind and/or adopts it from thoughts generated by the brain, or whether this person gets ideas from the realm of the Mind outside of time and space (conscious intelligence).
In the first case, the ideas are limited to the visible, physical world, and there may be an accidental connection with the invisible world. Often they are unrealistic ideas.
In the second case, it is an idea that is aligned with both the visible and the invisible world, whereby the ideas are aimed at a future that is in line with the natural development of life. These are always realistic ideas.

In the transformation process from Human to animated human, the human will must be aligned with the higher will and in the transformation process from animateded Human to Conscious inspired human, the brain must begin to work with both the higher intelligence of the Spirit and the human spirit, whereby the human mind is aligned with the higher intelligence.

In today's society, this natural longer-term development of the human is not taken into account and as a result the possibilities of animated people and of consciously inspired people are rejected and suppressed.
Animated and consciously inspired people cannot develop properly in today's societies. Those who do develop do so entirely on their own, driven from within and against the tide, and have little or no opportunity to unleash their full potential through participation in society.

It is these people who, driven from within, from the invisible part of themselves, will realize the necessary changes in society.

The human development path can be used as a road map for the development from separated human beings to consciously inspired human beings and as a guideline for developing a society that optimally supports every human being.

Stages of human development

The multidimensional human being has three stages of development:
Separated human, animated human and Conscious Inspired human.

Below I give a brief description of these developmental stages.

Separated Human:


The separated human has a human consciousness with which he can survey his physical existence. The separated human is completely outwardly focused on his immediate environment in the physical world.
This limited focus, this limited range, allows the human to properly study, experience and get to know the physical world.
As a result, the human knows everything about the functioning of himself, his living environment and himself in relation to others and that living environment. What works and what doesn't work within that physical world and how does it work best.

A fully developed multidimensional Human is master of all aspects of his or her physical world, meaning that all aspects of life in their context can be applied in the best way in any situation.

The separated person is not aware of a direct connection with an invisible part of himself (soul/spirit), but often believes in a higher power that is in control of life.
Often the connection with the invisible areas is closed down.
Th human knows only the physical world and knows himself through this world.

chakra system_external

Life 'happens' to this person because he is driven by cause and effect, by his instinct, by a defense mechanism, by emotions, by convictions, by (fear) thoughts and/or by the people in the environment.
Human consciousness can feel like a plaything of all kinds of forces and is aimed at surviving as best as possible in a world full of dangers.
Sometimes that means living comfortably at the expense of others.
Or: adapting to others and submitting to the will of others.
But also: only do what you like.

This person's ideas concern the physical world and often 'I want' or 'I don't want' is leading without relating this to what is needed or what suits everyone.
This person lives to survive, to get through the period between birth and death as well as possible.

The Soul, separated from the human, experiences life, but cannot exert any influence on it.
Th human himself decides about his own life. The Soul learns through the experiences of the separated human.
That has given the Soul fearful and even traumatic experiences in the past.

The Spirit also 'sees' the life that the human lives and also sees all possibilities that humans have.
At this stage of development, however, the Spirit has no influence whatsoever on the choices the human makes.
For the Spirit this was very frustrating, because the Spirit can oversee cause and effect of any choice while there were no possibilities for the human to make a better choice or to give him better ideas.

Spirited person:


The human body of the animated human encompasses the plane of physical reality as well as the intermediate plane.
Human consciousness is integrated with Soul consciousness.
That is, the human will and the higher will have been aligned with each other. What man wants, therefore, falls within what is good for everyone.

The animated person is not guided by external forces, but listens to the directions of the Soul in order to determine the right direction.
The Soul has the overview of both the visible and the invisible life.

The animated person knows that he/she is part of a whole and that he/she is an important part within that whole. Life has meaning.

To be able to perform this role well, it is essential that the animated person functions optimally and keeps himself in top condition.
That means not only taking good care of the body and mind, but also doing those things that exactly suit the individual qualities and characteristics.

chakra system_information_flows

Not driven by the will of others, but by determining his or her place within the whole in order to act from there.

The (energetic) star structure of the human is anchored in the Earth and the star structure of Spirit in the Collective Consciousness, whereby the individual qualities and the individual possibilities can be related to the whole and to others within that whole.
The star structure of the Soul is anchored in the heart chakra and has the function of an inner compass.

The inspired person is not only aware of the unity of life on Earth and of his or her role within this whole, but also of the options in life and the consequences of those choices for the living environment.
People free themselves from external influences by consciously making different choices. Choices that lead to a sustainable living environment, a living environment that optimally supports all life.

Consciously inspired person:


The human body of the consciously inspired human encompasses all three planes, the visible, the invisible and the intermediate plane and thus has a consciousness in which Human, Soul and Spirit work as an integrated whole.

Not only are the lower and higher wills related, the human attributes related to the whole and others within that whole, the body is kept in optimum condition and is used only for what it is suitable for, but also the lower intelligence and the higher intelligence are related and the brain facilitates this cooperation.


There is a close collaboration between Human, Soul and Spirit, each from their own expertise and from their own balance, which ensures that if one of the parts is out of balance, this balance is quickly restored by a counter-movement from the other parts.

The consciously inspired person is a stable personality that manages to maintain itself in every situation. Not because this person never gets out of balance while living through these situations, but because this balance can be quickly restored.
This means that the consciously inspired person can and dare to take on the toughest challenges on his or her path.

The consciously inspired person is aware of his or her role and responsibility as a co-creator and of his or her possibilities and skills to improve the quality of life through co-creation.
He or she uses the possibilities of the whole area within and outside time and space and consciously links these possibilities together to steer life in the desired direction, taking into account the different stages of development of everyone.
The development from baby to adult/elderly takes place within one human life and is therefore clearly visible to everyone.

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Living in Alignment with All Life

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