A Higher Level of Existence, Living in Alignment with All Life
How the Human Being Has Changed

Integration of the paths of development of the Soul and the Human being

May 2010

At the end of March 2010 it apparently was the right time to free up centuries-old knowledge and wisdom, knowledge related to the 'natural way'.

This knowledge was present in the memory of my Soul. My Soul had gained it during a lifetime in China. As far as I can see, this life in China does not occur in the evolutionary line of my ancestors.

Who I was as human individual, matched exactly what was necessary for the further quest of my Soul for the missing information about the evolution of life on Earth.
Who I was, being a result of inheriting a physical structure, skills and knowledge. But also misunderstood experiences and misunderstood or incomplete information.
Even the environment in which I was born (family, country, time) was exactly right.

The knowledge my Soul gained during this life in China was shielded, because this would disrupt my Soul's new quest. At March 25, 2010 my development (as an integrated human being) had advanced so far that I was able to access those memory areas of my Soul. I could now link the old knowledge and the new experiences, knowledge and insights to each other and integrate them into new knowledge and wisdom.

The reason that I (my Soul) could not proceed with my gained knowledge about human evolution and the evolution of consciousness, was that all the parts of which we are composed were not recognized as individual parts. They did not work together in an organized manner. Instead they could influence each other in unexpected and unwanted ways.
Moreover, the subconsciously created hierarchy ('determining order') was the wrong way around. Upside down. Consciousness ruled over and used / abused human nature.
As a result, we created an upside-down world.

Geïntegreerd Mens

Now all parts are related. The needs and wishes of everyone are taken into account. And the possibilities and limitations of the physical level are leading. Individual creation space and control mechanisms are put into place. The individual parts can no longer undesirably influence each other.
The living organism, from consciousness to physical body, is now ordered according to the principles of the cooperation cube. Thus, an integrated multidimensional individual is created.

So, in my present life I have examined the evolution of consciousness, from top to bottom:
total consciousness -> individual Soul -> conscious Human being.
And I've been wondering how that all works together.
I found out that it wasn't a logically collaborative whole at all. Instead, it worked through a system of influencing, that originated in the existence of different levels of consciousness within one human being.
Having solved this problem, I had come to the point where my Soul encountered unsolvable problems with the ancient knowledge of evolution.

In that previous life my Soul apparently had examined the human evolution, from bottom to top: physical world -> evolution of the physical body -> individual human being.

So the intelligent, conscious, human individual was the endpoint in both studies.

In the individual human being both evolutionary trajectories come together:

Evolution living organism
Evolution living organism
fig. Evolution of the living organism

Because both trajectories could be completed independently of each other, various problems arose. The Soul had unnecessary traumatic experiences and the human being (and the rest of the living world) suffered unnecessarily.

Connecting the growth path of the Soul (the evolution of consciousness) and the growth path of the human being (natural evolution) creates a unique, integrated plan for learning and growing through experiences. A plan in which optimal use is made of the natural capabilities of a living, self-renewing organism. It allows the living organism to improve itself further and further. And it gives increasing opportunities for experiencing life. This way we can come to an increasing understanding and wisdom.

The integrated human, through his or her unique contribution, supports the natural evolution of life on Earth and the evolution of consciousness. By taking full responsibility for fulfilling his or her unique role in the evolution of all of life.

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A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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