A Higher Level of Existence, Living in Alignment with All Life
How the Human Being Has Changed

Live your best life possible!

Juni 2016

We are currently living in an intermediate phase in the natural evolution of life.
As humanity as a whole, we are already at a whole new level of existence.
Life has changed. It now has coherence. All lives are attuned to each other and form a unity. Everyone has his or her own unique place within that whole.
This allows you to co-create and live a life that matched exactly who you naturally are.

If you look at the world, you don't see much of this intrinsic coherence yet. That's because most people still think and behave according to the habits, rules and possibilities of the old level of existence.

Sooner or later, each at their own pace, each person will begin the change process that is needed to bring oneself, the thinking and behavior, to a higher level in order to actually start living at that higher level of existence. You too.

As a human being you are aware of the world around you and you have (within certain limits) the possibilities to create a life that deviates from the natural course of life. As a result, the evolution process is different this time than in previous phases in the evolution of life on Earth.

You have the power to resist, defend and even go into battle with the natural evolution process. For example because you perceive the necessary changes to take you to a higher level as undesirable.

By restisting you can postpone the changes, but then your process becomes unnecessarily long and heavy.
You then create resistance and blockages which you later have to break through.
You cannot avoid the changes. Sooner or later you run out of options and then you are swept along by the force of nature, to become the one you need to be. Someone who knows how to live on a higher level of existence.

The latter happened to me. As experience expert I therefore can tell you that it is no fun to go through the change process in that way.
I wouldn't wish that on anyone, certainly not you!

As one of the first, I have been forced by the natural evolutionary process to go through the process of change. The process of change that humanity as a whole has been able to postpone for a very long time (many millennia).

I learned a lot during that process. And I immediately applied what I learned. I used it to streamline the evolutinary change process and to lay the foundation for a new life on a higher plane of existence.
Because of this, everyone can now start living their best life possible. You too.
Only yourself can keep you from it!

I can support you perfectly in your change process. So that you too can become the best version of yourself and can co-create and live your best life possible.
Not only because I am an experience expert in this process, but also because I know the best and most efficient route through the change process and because I have laid the foundation for living on a higher plane of existence.
I can transfer the knowledge to you first hand.

So don't hesitate to ask for my help if you need it.
Don't wait until the resistance to change is so big that you can only break through it by force.

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Live your Best Life Possible!

A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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