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How the Structures are Changed

CC&IS - The Chakrasysteem in the Course of Evolution

Independent instinctively functioning body
Chakra system original version

In the beginning of evolution the chakra system worked well. Life was simple. There was no conscious life yet. Life followed fixed patterns and was driven by the instinct.
This independently functioning body was perfectly capable of keeping itself in top condition. The instinct was focused on shaping life in such a way that the body could stay in top condition and on adding more possibilities to shape and experience life through reproduction. The body and the life that was lived with that body and the evolution of life were perfectly aligned.

And then the human being became consciously aware of life.

The unconsious creation of a defense mechanism

In an instinct driven, independently functioning body a conscious individual has no possibilities to influence how life takes shape. The human being can only observe, experience life. The human being becomes aware of life, but has no influence on it.
From the viewpoint of the evolution of life and the development of consciousness, this is fine, because the human being doesn't know anything about life, about itself, about its habitat and its social environment. By just observing, the human being could study life and get to know how life works through its life experiences, before trying to apply any changes. Life was perfectly balanced, all of life was perfectly aligned and attuned to one another. When the human being would be able to change anything without any knowledge of the workings of life, the human being could disturb this balance.
But for the conscious human being who was only able to experience life without influencing it, life became a fearful and even traumatic adventure. The human being was driven by his instincts. He felt fear and began to run for his life, but he didn't know where this fear came from or where he was running from. He didn't know the source of his fears. The instinct reacted before the human being was aware of the danger.
The conscious human being found himself in the midst of a world full of unknown danger. It was eat or be eaten and on top of that his environment and the people around him could be destroyed in a wink through natural disasters. The human being developed a fear for unknown danger and developed behavior to be able to protect himself against any danger he could possibly imagine.
The instinct, that was focused on living within a balanced unity that was focused on supporting each other by aligning needs and possibilities, turned into a defense mechanism, a system that was meant to protect the human being against the dangers in his environment, so that the human being as an individual could survive as good as possible within life as a whole.
The human being didn't feel that he was being supported by life, instead he felt threatened by it.

The need to decide for oneself

The fearful and traumatic experiences left their marks in the chakra's. The information regarding these experiences was not understood and could not be processed. This caused that the information stayed present in the chakra's, which led to pollution of the chakra system. These experiences waited to be understood and they resonated along with every new experience, influencing the assessment, the perception and the processing of new experiences in an undesirable way.

The human being got hold of the idea that sometimes he was scared of and fled for nothing and felt the need to understand the unknown danger. The human being also felt the need to be able to behave differently, against his instincts. He wanted to know which things or situations were safe and which weren't and he wanted to adapt his behavior accordingly. The human being wanted control over his own behavior. This way there was no need to be constantly alert. Within a safe environment he could relax and live his life. When in real danger, however, he had to be able to act quickly, therefore danger had to be recognized in a split second. Or better said: actually the human being didn't want to find himself in dangerous situations that would alert the instinct at all.

External structure

For these reasons the chakra system was extended with an energetic structure around the human being. In this structure all information about the environment was collected. This structure was connected to the solar plexus chakra, because this was the place where the feelings of fear resonated which the human wanted to examine. Based on the feelings in the solar plexus chakra the human being determined whether something was dangerous or not. Everything was being labeled, 'good' or 'bad' / 'dangerous' or 'harmless' / 'reliable' or 'unreliable'.
Now, the human being had an instrument with which he could investigate his world. Everything he saw he could hold against the feeling that it caused in his body, label it and keep the image with the label in the external structure, so that in a later stage he could react on the basis of this image. This way the human being got to know his environment and he was able to build a worldview and to create a safe and relaxed way of living.
The human being was less anxious because he could understand his environment and his experiences better. As a result less not understood experiences and feelings of anxiety stayed behind in the chakra's, so that the chakra's were not polluted much further.

Building a safe society

A human being doesn't live alone, but lives together with others. He depends on others to let his life take shape. Using the images and labels such as 'reliable' / 'unreliable' in the external structure, a human being was able to find other people who matched him. People who gave him a good feeling and who together could shape the life the human being had in mind. By collecting people around him who resonated with the patterns in his external structure, with the personal beliefs of how life should/can be lived, the human being is able to let his life take shape through the works of others.

The human being did the same with all the possibilities to shape life. He examined his environment, formed an image of it in his mind, classified the possibilities as 'safe' as it felt good, and 'unsafe' when it did not feel good, and used only the 'safe' possibilities to shape his life with. Everything that was labeled as 'unsafe' was carefully been avoided, removed from the environment, or destroyed.

The creation of a relationship of dependency

This human selection system came into conflict with the natural selection system of the chakra's, where the possibilities to shape life where aligned to each other and life as a whole. The selection the human being made did not match what the body needed to be able to continue to function properly nor what was needed for the progress of evolution.

Energetic connections

The human being felt the increasing resonance of the chakra's caused by needs that were not fulfilled, and perceived this as irritating. The human being wanted to 'silence' this feeling, but could only do so by providing the body with what it needs. This failed. The people around the human being were not able to still the feeling either. The human being thought: "When others can feel what I feel, then the others know what I need and then they can give it to me."
The solution was a direct energetic connection between each others chakra's.

This solution was a disaster for the operation of the chakra system. The chakra's could not rotate freely any more and were no longer able to exchange all information with the environment.
On top of that human beings who were connected through this construction became a unity. A new unit within life as a whole was created, an artificial unit which was not aligned with life as a whole.
Because these people formed a unit it was unclear which needs and which possibilities belonged to the one and which to the other. The needs and possibilities of the people in the group were not aligned to each other either, but they expected of each other that they could provide in each others needs. This way a relationship of dependency was created, in which people are literally attached to each other (through an energetic connection). Because of this direct connection the persons involved in such a relationship believe that they cannot live without each other.

The development of the manipulative ego and the arising of the power structure

In such a construction the identity of the individuals gets lost.
The one who connects the others for the purpose of letting those others provide in his needs in order to let his life take shape by their doing, becomes the dominant identity or group identity. The needs of this person are provided for, but not the needs of the others.
Before, the human beings were driven by their instincts and now by the needs of others. Again the need existed to be able tot decide for oneself to make sure that their needs were met, this time deviating from the group.

Furthermore, the chakra's kept 'wining' because the natural needs of the body were not provided for. Everyone was affected. Needs and possibilities could not be matched well within the group. The possibilities were limited.

The human being, who already knew a lot more about himself and his environment, began to abuse the information in the external structure, and the possibility to connect directly to the chakra's of someone else, for his own benefit. To make sure that he (at least) had a good life. People were mislead by 'socially desirable' information in the external structure of this human being. He built an artificial image of himself, a reputation, so that others, whom he thought he needed, would connect to him and work with (for) him based on false grounds.
To make sure that the chakra's stopped 'wining' and unpleasant emotions were not felt, the chakra's were shut down and this advice was given to others or especially to others as part of the manipulation.
I'm sure that I don't have to explain how this shutting down of chakra's affects the health of the body.

The human being as co-creator

All of life became disturbed because of the freedom of choice of the human being. Now Life itself had a need, namely that the balance in Life would be restored.
The human being had to gain insight about the consequences of his choices and actions and bring his life into alignment with the lives of others and life as a whole.

This need is the basis of the newly developed Chakra Life Path Navigation System.

All the above problems are solved within this new system.
Connections from chakra to chakra are no longer possible.
Experiences are understood and processed quicker, so that they can't affect each other when this is not desirable and they don't form unnecessary blockages in the energy system. (Experiences first have to be understood before a new experience can be offered.) 
The connection between the inside world and the outside world is moved from the solar plexus to the heart chakra. This way the selection process is disconnected from the emotions. Emotions can play their part again in the warning system or discernment tool.
Now there is a close cooperation possible, teamwork, between the human being and his soul. Through the soul the human being is connected to life as a whole, life 'outside space and time'.
This way the human being gains insight and gets an equal say in his life path, in his role in the evolution of life.
The soul of the human being gets the responsibility for how this life path takes shape in the physical world and for offering the human being the right experiences.
The human being gets the responsibility for the consequences of his actions when he chooses to deviate from this life path and shall be directed to face these consequences (consequences for himself, others and life as a whole) and will be supported to gain insight in the importance of following this life path. The human being is also being supported to relate his own life to the life of others and life as a whole. This is part of the life plan.

The human being is acknowledged as co-creator and designer of life and is perceived as an equal partner in the creation process.


The energetic system that is going to support this joint creation process looks a bit complicated now, see the schematic impression below. The lines and arrows with the numbers next to them are the streams of information, the path the creative life energy follows through the chakra's and star structures:

                                              Complete chakrasystem

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Living in Alignment with All Life

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