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How the Structures are Changed

CC&IS - Adjustment of the design:
connecting the external structures

Juli 2011

In April 2011 on collective level the choice is made to further develop the design for a Life Path Navigation System in detail and implement the design within the existing world, not only with the people who function in the new way, but also with the people who function in the old way.

In daily practice however, the original concept appears not to work with people who function in the old way. This leads to unwanted situations and that is why this design now has to be adjusted.

The encountered problem

The soul has no direct line with the 'old' human being

It is agreed (on collective level) that the soul would get the responsibility and the control over the individual life path of the human being.
The idea was that this also could be implemented with people who function in the old way. However there appears to be no way for the soul to make Contact to these people and communicate with them.
These people could only be reached through the outside, through others.
Only from the outside, through people who function in the new way, the soul is able to get control over the experiences a human being needs to be able to grow an develop towards a life that fits him or her perfectly.

Clustering of 'old' people

When these people keep making Contact with each other from the outside they continue to make choices that deviate from their best route through life and that means that the 'old world' is maintained by people who function in the old way and who seek refuge with one another.
Individuals who function in the new way are not permitted to groups who function in the old way. The result is that ghetto's are formed of the old way of living within the new way of living. One cannot really speak of an attuned unit and the growth and development of the individuals stagnates.

The 'dominant power' pulls individuals and groups from their path

A group that functions in the old way pulls at individuals who function in the old way and pushes away individuals who function in the new way. This can be translated in 'like powers pull at each other and unlike powers push each other away'. Dominant powers are at work here. Dominant powers pull at each other because they are focused in the same direction  ("We are the same", "We mean the same", "We want the same").
This is the real problem that has to be solved here. The dominant power (of an individual or group) should not be able to cause the individual or group to deviate from their desired path through life.

The adjustment of the design should make sure that forming a group on the basis of the old way of living is not possible anymore.

The necessary solution

The solution is: creating an interface between the new and the old system, on individual and group level, in such a way that a cooperation is possible between the two different ways of functioning.

Difference in workings of the old and the new system

To be able to determine how this solution can be realized, I will first state the difference between the two ways of functioning so that it is clear why those two ways don't work together. Then I will explain how both systems can be connected and work together while at the same time the forming of isolated 'old way' groups is blocked.

How the old system works

The old way of functioning is based on the idea that you have to try as good as possible to bring your life into shape while you are completely disconnected from life as a whole. It seems that you are floating freely in space.
Luckily, the gravity keeps you into Contact with the Earth, so that you can use the Earth to live from. This way of living is not easy. Luckily, you are not alone but there are others who are also connected to the Earth in the same way. Together you manage to build a safe existence. The best way to do this is to connect or attach yourself to others, human to human.
It turned out that this connecting with other people to build an existence together was not always safe. With some people you could build a safe existence, but with others existence was more dangerous than living alone. So, there was the need for a way to figure out if you can rely and build on someone. The only way to do that was to look at the other person and observe and judge what you see. Certain characteristics you could observe on the outside (those characteristics that we knew because we recognized them in ourselves) were used to interpret who they are.

The same need existed to judge a group of people. Which group suited you and which group didn't.  Which person fits with our group and which one doesn't. With which group can we connect ourselves and with which group we can't.
Connections from person to group and from group to person and from group to group based on the recognizable structure of the group on the outside.
(The same counts for all the other things around us - the living and non-living nature and the products with which we shape our lives, but I leave this out for now.)

Later we became aware of ourselves, but because we couldn't see ourselves we copied the image from others, how they perceived us by watching us. We used others as a mirror and we constructed our self-image from the images others returned to us about ourselves. Our self-image didn't tell so much about us but the more about how others perceived us. This self-image was the basis for our choices in life.

In about the same manner we handled our needs and also how we should let our lives take shape.

These images formed a limitation for the real situation, because they were constructed out of elements (behavior, skills, how you could live) that were already known, instead of from who we really are added with the potential possibilities yet to be developed (that are slumbering in the future). The images are build on beliefs that determine our thoughts and behavior.

To summarize: in the old way of functioning people are interconnected at the outside and everyone carries images along which can help them function within a society; our self-image, our needs and the characteristics of the life we want to live.

fig.1 Functioning (living, shaping life) in the old way

How the new system works

In the new way of functioning no use is made of the images others reflect back to us about ourselves, our possibilities, our needs and the life we want to bring into form. Also there is no connection to each other at the outside.
We know ourselves and we know that our structure is an effect of the evolution of the possibilities of the Earth and that this structure is contained within the DNA in our bodies. This connection with the Earth determines our possibilities and needs and necessaries to shape our lives. This connection with the Earth and the structure of our possibilities and needs is located below our feet to anchor us to the Earth.

The ways in which we can use our possibilities and fill our needs are a product of our mind (or spirit). Our mind, our consciousness is not separate from the consciousness of the entire Universe but is anchored in it.
To shape our lives, our physical structure related to the evolution of the Earth and the ideas of the mind meet in the heart chakra where our soul turn the possibilities and ideas into a workable and feasible plan.
Through the connection with the Earth and the connection with consciousness as a whole, we know what others can mean to us and we know how we can best match our possibilities and needs, so that we have more possibilities to develop en utilize our possibilities.
Via our heart chakra we send and receive information about our plans. This is not done through a direct connection, but through resonance. 
Our lives take actual shape by making choices in our daily encounters with other people, with groups of people and products, depending on how we resonate with them, based on our personal preferences.  

fig.2 Functioning (living, shaping life) in the new way

The present society with 'old' and 'new' people

At this moment our society looks somewhat like this:

fig.3 The present society where groups of individuals function in the old way

Society consists of individuals who function as part of life as a whole and who work with all possibilities available for shaping their own lives and the collective life, and of individuals who function as free standing units who are connected to each other which creates free standing groups separate from life as a whole.
These free standing individuals and groups are not able to make optimum use of all the possibilities that are available to them within life as a whole. But these individuals do not only limit themselves and each other, but they also limit people outside their group and even the possibilities of life as a whole.
I would have thought that the soul could somehow get into Contact with these free standing people, but this appears not to be so.

I think that you can imagine the problems that arise when two different functioning individuals encounter one another and want to cooperate.
To name one: the person who works in the old way tries to connect from the outside to the chakra's of the other, while it is essential to the other that the chakra's can rotate and resonate freely. The person who functions in the old way gets no connection and gets no image reflected back from the other and therefore is not able to judge the other and doesn't know if this is a good match.
The other person, who works with resonance, gets no information or distorted information back. This person is also not able to judge whether this is a good match.

What do we want to achieve with the solution?

How do we solve this problem? And what is it exactly that we want to solve?

  • Do we want a more realistic image of all the possibilities,
    which means working with a limited set of possibilities as long as not everyone is connected to the whole?,
  • Do we want to reach the situation that everyone is connected, so that we can then utilize all possibilities, as quickly as possible,
    which means an accelerated transformation from old to new on individual level (and group level?)?,
  • Somewhere in between, and I think this has to be it:
    everyone moves in his or her own pace from the old to the new, but optimally supported,
    which means that the free standing individuals has to get and stay on the path to growth, by using all available possibilities and attune these possibilities to the old structure in such a way that the old structure is not able to limit the available possibilities. (Pfffffff, is this even possible???)

(Well, lucky me, the Universe is very cooperative!
Just now a mechanic came by our house to modify our dryer for the second time. There had already been 4 or 5 modifications to this type of dryer. The design was so new that only by using the dryer in practice, flaws and imperfections can come to the surface! Well thanks a lot for bringing me this information, now we know at least the reason of all the changes of course we constantly seem to encounter on our collective path!
The mechanic replaced the filter for a double-filter, because it let too many small dust particles through which resulted in a blockage in the system so that it couldn't function properly, and he replaced the pump. Hm, the heart chakra, makes sense, but I don't know (yet) what the filter means. All dust particles have to go through the filter and are not allowed to take another route. Ah, yesterday we watched the animation movie 'Horton hears a who!'. About a society on a dust particle! Yes, the message is clear now: everyone follows his or her own path but through the official pathways (infrastructure).)

Okay, clear, collective consciousness wants (has chosen for the option) that everyone makes the transition from old to new in their own pace, while optimally making use of all available possibilities to address the (real) needs of everyone as good as possible.

Improving the attunement process

The process of attunement between human, soul and spirit doesn't work with people who function in the old way. This process has to be adjusted to make it work.

Why is it not working an how can this be adjusted so that it does work?

We have the following data:

  • The real possibilities and the related needs and the necessities to shape life of everyone are known through our connection with the Earth.
  • Through our connection with collective consciousness we can reach the spirit of everyone who can then generate ideas with these possibilities, needs and necessities.
  • The soul is in Contact with the spirit, but not with the human who functions in the old way.
  • The images, which a person who functions in the old way uses as a basis for his or her choices, are present on the outside of this person. 

Offering choices through the external structure should not be possible

I don't know exactly how the external structure works in the process of offering choices to determine that there is a match or not. It seems that others can use the images in the external structure to offer someone a set of choices.
It is a fact that the current situation is maintained, when choices are based on these images. Because the choices are based on the images, they are not related to the real possibilities and needs.
Therefore it should not be possible to use these images to determine the options of choice.
This step has to be removed.

The images in the external structure have to be taken into account

We do however have to take the images into account, because they determine why someone decides to choose for a certain option and rejects another. We are not talking about personal preferences here, but you can see them as such. The self-imposed limitation is regarded by the persons who work with this as personal preference. This implies that the images may only be used to make the final decision (choosing between a set of equal choices).

Attuning through someone else who functions in the new way

The process of attunement could go via the internal attunement process of someone else, someone who functions in the new way.

Lets take a look at this process of attuning possibilities and needs to see if this is indeed the proper solution.

The star structures consist of pyramid structures; one pyramid contains all the possibilities and another contains the needs and necessities.  

Long term cycle: attuning over a period of a human life

The cycle begins with the possibilities of the human being (star structure below the feet) and begins with attuning all possibilities that can be developed and used during the lifetime of that human being.

fig.4 The cycle for long term attunement

Attuning which possibilities are available to utilize the own possibilities:
1. (attunement with others through the human structure) What can I do and what can I do in combination with others?
2. (attunement between human structure and spirit structure)  I can do this. What of this can I develop and use?
3. (attunement to others through the spirit structure) What of what I can do (alone or in combination with others) can be realized during my lifetime?
4. (from spirit structure to soul structure) These are the possibilities that can be realized during this lifetime, alone or together with others and these are the ideas about how they can be realized.
Attuning which possibilities are available to address the own needs and necessities:
The soul puts the ideas in a plan plotted over time and determines what isneeded to carry out this plan.
5. (from soul structure to human structure) These are my possibilities, this way they can be realized and this is what I need to do this. Is what I need available?
6. (attunement with others through the human structure) What from what I need is available through others?
7. (attunement between human structure and spirit structure) This is available from what I need. What are the possibilities to get what I need?
8. (attunement to others through the spirit structure) What of what I need can be realized, in combination with others? What are the possibilities to realize this?
9. (from spirit structure to soul structure) These are the possibilities to address my needs and these are the ideas about how to realize them.
10 (from soul structure to human structure) These are the possibilities I can realize and this is what I need for that.

Now all the possibilities a human being can develop during his or her lifetime are known, because all possibilities, requirements and necessities are available at the right time. The plan of development is roughly known. These are all the possibilities without taking the personal preferences or the personal choices into account.

Short term cycle: attuning in daily life

The next cycle can start:
the attunement of the possibilities in daily life so that they actually can be realized. 

This cycle runs through the large body chakra's. Via these chakra's there is an exchange of information (through resonance not through a direct energetic connection) between the inner world and the world outside.
Starting point for this daily cycle are the possibilities we can develop, together with the related needs and necessities we can be provided with, which are coded in the star structure below the feet of the human being as the end-product of the previous cycle.

fig.5 The daily attunement cycle

1. (From human structure via 1st, 2nd to 3rd chakra) Development of the possibilities and the related needs.
2. (From 3rd to 4th chakra) Communication from human to the soul about the personal preferences: these possibilities, requirements, solutions to needs I do want and these I don't.
3. (From 4th to 5th chakra) Outward expression of the chosen possibilities and related needs, so that others know about our personal preferences through an exchange of this information from human to human.
4. (From 5th via 6th to 7th chakra) Development of ideas about how the chosen possibility can best be used and developed and how the consequential needs and necessities can best be addressed.
5. (From 7th chakra to spirit structure) Attuning our ideas with others (determining the possibilities outside space and time). 6. (From spirit structure to 7th chakra) Attuned ideas come back.                                                   fig.5 The daily attunement cycle
7. (From 7th chakra to 5th chakra) The ideas are further developed in more detail and communicated and exchanged with the world outside. 

Afbeelding 8
fig.6 The complete cycle of attunement

8. (From 5th chakra to 4th chakra) Further development of the final choice.
9. (From 4th to 3rd chakra) Check if the choice takes shape in the best way possible.
10. (From 3rd chakra via 1st chakra through the human structure) realization of the choice according to the plan.

The development of the possibilities and addressing the needs result in a change in the possibilities and needs. The information contained in the human structure has to be adjusted accordingly and the long term cycle has to be repeated because of the changed input for that cycle.
The whole cylcle and all steps within the cycle has a iterative character, so that there is continuous attunement with each other about the changing possibilities and needs and about the personal preferences and choices. This way our lives and our collective life takes shape in a very dynamic way.

Attuning possibilities and needs

This cycle to let daily life take shape on basis of the possibilities of the human being, doesn't work properly or not at all with people who function in the old way.
When everybody functions in the new way, the best possibilities for everybody can take shape. Through this process we can only choose between possibilities which lead to growth and are part of our individual life path. That makes life a lot easier. It doesn't matter what we choose. All choices lead to the development and use of our natural possibilities and addressing our actual needs.
The possibilities and needs of the people that still function in the old way and who are not connected to the star structures, are also incorporated in the long term attunement process.

The 'old' human beings can make deviating choices

For these people who function in the old way it is however possible to make deviating choices, because their (attuned) possibilities and needs are not known to them (because there is no Contact with their soul). Instead they work with beliefs or images that ar in no way related to their real possibilities and related needs.

This gives problems on both sides:
- old: deviating choices are possible and fitting choices can be turned down.
- new: fitting choices prove suddenly not to be possible, because they are turned down in the human to human exchange.

For 'new' persons this is not such a big problem, but rather a pity because the whole process of attunement has to be repeated. This way our journey takes longer, our journey towards the life that fits us best.
But for 'old' people it is bad, because a possibility is rejected that is part of the path and that would lead to the development and use of the real possibilities. Besides, choices to deviate from your life path can be wrong choices that can have disastrous results.

When the current situation is maintained these people could remain functioning in the old way forever. That is why the collective decision is made to change this situation and adjust the design. Also for the human beings who are not (properly) connected to the new system it should only be possible to make choices that match their attuned life plan.

How do we make this happen?


Attuning via the soul of someone else doesn't work

Meanwhile it is 8 July 2011 and I have seen that the option to let the plan be handled through another soul is not a good option, because it is possible to deviate from the plan as soon as there is no direct Contact anymore. Then deviating choices can still be made, following others who still function in the old way. The front door is closed but the back door is wide open. Some deviating choices and actions can't be turned back and they actually result in a limitation of the possibilities.

External structure at 'new' people has a limiting effect on the freedom of choice

I also saw that also the human being who functions on the new way carries a structure of limiting beliefs around that affect the personal choices. These beliefs fall within the available choices but form a serious limitation to let the best possibility take shape.
By connecting these beliefs to the plan of the soul, the soul will be able to take these limitations into account and find ways to circumvent them so that the best possibility can be 'delivered' to this human being despite his beliefs

Undesirable influence from the social group

Earlier, I have seen that the human being who functions in the new way can be severely limited by the beliefs of the group or groups where this human being is a part of. Under pressure of this group the own plan can be dropped and deviating choices are made instead, choices that are aligned to the beliefs of the group.
By also connecting these limiting beliefs to the personal soul plan, the soul can take these limiting beliefs into account so that they can be circumvented and the own desired path can be followed.

The influence of beliefs

Furthermore, I have gained a better understanding of the functioning of it all.
In fact everyone functions in the new way at birth.
Through the daily experiences and the pressure of the existing world in which this human being is born, beliefs are build and these beliefs result in a blockage in certain points in the energy stream that is necessary for the communication, attunement, coordination and synchronization of the plan. The energy stream can be blocked in several ways, depending on the experiences of someone that result in these limiting beliefs. Next, dominant currents evolve which drag others along on their path of deviating choices, so that a finally a world is created which can hardly support us adequately with the development and utilization of our real possibilities (the existing world as we know it).
Someone can, for instance, close the heart chakra which causes that the personal plan no longer is part of daily life, but it can also cause that the soul leaves the body and leaves daily life to the human being and its spirit.
Then, when also the crown chakra is closed, ideas of the spirit can't come through and the human being has to invent everything himself.  
When the base chakra is closed the possibilities and needs of this human being are not known to the whole which results in a daily life that is not related to the real possibilities and needs.  


The solution for the arisen problem is to take the beliefs into account from the beginning, from the moment that we are born. The beliefs of the existing world, but also the beliefs that arise during our lives.
The belief structures should be included in both the long term cycle and the short term cycle.
It's a bit complicated to visualize this, but it looks something like this:

Afbeelding 9
Afbeelding 9
fig.7 The belief system connected to the Soul star structure

The beliefs of the existing world and the own beliefs are integrated into the attunement process. Now the soul knows on basis of what beliefs choices are approved or rejected and can adjust the plan accordingly.
The result of this is that the human being is not put under pressure any more, because the soul created a strategic (or tactic) plan. Now everyone us able to shap their own lives and use and develop new possibilities. Nobody will be pulled off his or her path by various dominant forces. Aso the soul has no reason any more to not take part in life and can go on to accompany the human being on his or her path.
A part of the problem is solved with this.

But what about the people who shut down their heart chakra?

With these people we can connect the individual beliefs and the beliefs of the social group where this person is a part of to our soul and integrate these beliefs into our plan.
This looks somewhat like this:

Afbeelding 10
Afbeelding 10
fig.8 The belief system of someone else connected to the Soul star structure

Through this construction we can relate the real possibilities, needs and necessities of another person to their beliefs. This way we can put a strategic/tactic plan into place to make sure that we can take the right actions (to put the other person on the right track), without the risk that these actions are changed through the back door.


This way, everyone follows the path of his or her soul, independently or with outside help, because now the actual situation is taken into account better.

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