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How the Structures are Changed

Having a closer look at the chakra system

Juli 2011
What is it and what does it do?

The chakra system is an important part of the creation process. It deals with the transport of the creative life energy to and from all the cells in the body, where the life energy retrieves information about the body.
This works through vibration. The creative life energy has the characteristic that it takes over the vibration of matter. Every part of the body has its own vibration. By taking over this vibration by the life energy, information becomes available about this particular part of the body.
This information is then used for attuning, coordinating and synchronizing the needs and possibilities, within the body but also with the outside world. This works through resonance, the interacting of vibrations. The new vibration caused by resonance contains new information for the creation process.

Within the body, the information retrieved by the life energy is used to coordinate and align the functioning of the cells and organs to each other, so that the body can function as a whole, as one independent unity.
When a cell, for instance, has a shortage of a particular substance, that substance is being produced in another part of the body and transported to that cell.

The body however is not totally self-supporting. It needs building materials and energy (for movement) from outside sources, dependent on the consumption within the body. This consumption depends on the activity that is being asked of the body while shaping and experiencing life (the creation process).
Suppose for instance that the body is short of a building material that is contained within an apple. The chakra's receive the information from the apple and the body detects that the building material is present. Next the body takes the appropriate action to retrieve the building material from the apple.
Through resonance also the body and its environment can be attuned to each other so that they can function as a unity.

How does the cakra system look like?
Chakrasystem original version

Energy channels for transportation of the creative life energy can be found throughout the body. At the places where these channels come together vortexes arise which move energy in and out. Well known chakra's are the large body chakra's that are situated on the longitudinal axis (from crown to tailbone) of the body.
The chakra's send the information in the life energy out in the shape of vibrations, but at the same time receive this information from others. This is how resonance is created within the chakra's. 
The purer the chakra's rotate, the purer the information is exchanged. Each 'smudge' in these 'rotors' gives a distortion in the information contained in the life energy. As a result, the needs and possibilities cannot be well-coordinated anymore.
When chakra's become blocked, the supply of energy to the cells of particular organs and other parts of the body can even become stagnated which causes that no information can be exchanged and as a result those parts of the body cannot function properly anymore.
This influences how life can be lived.
Food, for instance, cannot be digested in the proper way which results in a shortage of nutrients and energy that is necessary for movement. This weakens the body. The body gets ill. The body is no longer suitable for supporting life, because certain possibilities can no longer be utilized.

To live your best life possible, your body has to be in top condition and the chakra's have to be able to retrieve, distribute and send the creative life energy unobstructed.

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A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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