A Higher Level of Existence, Living in Alignment with All Life
How the Structures are Changed

Introduction to the Life plan (Soul plan)

Map of possible experiences in life

The Life Plan or Soul Plan is a virtual representation or projection of all realistic possibilities one can choose from, mapped to the future. Via this plan you can (roughly) sketch your desired path through life. It is a dynamic plan that changes with every choice of yourself or others.
Your choices determine the road you are actually going, the life that you shape. Your choices are influenced by the experiences you encounter along the way and the conclusions you draw from those experiences. 

Life plan

The life plan is the roadmap or plan of the 'life road network', which you can study so you are well prepared for your journey and which you can consult when your are on your way, to determine at intersections the next opportunity you should take to be able to continue following the road that suits you.

How the intersections look like and what choices you have is, among other things, dependent on the possibilities and choices of others. Shaping life by creating and enabling the necessary and / or desired experiences is a joint activity, while undergoing an experience is an individual matter.
In order to allow someone to have the required or desired individual experience, the life plans and individual choices have to be aligned.

Improving life in an harmonious and balanced way

With the life plan you have a tool with which you can associate your own life with the lives of others and life as a whole. This makes it possible to estimate in advance how a change you want to bring in your own life or the lives of others, will affect yourself, others and all of life.
This way you are able to make well-informed choices, take decisions and plan actions, which will not only lead to improvements in your own life, but also in the lives of others and life as a whole.

The life plan gives you as a human maximum freedom to create your own unique ideas to shape and experience life in such a way that it fits within the lives of others and within life as a whole.

The role of the life plan in the evolution of life - the human being as co-creator

The Life Plan makes it possible to include you, as an individual human being, in the creation process of evolution. You become co-responsible for shaping the evolution of life, so you can help determine in which direction life as a whole should develop. With the Life Plan, you have a steering tool, that allows you to steer live into the desired direction; your own life, the lives of others and life as a whole.

The evolution of life is focused on adding possibilities to shape and experience life. Possibilities which are aligned, making life a harmonious unity.
For instance, one living organism uses a possibility which leads to a result that can be used by another living organism to develop and use another possibility. This way, the material, the raw materials for shaping life are efficiently used and reused again.

A good example is the exchange of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) between plants and humans (animals) for breathing.

A less good example is 'eat and be eaten' or, in the later version that mankind has created, 'one man's death is another man's bread'. These are also possibilities which are aligned making life a balanced unity. But here something pinches, because this option provides the individual who is supposed to develop and experience this possibility, with unpleasant, painful or fearful experiences. Life is indeed balanced, but not harmonious.
You can then ask yourself: "Is life a beautiful creation when it doesn't result in a beautiful experience for the residents (those who experience life from the inside)?"
The only people who can answer this question are of course the residents themselves.

This friction in life, this doubt about the quality of life and especially about the quality of the experience, led to the emergence of the complex self-thinking and self-creating human being. A resident and individual who experiences life, who is capable of putting his ideas about life into form so that he is able to affect the experience, the quality of the experience.
The human being is capable of adjusting the evolution of life from the inside, because he can experience the result of the development and application of a particular possibility. Moreover, he has the abilities to evaluate this result. (Think of the development, the use, the result and the evaluation of the atomic bomb.)

The possibilities that are added through the evolution of life, are solutions which are designed to help improve life and to restore the balance when life is out of balance.

The possibility of adjusting life from the inside, however, generated new problems.
These problems were caused by the fact that a human being has a limited view on life. When you, for example, ensure that you have an enjoyable experience yourself, it is possible that this causes an unpleasant, painful or fearful experience for someone else.
When making changes in life while being in the middle of it, you will also have to take other people into account, the impact of the changes on the quality of the experience of the lives of others.

A second reason was that the inexperienced human being didn't know that life is a harmonious, balanced unity and that you have to take this into account while creating your life.
A human being is capable of making choices and doing things that can disrupt the harmonious balance of life and even endanger the evolution and the existence of (physical) life.

The life plan is the solution for restoring and preserving the harmonious balance of life.
It gives the skilled man a firm grip on the steering wheel of the evolution of life, whereby he can steer life in a desired direction.
At the same time the life plan protects life against incompetent use, making life a safe playground and / or learning environment for inexperienced people or people who are not able or willing to look further than their own lives.

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A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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