A Higher Level of Existence, Living in Alignment with All Life
How the Structures are Changed

General introduction

The 3 layers of human consciousness

As a human being you are a small part of a larger living whole. Together with all other life forms, you form the Earthly life and even the Cosmic life.
You are a small (but indispensable!) cell in that whole, in which you have your own place and function.
You can take up this place unconsciously, but you can also consciously cocreate it.

As long as life on Earth could develop according to natural laws, the unity of life was preserved. The natural laws ensured that all lives were attuned to each other.

However, the birth of conscious life in Earth reality changed everything.
It was an important step in the evolution of life.
The laws of nature have their limitations in how Earthly life can develop. For example, how life is experienced is not taken into account at all. Some natural developments therefore lead to unintended suffering.
Unintended suffering can be prevented if life can influence the course of the development of Earthly life from within, based on how life is experienced.

Human consciousness is the first level of consciousness incarnated in a body in the Earthly reality in which conscious choice is possible.
However, this consciousness no longer has a direct view of the inner reality of Earthly life, because of the condensed outer reality in which this consciousness resides.
It takes 3 collaborating levels of the consciousness of a human being to make the right choices, namely:

The cooperation cube regulates the cooperation between these 3 layers of the consciousness of the human being.

The organization of multidimensional life

The collaboration cube is an organizational model that supports multidimensional life.
It organizes the decision-making process and the cooperation between the various independent functioning parts within the multidimensional life which humans are an integrated part of. 
The construction of the collaboration cube ensures that every creation is a collective product that is a result of the optimum use of everyone's unique possibilities and expertise, and is fully supported by all involved.

Integrated human

The collaboration cube arranges the cooperation, the attunement and the coordination between the individual human being and all of life and between individuals. In such a way that together a society can be formed that supports individuals in shaping their lives in accordance with who they really are, and whereby optimum use is made of the possibilities of the Earth.

The human being as cocreator

The collaboration cube makes it possible that human beings can fully participate in the creation process of the evolution of life. Humans are cocreators and have an impact on the shape and direction of the evolution of life. In return the individual human is fully supported by all of life by shaping his own life and the society. 

The individual human being at the basis of the collective creation

The basic principle of the cooperation is that it is a cooperation between independently functioning parts, who each have the possibility to develop and shape their own ideas as part of the joint creation, in accordance with who they really are.  
Within this multidimensional cooperation the individual human being is the one who can actually realize the creation into physical form. This way the individual human being brings out a unique expression of the multidimensional life. A unique expression that is the result of the joint creation process whereby optimum use is made of everyone's idea's and possibilities to shape life and whereby everyone's personal interests, desires and preferences are taken optimally into account.
The separate individuals that make up a group build the joint creation together. The organization of the collaboration cube makes sure that each individual is able to deliver its own unique share to the creation process, from his or her expertise, making optimum use of everyone's possibilities.

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A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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