A Higher Level of Existence, Living in Alignment with All Life
How the Structures are Changed

The construcion of the Collaboration cube


The Collaboration cube has three dimensions: form, function, scope.

Form, function, scope
Basic elements

These dimensions each consist of three parts, the base elements of the collaboration cube:
- Form : Body, Emotions, Personality (Ego)
- Function : Human, Soul, Spirit
- Scope: Individual, Collective, Universal

The base elements of the collaboration cube have the shape of a pyramid:

Base elements
Cooperation problems that are solved with this construction

Possibilities to directly manipulate and abuse people

Six of these pyramids, connected together at the top, fit in one of the 27 smaller cubes in the Collaboration Cube.

Base element
fig. One small cube in the Collaboration Cube

With the pyramids on the inside the little cubes in the Collaboration Cube are not connected. Every other part can connect to the square base of the pyramid which creates a temporary but solid connection through which others can make use of our structure and our possibilities and take control over them. They can use parts of us for their own benefit. (You have no control over your own body, your own life.)

No possibilities to develop an individual creation

Also there is no creation space present, where we can develop our creations before we bring them out. We can only react in the moment. Therefore, we use only our current possibilities, which are in no way related to our future possibilities. When we turn the little cube inside out, the pyramids are on the outside, the square base is on the inside and therefore protected and a shielded open space is created within the little cube which we can use as creation space to develop our creations.
Also the square bases of the pyramids are shielded, so that nothing can be connected to them any more.

fig. A little cube formed by pyramids which are now located on the outside
Basic units

Each element is associated with two pyramids:
- one contains the structure (past, or the current manifestation) and
- the other one contains all the possibilities for further growth (future)

Pyramid structure
fig. pyramid containing current structure, with accompanying pyramid containing future possibilities

With this combination of two pyramids with space in between future possibilities can be developed from the current situation and, the other way around, the current situation can be utilized to develop the desired future possibilities.
This information can also be exchanged with others, so that we can respond better to the needs and possibilities of others. We can add value to each other in an effective and efficient way, because we contribute to each others growth and development process.

Creation space
fig. base unit

All pyramids are separated from each other and combined to base units with a little cube in the middle, so that the structure and growth potential of each individual element can be clearly identified.
In the creation space the best (individual) possibility can be developed and realized from the current structure.
When we are not aware of this construction and our pyramids are just separate elements, a coalition of similar pyramids can be formed and it is not clear where one structure begins and the other one ends. The individual creations are lost in the group and, instead of following their own choices and own path which are aligned with the whole, the individuals follow the leader of the group who created the coalition for his or her own benefit.

Each of the nine elements - Body, Emotions, Personality, Human, Soul, Spirit, Individual, Collective, Universal - is constructed out of a cube with two opposite pyramids on the outside, base units, with which the Collaboration Cube is constructed.

Construction of the Collaboration Cube

The 54 pyramids that contain the current manifestation are all located on the outside of the Collaboration Cube. The 54 associated pyramids with the future possibilities are located on the inside.
The structure on the outside contains all possibilities with which we can express ourselves in the outside world. How we choose to express ourselves depends on our future possibilities and how we want to develop ourselves.

Hele kubus
fig. The Collaboration Cube with pyramids on the outside which contain the current structure

Logical units

To create the Collaboration Cube, the base units form logical units:

The eight corners are constructed out of three base units with a shared creation space:

- the Individual Body of the Human;
- the Individual Personality of the Human;
- the Individual Body of the Spirit;
- the Individual Personality of the Spirit;
- the Universal Body of the Human;
- the Universal Personality of the Human;
- the Universal Body of the Spirit;
- the Universal Personality of the Spirit;

unit Corner

The twelve units in the middle of the sides are connection cubes and constructed out of two elements:

- Individual Emotions (2x) ;
- Universal Emotions (2x);
- Collective Body (2x);
- Collective Personality (2x);
- Soul Body (2x);
- Soul Personality (2x);

unit Connection

The Six units in the middle are connection cubes and contain just one element:

- Collective (2x);
- Soul (2x);
- Emotions (2x);

unit One element

And in the middle it all comes together in an empty cube.
Through this cube all (everyone) is connected.

Base element

Operational units

These logical units can be combined to operational units:

- the Individual Human ;
- the Individual Spirit;
- the Universal Human;
- the Universal Spirit.

unit unit

- the Individual Soul;
- the Universal Soul;
- the Collective Human;
- the Collective Spirit;

unit unit

- the Collective Soul.

unit unit

Functional units

The operational units can be combined to functional units:

- the multidimensional Human;
- the multidimensional Spirit

unit unit

- the multidimensional Soul.

unit unit

When these three functional units are combined you get the
Integrated Multidimensional Human Being:

Integrated Human

A unique expression of All-That-Is, expressed through the individual human body.

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A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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