A Higher Level of Existence, Living in Alignment with All Life
How Life Has Changed

From one-dimensional to multidimensional living

The fixed character of your living environment

The reality in which all separate and joint lives take place is composed of matter with such a high density that you experience that matter as 'solid'.
Your body is also made of this dense matter. Your senses are attuned to it. This allows you to see, hear, feel, smell and taste the material of which you and your living environment is made of.

Fully focused on your living environment

The solid, tangible form makes it possible to completely immerse yourself in this reality.
This has the advantage that you can get to know your living environment well without being distracted by what takes place in the other dimensions that make up your life.
This is necessary to learn to use all the possibilities of your living environment as best as possible when designing your individual life and the joint life you share with others.

Illusion: your tangible living environment is all there is

The downside is that you can easily come to believe that this reality is all there is and that everything comes from that. This is an illusion. There is more than meets the eye.
You then start to think that you are dependent on what the Earth has to offer you and that you are dependent on yourself and the people around you to be able to make something of living in this reality.
The result is fear of scarcity and fear that you will not survive. Fear becomes the driving force behind your choices, behavior and actions.

Illusion: you are on your own in an unsafe environment

You cannot see life on Earth in its entirety with your human senses.
You can't even completely oversee your own life. That way you also cannot perceive the coherence of your life with the lives of others.
As a result, there are people who, unintentionally, disturb your life and that you, unintentionally, disturb lives of other people.
And because of the illusion that in this reality you are dependent on others, and that you have to share the limited amount of available material that you need to live from with others, you can get a very unsafe feeling when others do not take you into account. In this reality you are apparently on your own and you will have to learn to influence others in such a way that you can live your life the way you want. Or so it seems.

The evolution of life continues

In the meantime, as humanity as a whole, we have explored all the possibilities of the tangible reality and we have entered the next phase of evolution. In this phase you can experience what it is like to attune your life to the lives of others, so that everyone, no one excepted and you also, can live the life everyone was born for.

Experience life as a multi-dimensional reality

In tangible form life takes place in the physical reality.
This reality is embedded in a larger whole that consists of several dimensions.
Through these dimensions, all life in physical reality is interconnected and attuned to each other. Your life has a unique place and function within this whole.
People and resources are available to support you by filling in that position as good as possible. so that you in turn can support others as best as possible with filling in their unique place within this composite whole.

Tuning into a particular reality in the multidimensional whole

The dimensions, or areas of experience, from which your life is built, each have their own frequency range on which they can be perceived as a separate reality.
Your outer senses are tuned to a fixed range through which you can perceive the physical reality around you without having to tune your senses to it.
However, your inner senses have a variable range that allows you to choose which dimension you want to view.

All dimensions affect the manifestation of life in the physical reality

All dimensions together form a unity and they influence each other. If something changes in one dimension this also brings about change in the other dimensions.
Your life takes place in physical reality. What takes place in all other dimensions has influence on what manifests or will manifest in your life. Vice versa, the choices, behavior and the actions of you and others affect the other dimensions.
It does not matter whether you are aware of it or not.

Aware or unaware of the operation of the different dimensions

You are present in all dimensions that make up your life.
In physical reality you are consciously and actively present.
The other dimensions function without your active conscious presence.

From your subconscious your past works through into your present. If there are still unprocessed and misunderstood experiences present, you can behave or make choices or act in ways that give your life an unexpected and unwanted turn.

From your superconscious your future works through into your present. The influence of your superconscious on your life in physical reality ensures that the coherence of life in physical reality becomes preserved by taking into account everything from the other dimensions that can disrupt that cohesion.

That applies to everyone. That means that from their future selves, everyone strives to live in coherence with others, regardless of what manifests in the present as a result of past influences.
Whether you live in fear because you feel separated from others and from life as a whole, or whether you feeling supported by the multidimensional life you are a part of.

Creation date: March 2020

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A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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