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How the Structures are Changed

Lifeplan - taking the slowness of matter into account

August 2020
The best possible route through life

Your life plan is part of the collective life plan. By designing your life, you therefore also form a part of the joint life.
In the collective life plan, all individual life plans come together and fit together in such a way that everyone can shape and live their best life possible.
It is a dynamically changing whole.
There are several routes we can take through life, both collectively and individually. But which route is the best possible? Which route do we prefer?
That turns out to be a difficult question.

My preference has always been for the fastest and most efficient route. But it turns out that, in retrospect, this route is very demanding for the people involved in jointly shaping a part of our collective life. Especially from the people who are not aware of their contribution to the implementation of the collective life plan through their individual life plans.
And even my own body has had a hard time, while I very consciously contribute to the collective whole. It takes a long time to recover.

The period that my maximum effort was needed in a certain situation was also much longer than I had estimated in advance. That was because I myself had to (temporarily) fill in the gaps that others left open, because what was needed did not fit within their working method or organization. These people still had to adapt to the new situation to be able to take over from me and that also takes time.
And some people also outright opposed the new route and whatever it took to shape that new route. They refused to cooperate or even actively opposed.
That too is of course very taxing. Not the least because this can create sub-optimal situations that require additional solutions to ensure that we all stay 'on track'.

Mentally and physically, the fastest and most efficient route, as it is now defined, is particularly challenging.
People function at the peak of their abilities. They are pulled out of their comfort zone and challenged to think differently because new solutions are needed. The old way of working and thinking is no longer sufficient. Neither is how the work is organised.
And that's not a bad thing at all because it's a temporary situation. But after that, a lot of time and rest is needed to recover from the excessive effort and stretching yourself to the limit.

You can now see this effect in hospital staff who have had to treat and care for corona patients intensively.

The slowness of formed matter

When supporting my body during the recovery process, I also choose the fastest and most efficient route. And every time, it turns out that this route is too hard for my body. Every time I have to build in a rest period so that my body can recover from the efforts.

This has to do with the slowness of particles of matter that are bound to a certain space and a certain time. Structures in our reality are composed of particles of matter bound by the laws of time-space. They cannot move freely to any random place in time and therefore cannot suddenly take on a different shape.
Moreover, matter must be moved in a certain order.
It also has to do with the time it takes for fixed structures to form and restructure. Time is needed to realize change in fixed structures.
This applies not only to structures of tangible materials, but also to fixed intangible virtual structures, such as organizations of groups of people (families, social groups, companies, societies) and even individual structures such as patterns of thinking and behaviour.

Obviously, the fastest and most efficient collective route, as it is now defined in our superconscious (higher consciousness), is not the best possible route.
The route is too tough because everyone's ability to adapt to a new situation has not been taken into account.
When determining the collective routes, this aspect will have to be taken into account for each individual.
Then, the best possible fastest and most efficient route is the route that takes the ability of individuals to shape the desired change into account.

My body is already responding well to the new approach. I hope you will also notice that living according to your life plan will be easier from now on.

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A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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