A Higher Level of Existence, Living in Alignment with All Life
How Life Has Changed

How has life changed?

A new society

On a collective level, humanity as a whole, we have been living for some time now from a new consciousness. From the awareness that all lives must be related in some way, because all life together forms one functional unit.
We have taken the next step in the evolution of life on Earth.

The direction has been determined. The lines along which life is formed are plotted. At a higher level of existence, structures and procedures have been implemented to ensure that the coherence of life is preserved.
Life is now a unity, in which all parts (all individual lives and creations) are attuned to each other.

That means that even the choices and action of people who oppose others, their own nature (lower or higher consciousness) or the unity that life is, fit within the whole.
Acting to benefit yourself at the expense of others and the whole is no longer possible.
Such choices and actions are still possible, but they will never lead to a disturbance of the unity.

Slowly but surely (and sometimes a bit faster) our joint life changes into a new form, a new society.
A society in which everyone, no one excepted, is an important and unique part of the whole. A society that optimally supports all individuals in taking their place within that whole.
Everyone can effortlessly live the life their best life possible. The life they were born for.

Gradual change

You may already notice some change, but it could also very well be that you have the idea that nothing has changed.
The changes come gradually and not with a 'big bang'. Life is not changed overnight. Change is a step by step process.

Your current life is the starting point. From there you grow into your new life, at your own pace, depending on your level of development.

Likewise, the current society is the starting point from which the new society will arise. Because it is simply formed by individuals. When you change, society changes with you.

Change comes from within

It is important to realize that the changes come from within and not from outside.
The outside world no longer determines the course of individual and collective life.

That means that you have to turn inward to determine in a given situation what should be your next best step (choice, behavior and action), rather than reacting to what in the appears on your path in the outside world.

Creation date: July 2018, updated: March 2020

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Live your best life possible!

A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

How Life Has Changed
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