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How the Structures are Changed

Life plan - Is an adjustment needed in the life plans?

April 2024

Unwanted destruction, or experiences for life lessons?

For some time now I have wondered whether any adjustments need to be made to the underlying structures that determine the course of life's evolution, such as life plans. When I look at developments in the world, I see a lot of destruction of future possibilities to bring life to a higher level of existence. I see a lot of actions that are based on fear of survival and fear of repeating the past.

I came to the conclusion that an adjustment was indeed necessary, but when I was working on it, doubts struck me. Am I seeing it right? Or are all, in my view, undesirable developments necessary for the growth in awareness of all those involved?
Although initiatives to make a change come from my higher consciousness, the consciousness rooted in Unity Consciousness, it is my responsibility as a human being to assess the proposed adjustment.

Human intervention in the lives of others out of fear for shortage

After the major retaliatory attack by Iran on Israel last night (April 14, 2024), I suddenly thought “What we need is 'divine intervention'!”. That is a somewhat strange thought for me, because I do not believe in a god who could intervene in daily life. I was thinking more about natural forces such as an earthquake that the warring parties could interpret as a punishment from their god.

By the way, hostilities and enmity between all the different parties in the Middle East have been going on for many centuries. Waging war until the enemy is defeated and you can take the other's territory.

I wondered why and therefore had a conversation with myself:
Why do groups fight each other to take over each other's territory? And how can the vicious circle of action/reaction, of attack/retaliation be stopped?
Can this only be solved through 'divine intervention'? How far can such an intervention go?

The struggle in the Middle East is between different faith groups or religions. An important difference between these groups is the rules of life that every believer must abide by. This is how you can prove that you are worthy of God's favor.
Apparently, every person must first prove to be a good person according to God's standards, before he is entitled to a good life and can enjoy the gifts of that god.

This idea must almost certainly arise from scarcity. From the conviction that the gifts of God are not abundant. And because there isn't enough for everyone, someone has to decide who gets something and who gets nothing at all. No one wants to take responsibility for that and that is why that responsibility is given to a higher power, God.
So it is about distributing all living resources, both food and materials to build a life with.

All groups in that region appear to be descended from Moses. I don't know if that is the case. But in any case, we can say that Moses was the first to lay down rules of life that he claimed are established by God. Afterwards, the rules of life were continually adjusted a little, so that 'your group' would earn God's favor and you therefore have the right to kill, torture or at least withhold God's gifts from people who do not adhere to your rules of life.
Man reserves the right to carry out the 'will of God', that is, to intervene in the lives of others 'in the name of God'.
Human intervention in the name of God, so that you as a human being do not bear any responsibility for what you do to your fellow man!

A collective thought form that keeps humanity spiraling downwards

Okay, the intervention that I do from a higher level of consciousness is also aimed at the distribution of resources, of gifts that are 'given'.
However, I assume that there are enough 'gifts' for everyone to enjoy, and that those gifts are coordinated in such a way that people can meet each other's needs so that they can develop those gifts and bring them into fruition.
'God' has 'given' more than enough resources for everyone.

By eliminating your fellow man based on the idea that there is not enough for everyone, you create scarcity because you thereby destroy future gifts that still had to be developed.

Moses was the first to intervene in the name of God when he saw, or thought he saw, people wasting resources by celebrating and using scarce resources to create useless images such as a golden calf. He became angry about so much nonsense and came up with rules to prevent this 'waste of life'.
Moses saw only the resources available at the time. He did not see that the people who danced around the golden calf did so to thank nature for all the present gifts and to ask for future gifts because what was available was not enough to survive the journey through the desert.
This made Moses the first in his line of succession to create scarcity.

Man himself creates scarcity by destroying the possibilities and lives of other people. All the misery in the world is caused by man himself, by destroying future possibilities created by nature and life itself.

So what happens in the world is the result of a very old mechanism that continues to fester. A collective thought form that perpetuates the fear of lack by creating more lack.
In this way, humanity spirals downwards, destroying more and more possibilities until ultimately there are no more options left to shape human life.

It's clear to me. In order to turn this downward movement of humanity into an upward spiral, it is absolutely necessary to adjust life plans.
Now that I know that, I can continue working on that adjustment.

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A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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