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The next step:
making the process of matching supply and demand work

January 2013
Our creations: from idea/concept to working product

Until now, we were busy with the preparations for what we actually want to create and experience. Creations and experiences that match who we really are.
The plan for the further development and use of our possibilities with which we want to shape our creations and experience them in the existing world is ready (the life or soul plans).
The process for the creation and development of new ideas and concepts is also ready and works as designed.
The start of the process and the cooperation through the inside (the inside world) is working.

Now we can look at how we can realize our individual and joint life plans through cooperation in the physical world (the outside world).

The 'birth' of our creations in the physical world

Between 12 and 21 December 2012, worldwide, the sufficiently developed, viable ideas and concepts were 'born' and were brought out so that they are now part of the existing world. (The first baby boom of new-worldly ideas. 🙂)

Being part of the existing world means that the newly developed ideas and concepts are actively and noticeably present in the existing world. They have become visible and tangible. They got hands and feet. They can no longer be denied. They ARE.  
They are now an integral part of the physical world. This creates mutual dependence, interaction between this 'new life', this new creation, this new product, and the rest of the existing world. This new life has to be cherished and fed to be kept alive and it needs the possibilities of others to be able to develop to its full potential so that the full value of this new possibility to shape and experience life can be utilized.
This is only possible by using the structures and procedures and the products and services that are already present in the existing world, the current possibilities.

The new life is not just an idea anymore that only exists in de Mind, but it has become a physical creation that is an integral and active part of the physical existence.

Matching supply and demand

The process of matching supply and demand should now come into action.

The process in theory

The new life transmits what it has to offer, the possibilities with which together with others new possibilities can be created, and what it needs to bring those possibilities into full development.

Transmit and receive
Transmit and receive
fig. 1 The process of bringing together supply and demand to support the development of new possibilities

The new life doesn't need just anything from the existing world, no matter what it is if it just quenches the thirst, stills the hunger and keeps warm. No. What the new life needs from the existing world is related to what the new life has to offer, now and in the future. It needs precisely what is necessary to be able to deliver what it has to offer.
The new life thus has a specific need that has to be met by the existing world. The existing world is able to meet this need, because this is agreed up front (through communication via the inside) and included in the life plans.
Also the possibilities which the new life has to offer are aligned and agreed with the existing world and included in the life plans. These are specific possibilities which meet specific needs that exist with certain people in the existing world (including all new life), now and in the future.

This specific information is being transmitted into the world with help of the vibrating life force energy, so that it can resonate with the information from the existing world. Vice versa, the information is received from the existing world. This way the right match can be found and brought together at the right moment (through synchronization).

The process in practice

The process as described above is the process which the new life works with.
This is the process that came with me at my birth, but it proved not to be working in the existing world. As a child and later as an adult I saw myself forced by the people around me to postpone the execution of my life plan until the world was ready for what I had to offer.
This moment never came.
Instead, 8 years ago (at the end of 2004), the moment arrived that I could no longer postpone the execution of my life plan, because my possibilities were desperately needed. Although there seemed to be no demand for my possibilities in the outside world, the demand was high in the inside world.  It was now or never, if I didn't e ecute my life plan now then others could not develop their possibilities because they needed my possibilities to do so, possibilities I didn't use and develop until that moment. Because of this high pressure from the inside I was more or less forced to go to work to make it possible for me to e ecute my life plan in the existing world. Soon I began to see the importance of it myself.
So, now I am back at the point where I started at my birth, only with this difference that now I know how the existing world operates. My life plan is adjusted accordingly.

In the existing world a different process of matching supply and demand is in use.

How does matching supply and demand works in the existing world?

In the existing world a process of matching supply and demand is developed that is focused on surviving as good as possible. Fear of survival, dependence and power, play an important part in the process of matching supply and demand. This process is completely independent from the inner world and is therefore not related to future possibilities (the life plans). The information that is contained in the life force energy is disregarded.

The attunement between demand (what do we need) and supply (what do we have to offer) is based on what can be observed on the outside or on what we make known to each other through communication via the outside, using our external senses.

In the existing world the idea exists that every human being, more or less, can do the same things; may be one person can do something a little better then others, but overall, every human being is equal. When there is something that you cannot do, then you have a defect.
A human being is dependent on others to meet his needs in order to stay alive. Because in principle everyone can do everything, this can be anyone; preferably someone who is close by, someone you know, someone who feels 'good', someone you can trust.
These needs are not related to the future development of possibilities, but exist in the present moment. In the present moment you experience a shortage that you cannot fill yourself or you have a defect because of which you cannot do something yourself. It is a fact that you are dependent on others to be able to stay alive, which gives room to the expectation that the people around you should have a solution that meets your needs.
This expectation is communicated by getting the attention of the other by looking in a certain way and/or by asking in a certain way by words and/or body language.
These expectations cause a pulling force from the outside on people in the direct environment. These people feel obliged to meet the expectations of the other for better or for worse.

Because these expectations and the idea that everything can be done by everyone is not realistic, people are often disappointed in their expectations. This creates the idea that people have to ensure themselves that others will fill in their needs. All sorts of manipulation techniques are invented to make this happen.
Through pulling, pushing and deception people try to get from others what they need.

Because of this demanding attention and pulling and pushing nobody has time for the things they really have to offer. There is no time and attention to develop and/or use these possibilities in cooperation with the people it is agreed with through the inside world. Things are demanded from people that requires a lot from them and this creates the urge to mainly do things they enjoy. People begin to avoid the tedious chores and try to mainly do what they enjoy doing and hope to earn enough money with that to survive, preferably in a comfortable manner.

The enjoyable things where people want to earn money with are possibilities were no-one is really waiting for. It is not what people do best, because the work does not fit who they really are. These are not the possibilities they can and want to develop. Instead these are general possibilities of which it is widely accepted that everyone should be able to do them.
Again manipulation techniques and deception are needed to persuade people that they need what others want to do for them. This creates 'competition', because everyone can do what we can do and everyone wants to earn money by doing enjoyable things with nice people. Special techniques are developed to eliminate the competition and convince people (and themselves!) that they are the only ones who can help them, because they are the only ones who knows what they are talking about. (They are the best!)

Bridging the difference between the existing world and the new life

The processes of matching supply and demand in the inside world and in the outside world are not aligned to each other, but interfere with one another. The outside world does not support the inside world with the realization of the mutually agreed life plans. In the inside world the actual situation in the outside world is not taken into account.
The new life forms a threat for the carefully constructed society in which everybody found an acceptable way for themselves to survive.
When the new life would be fully absorbed into the existing physical process of matching supply and demand, then it is impossible to fully develop the new possibilities.

Has new life then no chance to development new opportunities?

The required solution

Yes it has, but that chance is not coming from the existing, physical outside world. The inside world will have to ensure that the plans can actually be realized in the existing world as agreed with each other. (And not just at the last moment by forcing the execution of the plans by screaming so loud that the noise of the outside world will be drowned.)
The process of matching supply and demand as it is implemented in the physical world should therefore be taken into account in the life plans for the new life. The different processes should be connected in such a way that the process of the physical world is integrated in the process of the inner world.

How can this be realized?

Why do these processes disturb each other?

Let's first take a look at what causes the differences.
The new life works with information from the life force energy and the match takes place in the chakra's which rotate freely. The information in the chakra's is then compared with the information in the life plan.
In the physical world people work with the information that is recorded in the external structure and the match is made by comparing this information with what we observe in others. This is information as obtained through the outer senses, like words, images, sounds, body language, smells, colors.
The chakra's cannot rotate freely because of manipulation and as a result the information in the chakra's is misinterpreted or ignored. 

The information in the external structure and the information we exchange through our external senses is in fact a translation of the information contained in the life force energy. A meaning is added to the information in the external structure. This meaning is personal and can be different for everybody.
The information in the life force energy gives direct information about the current situation, while the information in the external structure is indirect and is recorded in the past based on our experiences.

Current society
Current society
fig. 2 Information exchange through resonance versus communication through recognition of recorded information

The information in the external structure contains images and words where beliefs are build upon and thought patterns which cause automatic responses. The structure functions as colored glasses through which the outside world is observed and on which reactions are based.
The message is deformed by these 'colored glasses' and as a consequence gives a deformed response.

Direct or indirect source of disturbance

The disturbance in the message by the external belief system can be direct or indirect. Often there are other people in between before the message can reach requester or provider.
A direct disturbance is caused by the own belief system, while an indirect disturbance is caused by the external belief system of someone else.
Others can also feed the external belief system of the requester or provider with 'false images', because of which the indirect disturbance has a direct effect.

Reading the information from the external structure

When the information in the external structure is not yet known, then it is not possible to determine the right strategy for dealing with this disturbance and include this in the life plan. The external structure has to be known before someone can proceed with the execution of the life plans.
The images in the external structure can be read. For instance by using words that resonate with this information, beliefs can be brought to the surface. This way the external belief system can be investigated and mapped out.
This reading of the external structure should be included in the life plan. When the external structure is known in detail, the right strategy and proper action could be determined and included in the life plan.

Establish cooperation according to the life plans

Finding the right match in the existing world is done on feeling. That is to say via exchange of information through a direct line between each others chakra's. Mostly the 2nd and 3rd chakra are involved in this. The information in these chakra's is being used to asses if someone is suitable to cooperate with or not. (Does someone feel good or not. Can you trust this person or not.) Next this feeling is combined with the information in the external structure and this is the basis for the actions to establish cooperation or to make someone leave. An action can include sending messages through the direct connection to reach that goal.
These 'false' information that is sent to the chakra's has to be investigated so that a fitting answer can be found so that the life plans can be e ecuted despite this exchange of information and despite what the other person wants.
In no way can this information be used to determine if cooperation is an option or not. This information only says something about what someone wants or not, not about what is agreed in the life plans.
Also the investigation of the information in the chakra's and the follow-up actions should be included in the life plan.

When the information in the external structure and about the feelings in the chakra's is known then the proper strategy and actions can be determined and included in the life plans so that the life plans can be e ecuted as agreed despite conflicting beliefs and desires.  

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Living in Alignment with All Life

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