Every (interactive) session is a combination of:
reflection, awareness through insight, sharing knowledge, coaching and energy work.
(Whether the session takes place by phone, online or in my practice room.)

Together we collect the available information and solve the problems you come to me for.
We start by discussing your problem or issue from person to person.
When we feel we have discussed everything that is important, we go in depth.

I then first raise the frequency of my consciousness, which brings me into my soul consciousness.
From this consciousness I have access to the information in your subconscious and superconscious mind.
And to all the skills I need to visualize, understand and heal what is going on there.

Your consciousness then also comes to a different level.
This allows us to understand each other so you can give me additional information on what I observe.
Sometimes it is necessary to work on 2 levels at the same time.
I may then ask you to actively participate in the healing process.

Striving for coherence of the unity that life is

I consider you, with all your multidimensional aspects, as a whole.
Your different levels of consciousness,
your current life, including all people associated with your life,
the life of your Soul, encompassing multiple human lives,
and the (potential) possibilities, ideas and concepts of your Higher intelligence.

We look together at how you have shaped your life.
We look at your present, your past and your future.
To what your motives are that determine your choices, your behavior and your actions.
Your Conscious, subconscious and superconscious drives.

Because of this I see how your life is connected on all levels of who you are, and with the lives of others.
I see which aspects cause your life to take an undesirable turn, one that disrupts this cohesion.
And I see how this coherence can best be restored.

In the first session I will bring you back in line with your higher consciousness, your Soul, and your life plan.
That means that you will unconsciously shape the life that suits you best in relation to your environment.
You can still deviate from that, consciously or subconsciously. And that's fine, because it allows us to deal with exactly those issues that you encounter in your daily life which make you deviate from your best life possible.
Step by step we will solve everything that prevents you from living the life that suits you best and the people with whom your life is connected.

Live life as it is meant for you, attuned to your environment!

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