A Higher Level of Existence, Living in Alignment with All Life
How Life Has Changed

All lives in the physical reality are aligned

From separated living in fear to attuned living in trust

The old life is based on the idea that everyone is separate from every other individual and from life itself. That has to do with the limited perspective that you have when you live within a reality of solid matter, which the physical reality (and your body) is.
The idea of separation causes survival anxiety because everyone tries to do the best they can to survive, if necessary at the cost of someone else's life.

That fear results in a way of living that is focused on increasing one's own chances of survival. Choices, behavior and actions that seem to pose a danger to one's own survival, are rejected, suppressed and/or contested in themselves and others.
The fear of survival causes a kind of tunnel vision. As a result, the possibilities with which life can be shaped are viewed through restrictive and distorting survival glasses.

This way of living has been able to hinder our growth and development to a higher plane of existence for a long time. Now that is no longer possible.

Because meanwhile, from a higher level of consciousness, life in the physical reality has been transformed into a cohesive, functional unit. All individual lives are aligned in such a way that everyone can live their best life possible. The life they are born for. This is also true for anyone who is still guided by survival anxiety.

People who live with survival anxiety and people who know they can live the life they were born for, therefore live next to and with each other in the same physical reality.
Right now, most people still live in fear. There are yet only a few who can see through the illusion of separation and feel supported by life.
Gradually more and more people will be able to see through the illusion, and living in fear will become part of our collective past.

How do all lives stay aligned?

The old and the new life now together form a functional unit, in which all individual lives are attuned to each other whether one lives in the old or the new way.
This means that everyone can live the life that suits their level of development, even if people with whom one's life is connected are at different levels of development.

This functional unity is not easily achieved in a world where people are still, usually unconsciously, making choices that are not aligned with the lives of others.
Therefore, structures have been built in our collective superconscious mind, that take into account behavior, people's choices and actions. These structures contain the answers to the structures which influence our behavior, our choices and our actions from our subconscious mind.

Unlike the structures that influence people from the collective or individual subconscious, these new structures do not determine or control, but offer options in a particular situation. These possibilities are incorporated into everyone's life plans.
It is even possible to deviate from these options.

If one chooses to create a divergent, misaligned possibility, then all lives are no longer attuned to each other and life no longer forms a unity.
In order to still be able to attune all lives to each other, after every choice the existing situation is considered to be a unity. The future possibilities in the life plans are realigned with the new situation as a starting point.

At the same time, a plan is included in the life plans to find out why that person has chosen to create a misaligned possibility, to ensure that this will not happen again in the future

So you always have the choice between an attuned possibility and a possibility that is not attuned to the lives of others. You can choose to live your best life possible by following your life path or you can choose to let your life take a divergent course. Every step again.

Creation date: March 2020

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Live your best life possible!

A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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