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Dynamically combining life plans

December 2012
The Universal plan an the Universal path of your preference

The choices of life as a whole and the plan on how to let these possibilities take shape, how to realize them in the physical world, can be found in the Universal Life Plan. The options in this plan determine the shape and direction of the evolution of Life. Also the pace in which life develops itself depends on which options are going to be realized.

Life plan overlap

The joint life plans and the individual life plans are in line with this plan and, the other way around, the universal life plan is constructed out of the individual and combined possibilities. So there is an interaction between the individual life, the combined lives and life as a whole.
All life plans are connected together and influence each other dynamically. Because of that, individual choices affect the life of others and life as a whole and collective choices affect the lives of individuals.

Just as with the individual paths, also within the universal life plan there are various paths to choose from. Different ways to shape the evolution of Life.
The path of my personal preference is the path 'Consciously striving for Unity'. My possibilities allow me to go this path. This path fits me perfectly and therefore gives me the greatest satisfaction. The other way around, this is a realistic possibility in the Universal Life Plan because I am able to (co-)create this possibility

The individual plan and the individual path of your preference

Within your preferred universal path, as an individual again you have different options to choose from. These options depend on your possibilities (what are you able to do), the possibilities you want to develop, the possibilities that you want to learn to use (skillfully), possibilities you want to use to shape life (of yourself and/or the lives of others) and your personal preferences (what is it that you want).
Not every possibility can be realized. That again depends on others. What can they do and what do they want?
The individual plan is focused on growth and development of the individual life. Developing, learning how to use, and using possibilities to shape life, possibilities by which the evolution of Life is being supported.

The path of my preference is 'the fastest route to the best result'. This applies to my own development, but also for the paths I walk together with others to support those others with their development. This fastest route to the best result is of course relative, depending on the life plans of all involved.
In all cases the path of my preference is the fastest route that leads to the best result for myself, others and life as a whole. Again: my possibilities allow me to go this path. This path fits me perfectly and therefore gives me the greatest satisfaction.

Joint plans and the joint path of your preference

Joint possibilities arise where individual plans meet or overlap. These possibilities can be mapped out in joint plans. An individual can play a role in more than one joint plan and for the path of one individual more joint possibilities and plans are possible.
An individual will have to choose the best fitting or most desirable possibility.

Also these joint possibilities form moments of choice in the path of an individual which determine the route this individual takes through life, or better; how this life takes shape, what experiences this individual gets. A choice determines the continuation of the path through life and the new possibilities to choose from.

By walking the joint paths we shape the individual lives, the combined lives (the community) and life as a whole (evolution).
Every individual walks three paths at the same time, paths of his or her preference, the individual path, the joint path (or paths) and the universal path.
By developing, shaping and experiencing the individual life in this way, every human being adds to the life of others, the joint lives as community and to the evolution of Life.

Because of my personal preferences the joint paths I walk together with others lead to Unity through consciously striving towards this Unity and to the best possible result for everything and everyone via the fastest route.
That doesn't mean however that the people with whom I walk these paths also have to follow these two paths. Each individual follows an own individual path that is exactly right for who they are, that is part of a path within the universal life plan that is exactly right for them.

A joint path is an option when there are possibilities to shape all the chosen paths of everyone involved.

Deviating choices, choices that are not in line with all the plans and paths

May be this all sounds logical to your ears and you think that life just functions like this. This was true, until the self-thinking, self-determining, self-willed human being, the human being that does everything in it's own way, appeared on the stage of Life. 
This human being is capable of making choices and e ecute activities, do things that are not in line with all the life plans. The human being is able to make deviating choices and pave roads outside all the life plans (plans that are based on logic and fixed data).

This causes that life cannot develop and e pand in a natural way and in the worst case it leads to damage to life; the life of individuals, even one's own life, the natural environment of the human being and finally even to Life as a whole. Possibilities are not being developed, developed possibilities are being destroyed.

In the life plan the possibility that the human being decides to deviate from the life plans and life paths should also be taken into account.

My collective road, the one that is stopped recently, contained at the start opportunities to strive towards Unity. But on the road the other person, with whom I walked this road, chose consciously for separation and took action to create this, which caused that there were no possibilities left to strive for Unity. The other person was no longer able to deal with the obstacles that were present on this path to Unity and decided to go around them, thus maintaining separation. This possibility never came to mind, so I did not take it into account. From that moment on there were no possibilities left for me to shape the universal path 'consciously strive for Unity' through this collective path. 

Such an unexpected deviating choice of someone with which you shape a collective path feels like you are stranded along the road because a part of your car broke down. You find yourself in the middle of nowhere. There you are, in the dark, no intersection in sight and you cannot go on any further.
Emergency measures are necessary before you can go on the road again. With a bit of luck you can continue your journey with a spare part, but it can well be that you can do nothing else then to go Home, call the whole thing off and start to plan and prepare for a new journey.

Learning and growing

And of course: learn from your experiences.
What went wrong and how can you avoid or overcome this the next time, so you have minimum delay on the life paths you want to realize?

The person who faces a challenge has a choice: accept the challenge or evade it

We saw before that the obstacles along the way can form a problem. For me it is clear that the obstacle can be handled and passed (or not, but then we don't even try), but the other person has a choice whether to handle the obstacle or not.
These obstacles are the challenges you encounter as you go forward on your individual path. Those challenges are a result of how you shaped your life before by making choices that are not in line with your life plans and life paths. Sooner or later you have to go through these challenges, because they keep you from continuing on your individual life path. If you don't have the courage to take the challenge because you are convinced that you will not manage to come through it unharmed, than it may be better to first take some time to develop certain skills that will make the challenge easier for you. 

No expectations regarding the development of the other

In my case the other person, with whom I walked a collective path, decided to first develop certain skills before meeting the challenge that was present on our collective path. I had expected that the challenges we already went through were sufficient to provide the development that was necessary to be able to go through tougher challenges. These challenges however had another effect. Going through these challenges had cost so much energy and concentration that the other person thought that a tougher challenge was sheer impossible.
This choice for developing certain skills instead of meeting a new, tougher challenge meant that there was no basis for a collective path anymore. The other person had no confidence in my assessment regarding the feasibility of the challenge that lay before us on our collective path but chose a less fast route instead. I was not able to support the other on the new path this person had taken because of my preference for the 'fastest way to the best result'.
We had reached the boundaries of our cooperation. There were no possibilities left to continue our paths together, because of the development we both realized during our collective path by adding value to each other, others and life as a whole. 

My learning point: don't rely on anything, no expectations, keep all options open and that means taking time to make preparations in case a change of course is unavoidable.

Life questions, the theme or themes where your life revolves around

What I also didn't take into account were the questions of the Mind (or Spirit), where every human being tries to find an answer to through his life experiences.
Although I was convinced that the question of the other person were already answered through the experiences on our collective path, the questions kept coming back. The answers I could give to these questions were not enough.
The reason for this was that the other person kept looking to the 'old world' searching for changes or other proof that would confirm these answers.
This proof never came.
Which makes sense, because meeting the challenges on your path together with me (our collective path) does not serve the purpose of making other people aware of their errors, but of finding answers to the various different situations you could expect to find on your path, so that you can continue your journey despite the deviating choices of others and shape and live your unique life aligned with Life as a whole.
So there was also a difference of opinion about the goal of our collective path. Different expectations about the intended result. This, of course, leads inevitably to dissatisfaction about the achieved result.   

So, to avoid misunderstandings in the future:
The result that you may expect if you choose to shape life by walking a collective path with me, is that you will be able to shape and experience your own unique life within the existing world aligned with the unique lives of others and Life as a whole.

The other person seemed to need more information to be able to get the right insights that would answer the questions of the Mind. The other person needed more similar experiences, new experiences about the same issues, to retrieve this additional information.
For me this felt like 'another round' and because I (my Mind) was not occupied with the same questions, for me this would mean 'marking time'. So another reason why we could not continue our paths together (because of my personal preference for the fastest way to the best result.).
We both needed different experiences to answer the questions of our Minds. There are no possibilities for shaping these experiences through a collective path.

Adjusted design 'Life plan'

The design for the life plan should be adjusted on these findings and conclusions.
Not only should all possibilities and all personal preferences be aligned to each other, but also the different possibilities in which someone can develop oneself during the realization and experiencing of a certain trajectory (in particular the speed at which a person develops).

Also the different experiences which are necessary to find the answers to the questions our Mind is occupied with have to be taken into account.

When assembling the collective plans, the following is taken into account:
- what is possible,
- the personal preferences,
- the universal and individual path everyone wants to realize,
- the expectations regarding the result of the cooperation,
- the life questions one seeks an answer to,
- the possibility to choose to meet or to avoid challenges on your path,
- the speed in which someone develops.

When all of this is processed to moments of choice in the individual and collective plans, then we are able to better deal with the dynamics of life caused by the willful choices of the human being.
Then we are better prepared and are able to continue our journey through life faster because the plans are already in place for every choice and we already made the necessary preparations.
Also, we can gain a better understanding of why a collective path is no longer an option and we can end the cooperation harmoniously.
We even have the opportunity to assess the collective path up front and decide whether or not we want to start a trajectory when there is a risk that it will be ended before it is finished.  

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A Higher Level of Existence,
Living in Alignment with All Life

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