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Fear of the future dissolves in the glow of one's own inner light

October 2015
Your old life is still 'active', others expect the 'old you'

The existing reality still largely represents your old life. You did not form and live that life alone, but together with others.
Although you have now left that life behind, it is still being shaped and lived by others as if you were still a part of it.

Those others do not know that you have now started a different life and that you are a new improved version of your old self. Nothing seems to have changed for them.
They still see you as part of the existing life, a life that you helped shape and that they are still shaping and living because they think that this life still has something to offer them.

However, you have completely withdrawn from that life and are busy shaping and living a new life. You no longer share in the old life and you no longer add anything to the lives of others who want to shape this old life.

Where the old life and your new life are not aligned, they can collide with force, to force a breakthrough.
This power can come from two sides:
your new life may try to break through your old life
(you are then infringing on the lives of others who were part of your old life),
or the old life can try to break through your new life
(others who still want to take advantage of you as part of their life are then infringing on your life).

In the first case you want to shape your own new path but you first have to break through walls in the existing reality, in the second case the old reality breaks through the defined boundaries of your new path.

I have already described in detail how you can best follow your own path right through the existing world, in such a way that there is little or no resistance and others end up walking their own path.
The question: "How do you best deal with the situation where your boundaries have been violated by others who would like you to pick up your old life again?", had not yet been addressed.

The first reaction when something like this happens is to withdraw into your shell out of fear. Pull a blanket over your head and hide from the outside dangers that seem to be out to get you. "Oh no, I really can't follow my path anymore. I must find a safe haven!"
The event has fueled your fear and now you are thinking that it would be better for you to deviate from your path because the area your path passes through does not appear to be safe.

In your shell, under your blanket, it is pitch dark at first.
However, when your eyes are used to the low light level, some light appears in the darkness. Your own inner light will shine brighter in the dark (you can perceive your own inner light more and more).
This allows you to view the event in a different light.
What actually happened and what is the actual damage?

You might then come to the conclusion that the shock was greater than the damage.
What has been damaged or taken away turned out to be remnants of your old life that no longer have any meaning in your new life. If it hadn't been for the collision, you would have carried that material manifested in your old life into your new life. It would only be restrictive ballast, dead weight without value or meaning.

These people, who intended to take advantage of the life you had built in the past at your expense, helped clear the remnants of your old life, giving you more space for your new life to manifest.

If you can't manage to clear your old life to make way for the new, life will help you. This help always comes unexpectedly so that you no longer have a chance to take action to preserve the old.

If you follow your path, fear that your life will be threatened is unnecessary.
Everything that comes your way contributes to the new life you want to manifest.

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