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How do you determine the next step in the new reality?

August 2015
Fully prepared to all possibilities

Around June 21, 2015, a new collective life plan became active.
The plan now contains all possibilities to create a new life on a higher level of existence.
With our current life as starting point.

As humanity we are at the beginning of a new period in the evolution of the Earth.
That means we can still go either way. All options are still open.
What will be our next step? And who will determine that?

The interplay between the lower and the higher spirit of every human being

What life we are going to create together is determined by the individual choices of everyone.
These choices come about from an interplay between the lower human mind and the higher human mind.

Exchanging perspectives and aligning ideas

Both assess the possibilities from their own perspective and then defend it against the perspective of the other, in order to arrive at the best possibility to shape the new shared reality.

The lower human mind looks at the possibilities from the perspective of physical reality.
The higher mind looks at them from the perspective beyond time and space.
In this way, the final choice is good for both parties.

Struggle by holding on to one's own perspective (one's own 'truth')

The interplay can also degenerate into a serious duel.
This can happen if one's own perspective is seen as the only and absolute truth.
The perspective of the other on the shared reality simply does not exist.
It is then or the idea of the one or the idea of the other.
After all, it is not possible to agree on a shared future if both have a completely different reality in mind!

View of all possibilities versus a by time/space limited view

The higher mind knows all the possibilities of the new shared reality and will strive to shape the best possibility. This conscious intelligence has no limitations, but it does attune what is possible to the current reality.

When tuning, also the workings of the lower spirit is taken into account.
The lower spirit is limited in its perception and functioning by the possibilities of physical reality, but can also impose additional limitations on itself from misunderstood experiences in the past.
In addition, the lower spirit can have dream images and ideas about a future that does not (any longer) correspond to the new possibilities. The lower spirit can therefore pursue unrealistic dreams.

The wil of the lower spirit, a challenge

The lower mind, which consciously or unconsciously wants to go its own way, presents a challenge in realizing the new shared reality.

A challenge that requires a good solution. A solution through which the new shared reality can be realized despite, thanks to and regardless of the deviant choices of the lower spirit.

This means a thing or two for the life plans.

The Soul, or essence (heart, coordination center), which manages the life plans, has a major role in this. It has to take the beliefs of the lower spirit into account when shaping the necessary experiences and offering the possible choices.
Sometimes experiences are needed to find out what drives the lower mind.
Sometimes experiences are needed to make the lower mind aware of the self-imposed limitations and the deeper cause, and sometimes experiences are needed in which the lower mind has no other choice then to shape the new shared reality.

Your best possible route offers others a challenge to grow

The lower spirit that makes deviant choices also has consequences for the people who consciously make choices that lead to the realization of the new shared reality.

Which path we take can depend on the choices of others. As a consequence a path that at first seemed the best option, in practice turns out to be no option at all.
This means that it may happen that you have made preparations to shape this road, after which the expected follow-up is not forthcoming. You cannot realize that road after all. It seems as if you have prepared for nothing.
This can make you doubt yourself. Did I see it right? Am I doing something wrong?

I can assure you that you made the right choice.
With your choice and your activities, you were prepared to support others if they would have made the choice for growth.
It was an opportunity for growth for yourself, others and the whole.
Unfortunately, others have not taken that opportunity. That's not a bad thing, because there will be another possibility, until those people no longer have a choice. And then you're ready to support them in their new (for them exciting) path!

And in the meantime you shape the new shared reality, via the best possible route. Always via the best possible route for you, offering challenges to others to make a better choice than they have done until then.

Keep co-creating your best life possible!

Don't be tempted to go down a lower road because you think you should connect better with others or because you think you need to create more opportunities for yourself. If you do that, it all goes downhill again, because then you are not ready when people need you badly.

So it is a matter of perseverance and patience and keep following your own path.

But don't let good opportunities pass you by when they come your way.
Assess opportunities well. Don't miss opportunities that have added value only for others, but seize the opportunities with both hands that have added value for you, the others and life as a whole.

Which duel are you going into with your higher Spirit? The interplay to determine the best possibility for realizing the new reality or a serious duel to realize your personal reality, a duel where only one can win?

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