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Filling up your entire space, why is that important?

January 2023

I just got the insight that the physical problems I've been struggling with for a number of years now, are caused by my effort to try to take up as little space as possible. My muscles tighten to make me as thin and small as possible.

I do that (subconsciously) because I want to cause as little as possible disruption in other people's lives, and preferably not at all, because it can lead to a dismissive and usually aggressive reaction towards me.
And that is understandable, because when I take up my space, something inevitably changes in the lives of everyone who is connected to me in one way or another.
Why? I'll explain.

Being fully present in all dimensions of my existence

When I occupy my space, I am fully present in all dimensions of my existence. Not only in the physical reality, but also, for example, in the quantum area (particle level) and in the area where the unity of life is visible. This allows me to observe how all lives are interrelated and how the coherence between lives can be restored where the lives people created for themselves deviate from this.

Restoring the cohesion of life in physical reality does not happen automatically. We have to create those changes ourselves in our lives. By making certain choices, displaying certain behaviour, acting in a certain way and take certain actions.
When I take up my space, I co-create the changes that want and can arise through me, working with the collective and individual life plans. With this I not only change my own life, but also the lives of others.
I have the choice to do this in the best way for me and others. And frankly, that is quite a quest, a learning process. People often feel attacked because they think I have an opinion about how they live their lives. That I think they made the wrong choices. Often they react defensive and dig themselves in to ensure that nothing will change.

When I fully fill up my space, I keep the space open for others in which their attuned life can arise. Both in the quantum realm and in physical reality. This way I support others in manifesting their best possible aligned life, at their own pace.
This works well for people who still have to develop themselves and their own lives. By holding this space for them and allowing them all the time they need, they can develop, manifest and live their best possible aligned life.
People who have already fitted their lives into the existing reality, however, need a transformation process. I have to actively support those people in making the necessary changes in their lives. This is easier to do with people for whom the old life doesn't work and who get into trouble because of it, than with people who have found a way to make the constructions in the existing world work for them.
For the people who have run into problems because the existing reality does not suit them, my help with bringing their change process in motion and giving it form, is very welcome. These people therefore do what is necessary to realize that change for themselves.
For the people, however, who have found a way to make the existing world work for them, the idea that something about their life is going to change is a nightmare. If I then take them along in their inevitable transformation process, they will resist, refuse to cooperate or even actively oppose it.

Working with people from this last group has caused me to completely withdraw from the dimensions of existence in which I can perceive the inner coherence between all lives, after all the changes I worked on had been completed.

Limiting my presence to the space others leave open

I now mainly concentrated my presence within the physical reality.
I squeezed myself into those small spaces that remain when the space is filled with all individual lives that exist as little islands apart from each other.
Each separate individual bases his or her life on a story of its own. A story that is based on beliefs that have arisen from past experiences, one's own past or even past lives and the past of ancestors.
These stories have no relation whatsoever to the aligned best possible life that wants to emerge through these people. But because I was no longer present in quantum space, I didn't feel that and I didn't feel any need to break open the stories to create space to align those lives with the inner coherence of life.

Restarting the collective transformation process

And I suspect that I'm not the only one.
I often read that people isolate themselves from people who make them feel uncomfortable. But understand that this uncomfortable feeling has to do with the fact that the lives of those people are not aligned with your life and therefore life as a whole, and that you are the one who can change this. Feeling a dissonance, feeling disharmony, is one of the tools that enables you to make the right change in such a situation.

Do you recognize yourself in this?
Then know that by hiding in the spaces between all the stories, we have contributed to maintain the separation between lives, and the collective transformation process towards an aligned life has come to a standstill.
When I look at the developments in physical reality, I see that some stories have gained strength. Instead of working on the transformation from separated to aligned life, (excessive) violence is now used to create separation and destroy aligned lives.
In other words, a reverse transformation, from attuned living to living at the expense of others.

From now on I will fully take up my space again and continue to align all lives to each other, so that the collective change process towards a life that is attuned to the inner coherence of life continues.
If you do the same, then together we can give a significant boost to this transformation.

And if you need my help with that, please contact me.

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