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You are invaluable!

July 2017
Proving Your Value To Others

You Are Invaluable!
The world you were born into probably gave you a different message. In a conscious or unconscious way, subcutaneously or very directly.
In the world in which you were born it is about survival and the law of the strongest applies. You will have to bring others down in order to tower over them yourself.

Especially if you've always been told that you're worth nothing, you'll do your best for the rest of your life to prove that you're worth more than anyone else or, on the contrary, you withdraw from life believing that your life does not matter.

To survive in this world you need money and to get it you will have to prove that you are better than everyone else. In the world of the law of the fittest, money determines your worth. And others can (bribe) you with money.

This world ensures that you completely voluntarily harm yourself for money in order to survive as best as possible. And you are not only be violent to yourself, but also to your own life (your creations), others, the lives of others and life as a whole.
Life suffers when you measure your worth against others and let money determine your choices.

Your Value For Life Is Fixed

Just the fact that you were born as a unique individual with a unique set of possibilities, qualities and talents, shows how valuable you are for life.
They are the gifts of life to you and if you can fully utilize those gifts, it gives you, others and life itself an unprecedented wealth. A wealth of opportunities to live and experience life and to marvel at the rich life of which you are a part.

Because of your unique set of capabilities that can only be developed and applied by you to place your unique creations in the world, you are an important link in life as a whole.

You are invaluable to life!

Therefore, life will fully and unconditionally support you in developing and applying your unique qualities and talents and in creating your unique creations through living your unique life.
No one else can take your place with the same result for life!
If you don't take your unique place within the whole, life will look different.

Your Challenge

In the world in which you were born, the law of the strongest applies. Only the strongest will conquer and survive.
The world you want to create from within is a world where everyone has their unique place and unique opportunities to co-create and experience the richness of life.

In order to be able to create this inner future reality from the existing world, you will have to have an answer to the forces that are exerted on you from that world to induce you to maintain the world of the law of the strongest.
That is no easy task! Most people have been dragged into that force field anyway.

If you have also let yourself be carried away or have stepped out of the force field and no longer create anything, then you do not take your place within life as a whole and you do not add unique possibilities to life and you ensure that life takes a different turn than it could have taken had you developed and applied your unique capabilities.


Because you hold such an important place in life, life will give you clues when you've allowed yourself to be swept away by the forces of the outside world that prevented you from developing your unique set of abilities.
Your unique abilities are needed to support others in developing their unique set of abilities. These people cannot move on until you have developed and started applying the capabilities they need to move forward.

Life stagnates if you don't take your place within the whole.

Because the possibilities of you and others are no longer aligned, life no longer works. Your needs are no longer met. The life you lead will become more and more difficult. Something is not right, that's for sure!

This creates the need for you to make changes in your life.


Fortunately, there are more and more people who completely take up their unique place within the whole again. These people can again meet the needs of others who were waiting for their unique input.
Life is starting to flow again!

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