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How do I get from my current life to my new life?

October 2016

Your current life is not what it used to be. It no longer suits you.
You can already envision the life that suits you and you may have already taken steps to shape that future.
However, your life is still intertwined with the lives of others, so you can't just from one day on the other step from your old life into your new life without negative consequences for the quality of your own life or the quality of the lives of others.
What's the best way to do that?

Change Towards Desired Future

Natural Evolution of Life

Natural evolution is a process that takes place gradually in life on Earth.
It is a continuous process of change.
Earthly life, which is the basis for your personal life, always changes a little bit in every moment and is therefore constantly in motion.

Whether you are able to notice these changes and make the right changes in your personal life in a timely manner so that you can move with life depends on how you perceive reality, from which part of yourself, and to what extent all parts of you are integrated into one whole.

From where do you experience Life?

Do you live within the boundaries of your own safe reality,
or maybe even in the reality of someone else?
Are you fully present in physical reality?
Or in the limitless realm beyond that physical reality?
Or in the border area both inside and outside physical reality?

When you are 'trapped' in your own world (belief or belief system) or in that of someone else, you cannot perceive the small changes and your personal life can suddenly change completely without you being prepared for it.
However, when all parts function as one whole, and thus you are fully present in the whole that you are, then you are even able to direct the natural evolution of life through your personal life towards the best possible life for everyone.

Changing Towards Desired Future

All those little changes in life don't just happen. They are the steps necessary to create a reality that has more and different possibilities to shape and experience life than the present reality. With the aim of unfolding and developing Life so that it can be experienced in all its wonderful aspects.
The changes are, as it were, attracted by a future possible reality. There is an invisible (power) line between the past, the present and the future, along which the changes take place. It's a possible future, not a certain one. There are many possible futures.

You can use this fact to consciously shape the best possible future through your personal life, in line with the natural evolution of life.

Taking into account the (Deviating) Choices of Others

One's own personal life can be shaped independently of the natural course of Earthly life and the natural process of change of that life.
It is possible to imagine a future and create it for yourself and for others. This future has nothing at all to do with the possible futures that lie ahead and can conflict with them.
It is an invented future, based on the past (imagination of the human mind), or based on possibilities that (need to) have no relation whatsoever with the real possibilities of physical reality (imagination of the higher Mind).
If you then become completely absorbed in your own world or the world of others and you do not notice the minute changes in natural life, it can happen that you are overwhelmed by a huge change from outside that completely collapses your personal life.
This in turn leads you to insure your life, so that you withdraw yourself even more firmly into your personal reality, waiting for the next major disaster to turn your personal life upside down.

When designing your best possible future, it is therefore best to take this 'fear of collapsing life' into account, both for yourself and for others. When shaping the best possible future, ensure a gradual transition. Not just for yourself, but for everyone. Support others to gradually align their lives with natural life.

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