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Recognize your talent to live in conjunction with all life

September 2019

You too probably have a natural talent that is meant to shape your life according to the intrinsic coherence of life. That talent has almost certainly been denied in the past, leaving you felt rejected. There must be something wrong with you.

Your striving to shape life in coherence, did not fit the reality of the superficial life you ended up in. From a superficial view of reality, life has no correlation whatsoever!
It is only about surviving as well and as comfortably as possible with the help of others. Even at the expense of others. After all, there is no one who takes your interests into account. That's why you need to take care of yourself and somehow make others meet your needs. Make them shape your life so that you can survive, so comfortably as possible.

But this worldview was foreign to you.
You live your life for the benefit of others, because you know that life does have cohesion, even if that cohesion is not immediately visible on the surface of life. Your life does not stand alone but is embedded in the lives of others in such a way that everyone can live the life that suits everyone best. You have something to offer to others and others have something to offer to you. All lives fit together perfectly, if you consider the intrinsic coherence of life as a whole.
That's how you look at life.

These two worldviews seem to conflict, yet they fit together perfectly. After all, your talent comes into its own best in collaboration with people who cannot shape their own lives in a coherent way. As a result, people who think they need you to survive as well and comfortably as possible, have a good one in you. Because you will keep trying to create cohesion in your lives, when that coherence can never be achieved.

Although you have wasted your talents, at the expense of the quality of your own life, on people who do not strive for coherence of all lives, the period in which you have connected with these persons is not been for nothing.
You are now able to distinguish between people who cannot shape their lives in harmony without your talents and people who want to use your talents to survive as best as possible.
You have learned that you cannot use your talent in every situation.

To help you recognize your talent, I will tell you my story below.

I have naturally very flexible joints. That is very useful, because it allows me to investigate what moves the other person by moving along with this person for a while. Because of this, I can figure out how best to connect with that other person so that we can both shape the life that best suits us, and everyone with whom our lives are connected.
I can move with someone and then return to my own center to initiate the correct action from a state of equilibrium, without my body being damaged because I have moved in a way that did not really suit me.

However, this only turns out to work well if I can move along as a pure observer.
The moment I start moving with someone who sees me as someone who is 'accommodating' and who thinks that he can use this characteristic (which I do not possess) to dedicate myself to be able to survive as comfortably as possible, then it goes wrong.
Because the moment I want to come back to my center to restore the natural cohesion in our lives, that person wants to hold me. He or she will then try to get me to keep moving through temptation, oppression, emotional blackmail, taking me down, abuse of power or threats.
And if I give in to that, I am forced into an unnatural position and my joints become overloaded. My body goes into survival mode and tries to strengthen my joints in such a way that I can do the best I can to continue to function in that unnatural position.
My body is a faithful ally.

Now that I understand this and what drives these people, I can realign all lives despite trying to move with them. Ignoring the intimidations turned out not to be enough, because my body still interpreted this behavior as threatening. In order not to stress my body so that it can heal and regain flexibility, My body has now almost completely regained its natural flexibility. I can move along again and return to my natural balance to take the right actions to shape my life in connection with the lives of others.

What is your talent with which you can restore and preserve the natural cohesion in life?

Do you want to align your life and the lives of all people connected to you in such a way that everyone can live the life that suits him or her exactly?
I am happy to support you with aligning your life, both work and private.
You can reach me by mobile: 06-29236792 or email: info@praktijkciscadelint.nl.

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