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What is that exactly: my best possible life?

August 2016
I live my life and that is the best possible, right?

You may feel that you are ALWAYS living your best life possible, but I can assure you that is not the case. You have so many routes in life that you can take. Of these, only one can be the 'best possible'.

For example, there is also a 'worst possible' route and the 'middle way'.
You can even live the life of others. Is the life of others your best possible life? "Yes, because at that moment I couldn't help but live the life of that other person,", you might say. And that's right. There have been all kinds of reasons why you couldn't make any choices but to live a life other than your best possible life.
But that doesn't make the life you've lived the best possible!

The way that takes you the fastest out of this life (destruction)

Some people want to get out of this life as soon as possible. Life is difficult for them or they do not see the meaning of life or they have received signals from others all their life that they should not be here at all. "What are you doing here! You're getting in my way!" Those people take the quickest route to destruction. Is that their best possible life?
There are people who support that choice. Do they support those people in living their best possible life? Are they living their best possible lives themselves?

Let life pass you by

Some people try to move as little as possible and participate as little as possible in life. They are highly sensitive (HSP). They get sick of life with its cacophony of colors and sounds, or they don't see where to 'jump' in the maelstrom to go with the flow unscathed.

The path of least resistance

Of course, when you were not aware of the choices in your life and you simply let yourself be carried away by the maelstrom caused by all those lives of all those people around you, you lived your life as it came. You couldn't do better, because you didn't know any better. So you don't have to feel guilty about not living your best life possible. And of course you learned a lot from it. Not things you originally wanted to learn, but still, who knows, it might be useful later on.

Adding the Most Value to Life

But what exactly is that, your best possible life?
You live your best possible life when your life is optimally aligned with your own unique set of possibilities, the possibilities of others and the possibilities of life as a whole.
This concerns the possibilities of your body, your personality, your character traits, your thinking ability, your talents and skills, but also the life in which you were born, your family, your living environment.

If all those options are attuned to each other and the development of those options is plotted in the future, a network of options is created. The best of those opportunities is the one that allows you to add the most value to yourself, others, and Life as a whole, by developing your own capabilities to the fullest and applying them to maximize the potential of others, allowing Life as a whole to develop to the fullest.

Supply and demand perfectly matched

Because you then develop your unique set of qualities into coordinated skills, you are able to support others who need these unique skills in developing their unique set of qualities into coordinated skills with which they can help others in that way. This creates a chain reaction in which everyone takes his or her unique place within Life as a whole, so that the possibilities that Life as a whole offers are optimally used.
You may see the difference with a life in which the starting point is that everyone is human and therefore should be able to do the same things. Some are a little less good at something (they don't try very hard at it) and others excel at it (they are very passionate), but in principle it is assumed that everyone can do the same. In such an environment, life is reduced to uniformity and unique qualities are suppressed. The inner needs to develop your unique qualities are no longer met. Supply and demand no longer match, People are trying to learn skills with which you can earn the most money. Others earn a lot of money by teaching those skills.

Now that you know what your best possible life is, I would like to ask you again to think about the following question: Are you living your best life possible?

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