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November 2015

As of November you can be sure that you are on the right track.
The doubts you might have in September about following your path will be completely gone by November.
You are on the right track and from November that will be clear because of the people you meet on your path.

Which people cross my path and how do I deal with them?

People who are a 'match' because they need your expertise

Now people come your way who are completely fed up with the road they have followed until then.
They come to you because you are the one who can help them rediscover themselves and embark on a new path, the one that best suits who they really are.

These people no longer believe in the 'illusion of growth', they are tired of following the same pattern over and over and getting the same blows over and over, falling into the same pits, getting under water, sticking to the same rocks, bumping into the same walls, getting stuck in the mud or sinking into the quicksand.

They're the people you've been preparing for (all these years!). From now on more and more will come (consciously) on your path. That gives you a great sense of satisfaction. You can finally do what you've been preparing for years. You can follow your true path by using your natural talents and skills to the fullest for the growth of others, the growth of life as a whole and for the growth of yourself.

Because you can now optimally use your newly developed talents and skills for what they are intended for, you learn to use them better and better and you can grow and develop further.

When no one comes your way, your own growth comes to a standstill (and with it the growth of others and of life as a whole) and when you support people who cannot be helped by you and in a way that does not suit you, if there is no 'match' between 'demand' and 'supply', then there is even decline (because potential possibilities are not developed).

Of course there are many more people in your life and you meet many more people along the way than just those people you can help further on their life path.

People who want to maintain the 'illusion of growth'

You may also encounter people who ask for your help, but then expect (or even demand) that you maintain for them the illusions they have come to believe in.
Bringing them back to themselves and putting them on the path to real growth is not what these people want.
Then, if you don't live up to their expectations and shatter their illusions, they'll get angry and make it clear to you that you're of no use to them and that you're incapable. According to them, the problem lies with you and not with the fact that they want to continue to believe in illusions (against their better judgement).

Such a meeting could easily make you doubtful, but if you are firmly on your path, such a meeting is a great opportunity for you to review and adjust the way you present yourself.
You may wonder why this person came to you and why you tried to help him or her.
Was your message not clear enough?
Do you not have your target group clearly in mind for yourself?

Of course it is not always immediately clear whether there is a 'match'. That's why a moment of attunement is often necessary before you start to work with someone. (Or maybe you jumped in right away because that person shouted 'Murder! and fire!' and clung to you?).
Making it clear in advance what someone can and cannot expect from you prevents you from working with the wrong person in the wrong way and it prevents unpleasant experiences (collisions) and reactions afterwards.
If the roads part again in time, everyone will emerge from the meeting unscathed and everyone will remain in their own right.

'Fillers': people who are temporarily needed to provide for your livelihood

There are also people who you can help to a certain extent, although they are not relying on the optimal use of your new qualities and skills, while remaining true to yourself.
You then need these people (clients, employers) to be able to sustain your daily living
Not from the idea that you cannot survive otherwise, but because at the moment there are not yet enough people opting for growth to be able to provide for your livelihood.
Those people come on your path to temporarily fill up the space but do not lay any claim on you and on your space (time). You can easily let them go if you need to put people on the path of growth. There are then plenty of others that those people can just as well turn to.

Demarcate your path to prevent unwanted people from coming your way

Then there are those around you with whom your life is intertwined, but who are not aware that there is a path through life that they can follow; a path aligned with the life paths of others.
If these people live their lives as they are used to, they will cross the boundaries of your life path and thus hinder your progress on your path to growth. (Now or in the future.)

In order to continue to follow your life path, you have had to define it and in doing so you have changed the lives of these people. After all, they can no longer freely go where they want.
They can no longer live life as they used to.
But because this change is imposed from the outside and does not come from within (through an awareness process), these people will revert to their old behavior over and over again. They collide with you again and again, where you have defined your boundaries.
Here it is important to adjust the other at the right time so that it does not come to a hard confrontation.
But when is the right time to intervene?

When marking your path, where others crossed your boundaries, you didn't just put up a fence to stop that other person. No, you have taken others into account when making changes.
You have looked at the life path of the other person and you have investigated why that other person has strayed from his or her path.
With the changes you have made, you have not only marked out your own path but also set the other person on his or her life path.
Because the other person has been put on his or her life path, the human consciousness has been aligned with the higher levels of consciousness of this person. Because of this, the other person's life has come under the control of those higher levels of consciousness.
Human consciousness is then no longer the one that determines how life is lived. From that moment on, the higher levels of consciousness ensure that this person follows his or her life path.
So this person does not consciously follow his life path, but unconsciously.
An awareness process has now been built into that life path to ensure that people consciously follow their path and do not always want to deviate from it.
The higher levels of consciousness have set up the 'learning program', which means that the human being (the human consciousness) gets the right experiences in life that enable him to understand the consequences of his or her choices, actions and behavior. As a result, he or she will be able to go through life more consciously.

You have transferred the responsibility for following the other person's life path to the higher levels of that person's consciousness.
You are no longer responsible for the other person.
He or she can no longer harm one's own life, that of others and life as a whole, because that is prevented by the higher levels of consciousness. If that person deviates from their own path again, this fits within the life path of that other person as part of the awareness process.

For you, this means that you do not have to adjust as soon as you see that this person is going to deviate from his path again, but possibly only if that person is derailed by his or her own behavior and can no longer independently return to his or her own path.
Possibly, because you can only intervene if it is on your path.
Intervening is on your path, if you are the one who can support the other in the awareness process and/or when it is clear and unavoidable that the other will encounter your limits at some point in the future.

If it is on your path, you can of course always support the other person by pointing out to him or her in time that choices, actions and behavior are puting him or her 'on the wrong path again' and give tips on how to prevent complete derailment.
However, by intervening at that moment so that the other person is put on the 'right path', you deprive the other person of a chance to become aware. You then solve the problem for the other person before the other person has been able to experience and feel the consequences of his or her choices, actions and behavior.
Experiencing and feeling are important in order to arrive at the right insight.

Living in harmony with your environment

Due to your efforts in the past, your life is now optimally attuned to your environment. You now only have the responsibility to design and live your own life as best as possible, by using your qualities and skills optimally in every situation and in every encounter.
Your life is in harmony with your environment and you can enjoy it to the fullest!

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