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The new society is a serving society

April 2020
Transformation from consuming to serving

In just a few weeks, the arrival of the coronavirus has transformed our society from a consuming society in which money and the economy are decisive, to a serving society in which money and the economy are serving.
The economy serves the people now.
Politics serves the people now.
Money serves the people now.

It is no longer about me, it is no longer about consuming as much as possible, it is no longer about making as much money as possible.
It is mainly about serving the other.
The central question that everyone is currently asking is: “What does the other need from me?”
This demand leads to new initiatives and the relaxation of rules, because otherwise the other person cannot be served. It also requires new rules and new behaviour.
All intend to serve the other as well as possible.

And where people deny this new reality, measures are taken so that these people also start to serve their fellow humans.

Serving professions suddenly surface. And let it be precisely these professions that were undervalued in the old society that revolved around the economy, consumption and money.

People who live a life of service show that service is above making money. These people show that money is for getting your basic needs and for everything you need to serve your fellow humans.

It would be nice if the crisis that is now enforcing this behavior causes a change in consciousness and a permanent transformation of society into a served society in which money is supportive.
Because that is what is needed. However, this change is not obvious.

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