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"Window of Opportunity"

August 2018
Be prepared to be able to support others

Three years ago, in August 2015 I wrote that sometimes your preparations seemed to have been in vain because people make other choices than shaping their best possible life together with you.
I wrote that this should not be a reason to choose a lower path, but that you should simply continue on the chosen path to the best possible life. Your preparations had not been in vain. In the future a new opportunity will present itself and then you are ready to seize that opportunity.

So what could happen regularly in the past was that, driven by an actively supportive energy, you started working diligently on preparations to support another in going in a new direction, until at a certain point you were no longer able to continue because the actively supporting energy suddenly disappeared.
Do you recognize that? Do you recognize that active supporting energy, the lifestream?
The new possibility or chance to go in a new direction then disappeared, because the person with whom you could and wanted to shape that possibility had made a different choice.

Window of opportunity

You can call the period in which you are driven by the actively supporting energy 'window of opportunity'. A defined period of time in which a new possibility or opportunity presents itself that you could realize.
This 'window of opportunity' opens when someone makes a choice that creates a new opportunity for growth and closes again when someone makes a choice that eliminates that opportunity.
If you are well prepared, you are ready to act when a certain opportunity presents itself.

Be prepared to reaize a change smoothly

Sometimes you have to be able to act very quickly to realize an opportunity, because that opportunity only exists for a very short time. Especially if it is the last opportunity for growth. You actually have no other choice and then it is important to act in line with the course of the lifestream. (Otherwise you will be dragged in that direction.)
This energy that actively supports you is very powerful at such a time. If you can act immediately, you can make a change happen very quickly and smoothly. So fast, in fact, that the people around you don't know what hit them; especially the people who cannot perceive the lifestream and who therefore do not consciously move with it.

Maybe you are the only one who saw the change coming.
That is because you look to the future and observe the (current) movements towards the future, while most people (still) look to the past and how they once acted in a comparable situation.
Anyone can observe what is happening in the present, but conclusions about what is the best next route may differ, depending on whether one is basing oneself on the actual future or on the past that has been.

Dealing with resistance to the course of the lifestream

Past performance is no guarantee for the future.
An up-to-date look at how the future will unfold is.
Therefore it is important that you take the path that you perceive and that you take the others along that path, the path that is supported by the lifestream,
And that can be difficult, because it can create resistance.

That resistance raises the question:
"What's the best way to take others on the best possible route for everyone, when they can't perceive that 'best route'?"
I have tried to find an answer to that question, but it remains difficult to properly prepare people who cannot perceive the future for what is to come.

Because, driven by the lifestream, I had realized such a change for someone in no time. A change that had a sudden major impact on a number of people involved (including myself).
And while everyone agreed in retrospect with the path taken, without a doubt it was the best path, the only right option, everyone reacted differently to how the change had come about and especially to the short period of time in which the change was realized. (The need for change presented itself on Sunday, and the following Tuesday it was realized.)

Almost all those involved indicated that they would have liked to have been involved earlier so that they would have had a say in it. They felt passed over and felt that they had done something wrong or that they were not recognized in their authority or that what they wanted and how they wanted it apparently didn't matter.
They were very surprised that it was also a surprise to me that the change had to be realized suddenly. I also didn't know until that Sunday that the 'window of opportunity' had opened. There was no time to discuss with everyone what was the best thing to do and furthermore this was not necessary because it was already known what had to be done next. I just went ahead and informed those involved.

In turn, I was very surprised at these reactions, because I thought that everyone involved, like myself, had foreseen this move and that everyone was aware. Everyone had already made their contribution at an earlier stage. Everyone had always been involved and all possibilities had been discussed with them.
It was in fact one of the possibilities that could present itself in the future.
There were several options that were discussed with those involved so that we were prepared and knew what was best to do in a given situation. However, we didn't know exactly what opportunity it would become and we didn't know when that opportunity would open up. This depended on how the situation would develop.
I thought that everyone, like me, was waiting for it to be clear which possibility should be realized. All possibilities and associated actions were already known. Now we had to wait for the moment that a 'window of opportunity' of the best possibility opened in order to be able to take the corresponding action.
However, it turns out that people had already envisioned a possible future for themselves. Hence, they were ambushed at the moment when a different possible future than the one they envisioned was realized.

This was one of those changes where there was only one option and no one (including me) had a say or a choice. The lifestream was concentrated in one stream and therefore very powerful. You can't help but go along in that direction. And I did.
And because I was already prepared, I could take the right actions at the right time.
I had to search for the right (metaphorical) 'door' through which we had to go, but that in itself was no problem. The other doors stayed closed when I tried to open them. Only the door I needed swung open for me without difficulty and we were welcomed with open arms.

But because I was the one who made the (necessary and inevitable) change, it seemed like I was the one who made certain choices and made certain decisions.
As a result, some of those involved felt the need to resist the change (or rather my choices). They tried to discredit me and try to prove that I made the wrong choice.
It therefore took quite some effort to make the change a success. I always had to make adjustments and fix the situation that had arisen.

This was not a good thing and I wondered what I could change about this. How could I make the current possibilities for the future visible to those involved who cannot perceive the future and who therefore start from the past and a self-chosen future based on that?
Well, that turns out not to be possible. The results remain the same, only these people are now trying to influence the future at an earlier stage. They are going to resist the future that is determined by the course of the lifestream anyway. They want to determine their own future. They don't care at all that that future is not attuned to others and is therefore at the expense of those others.

You have no influence on how others react to changes.
The most important thing is that you continue to follow the lifestream at all times and that you continue to discuss the various options with those involved and other experts, so that you know exactly what to do when a 'window of opportunity' opens.

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