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June 2017

I expect June 2017 to be a turning point.
The adapted energetic information system that supports us in shaping our individual and collective lives should mean that only coordinated action is possible. (zie Collective road map - trajectory March to June 2017)

In the multidimensional whole that we are, we have only one level of consciousness with which we are consciously active in our physical body. From this level of consciousness we are aware of the reality in which we live, and from which we can act by consciously directing our body so that we can consciously create our life.
All other levels of consciousness, both the lower and the higher than this consciously active consciousness, are unconsciously active in our lives and can directly or indirectly influence our actions.

The art of conscious living is knowing why you do what you do
so that you can take that into account by making the necessary adjustments,
making sure that you create the life of your dreams.

Deviating from the attuned choice due to a limited perspective

This consciously active presence can direct the body directly and can therefore easily come to believe in the illusion that he or she IS the physical body and that the physical apparent reality is the only reality there is.

When, for example during a healing session, it has been jointly agreed (as a multidimensional whole) that the old life is ready and can be completed, and from here you can take a new path to develop new possibilities with which you can shape a new life and living, then the illusion I mentioned can become a problem in the implementation of that attuned choice.

Back within the four walls of your physical reality, that rendezvous with the other parts of your multidimensional self seems like something you've been dreaming about. Your new life seems like a distant dream that you can't achieve, because you find yourself again confronted with the consequences of the misaligned life you have led, such as a painful and tired body that is damaged and/or sick and/or a life that you has nothing more to offer and in which nothing works anymore and there are no more opportunities for improvement.
The hopelessness of your existence weighs heavily on you and demands your full attention.

Acting from this limited perspective causes you to get stuck in your old life and you see the ending of this life as the only way out of this desolation.

In this way, the consciously active presence in the body determines which life is shaped and lived. The rest of your multidimensional self cannot change this.
Just as President Trump unilaterally canceled the Paris climate agreement, while clear agreements had been made that everyone, both internally and externally, fully supported.
This unilateral non-aligned decision affects the whole of life, while the person making the decision thinks that decision is only about his own individual life. This person simply cannot look any further.

Act on the basis of multidimensional attuned choices

Until now, it was therefore possible to make and implement decisions from a limited perspective that affect the course and quality of overall life. This is a very undesirable situation. Hence the new design of the underlying energetic system.

In this design, each level of consciousness has its own 'vehicle', whereby the link with the physical body is expired.
As a result, the body is no longer directly controlled by the consciously active consciousness, but by the energy of the attuned choice that flows through all layers of the multidimensional whole.

What you will notice is that in a hopeless situation, different ideas will go through your head. Your first thought will be: "Never mind it is hopeless!", and then you take action on the other ideas, which suddenly reveals a whole new and surprising solution!

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