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Trajectory March to June 2017
adaptation to the system: information separation

June 2017

traject mrt juni 2017
traject mrt juni 2017

merkabah nieuw

The previous version of the new design of the information system of the 'old', separated, human was incomplete.
(See: the text of March 2017)
It seemed a logical structure to me (see picture on the right):
there was a tetrahedron for the available matter, for the (timeless) ideas of the Spirit, for the inner reality of the Soul and for the outer reality of the Human.

However, because the tetrahedrons for the Human and the Spirit were turned with the points downwards respectively upwards, only one possibility could be manifested. The body's range of motion was severely restricted.
The body had to balance on the tip.
A broad stable base was missing.

By inverting both tetrahedrons, all available potential ideas can be re-evaluated so that the best idea could take shape and the body gets a stable base and more room to move.
However, this construction again has the disadvantage that someone else can link his or her structure to the broad base. This would again open up possibilities for manipulation.

The Vehicle of the Soul

While I was still thinking about a possible solution, I heard myself explain to someone that the new structures only serve to exchange information, while the Merkabah surrounds the body making it also a 'vehicle' for the Soul.

The Merkabah not only provides a conscious individual with information, but also shapes the consciousness of the individual. The conscious individual is formed by the information in the Merkabah and will make choices, act and behave and express himself in a certain way from that form or distortion (colored glasses).

With the new chakra communication and information system, the consciousness of the individual is free from distortion allowing information to be received, analyzed and used in a neutral way.

This is a necessary development, because the conscious individual must first know how physical reality works before it can make changes in it that can influence the course of evolution.
Seen in this way, the Merkabah is a 'learning vehicle' in which you can learn what life is and what it involves.

Merkabah integratie

This insight quickly led to a new design (see picture on the left), in which the consciousness of the human and the Spirit each also got its own 'vehicle'. Your own vehicle in which your 'own' information can be stored, information that that specific level of consciousness needs to be able to shape and experience life from your own perspective, from your own perceived reality.

Because that was a problem with having one Merkabah: the 'vehicle' contained information from several successive levels of consciousness. Every consciousness that could make use of the 'vehicle' (Human, Soul or Spirit) had access to all information, but also to all possibilities that belonged to the different levels of consciousness, with all the consequences that entails.
All the information was mixed up. This caused several problems, which I will not mention here.

By distributing the information associated with the different levels of consciousness among separate outer 'vehicles', it becomes possible to link this information directly to the information in the inner star structures of the new chakra information and communication system. This creates a complete integration of the information supply, so that the multidimensional person still in development can also function fully in conjunction with his or her place within life as a whole.
As a result, this person is no longer separated from the whole, but can still experience himself as separate because of the information in the 'vehicles' that influence his perception.

Is the latest structure correct? An evaluation

For me personally, the new construction was a great relief.
The previous design caused me to literally barely walk, and my inner vision, reception and higher thinking were severely hampered as well.

I therefore had the feeling that the new construction 'came out of the blue' and I was surprised by it.
I don't like information that just falls out of the sky. I will then not have 'grown in' and will have to subject the structure to a thorough evaluation to investigate what exactly it solves and whether there are no undesirable effects.

The 'vehicles' related to the number of dimensions

In that evaluation I wondered whether the vehicles of the Human and the Spirit should also consist of tetrahedrons.

After all, the Soul comes from the 4th dimension, the dimension in which 'time' can be perceived. And can thus perceive and shape a reality in the physical reality, using four dimensions: length, width (or depth), height (or depth) and time. This information can be stored in the four planes of the tetrahedrons. The idea that the Merkabah would be the vehicle of the Soul being is therefore correct.

However, the Human comes from the 3rd dimension and can only perceive and form a reality that consists of three dimensions: length, width and height. So only three planes are needed to be able to store the information required for the human.
However, a spatial mathematical figure with three faces does not exist! Therefore, no star figure can be formed from two spatial 3-planes. However, two 3-faces can be combined into a spatial figure, namely a cube.

Spirit comes from the 5th dimension, the dimension in which quantum possibilities can be perceived and can thus perceive and shape a reality that consists of five dimensions: length, width, height, time and quantum possibilities. In order to store this information, the star structure must consist of pyramids with five faces.

The difference between the structures of the old and the new system

The structures of the new system

In 2005, after much puzzling, I arrived at the new chakra communication and information system on star structures that consist of two pyramid structures, for the Human Being, the Soul and the Spirit.
The background to this was that the new system should support cooperation between the various levels of consciousness on the basis of conscious self-functioning units.

This means that all layers of consciousness must have access to the same information at all times, even if that information falls outside their own field of perception.

Even if the human does not know the phenomena 'time' and 'quantum possibilities', it must still have access to this information, to know which 3D reality should be formed. The human therefore does not need to be able to look 'in time' himself or to see all possibilities. But he must have this information to be able to understand why a certain shape must and can be manifested (built) or why not.
Even if the Spirit knows nothing of length, width, height, and time, it must have access to this information in order to be able to come up with realistic ideas that can actually take shape in the 3D reality, at a given moment, in a certain time frame.

The star shape of pyramid structures is needed at all levels of consciousness which directly affect the shape and quality of life in physical reality, to align the information so that a physical reality can be manifested that supports all levels of consciousness. A reality that is correct from everyone's perspective.

Struggle between individuals arises from disagreement about the joint physical reality, fed by the fear that that reality will be unfit to live their perfect life.

The structures of the old system

However, the energetic star-shaped 'vehicles' of the old system have a very different function than the energetic star structures of the new system.

The various layers of consciousness are still evolving. There is as yet no question of conscious cooperation and coordination. The vehicle serves to support the individual levels of consciousness in their development towards full consciously independent functioning parts within the multidimensional whole. Each level of consciousness then only needs information about its own level of consciousness.
The 'vehicles' for Man, the Soul and the Spirit are then respectively a (static) cube, a star of two (dynamically moving) tetrahedrons and a star of two (dynamic) pyramids.

In this setup, the cube bothers me. Is it correct? The two 3-planes cannot rotate relative to each other and the spatial figures also seem to have no logical connection. First a 6-face, then a 4-face and then a 5-face.

Let's examine the Merkabah in the light of evolution.

Three levels of consciousness and one Merkabah

So in the old situation there is one Merkabah encompassing the whole body.
However, we have three separate, consecutive levels of consciousness (Human, Soul, and Spirit) through which the multidimensional individual can consciously shape and experience the individual and collective life on Earth .

The question that then arises is why (in the old situation) there was only one vehicle for the consciousness of the conscious individual, while there are three levels of consciousness that influence life, each with its own characteristics and their own view of reality from their own perspective.

This question is not difficult to answer if you know that evolution develops in successive 'levels (or plateaus) of possibilities'.
The three levels of consciousness then belong successively to the previous, the present and the future plateau.
This construction ensures that life in the present develops in line with that natural development of life.

This evolutionary process, which involves creating with three successive levels of consciousness, has been going well for a long time.

The physical body developed autonomously (via natural laws of evolution) into the body of the conscious human. To the first Earthly living body that carried within it the ability to become aware of itself and its environment and to become aware of the mutual influence on each other's lives; the interaction between itself and its environment through which life takes shape. Both individual life and collective life.
The physical body developed into the first living body that offers the conscious individual possibilities to influence evolution, the course of life on Earth, by making conscious choices, displaying certain behavior and to act in a certain way.
Not as an unconscious reaction, but as a consciously chosen action.

The first conscious human being

The first conscious man lived in a reality composed of three dimensions, namely length, width and height. These are the dimensions from which the physical world is built with particles of matter.

In order to consciously create something in this 3D world, the energetic information system of the first conscious human being must contain information about these three dimensions, related to one's own current position.
If you draw a line straight from that current point, a line to the side and a line upwards, then 3 contiguous planes are created that are perpendicular to each other.
The human can use those planes to map his living environment.
However, in order to be able to make changes to that living environment, a second identical energetic structure is needed. If you connect these two structures of three perpendicular planes, a cube is created.

The energetic information system of the first human is a cube, a fixed construction. The present possibilities and the future possibilities have a fixed position in relation to each other.
This first human could not yet influence the course of life. The future was still fixed for this individual.
This type of person does not yet have any responsibility for the course of one's own and collective life. Life happens to this person and the human responds to what life offers him.

Intertwining with the physical body

This cube structure can also be found in the body, namely in cell division.
The consciousness of the first human is still completely interwoven with the body. The physical body is the vehicle of human consciousness.

This first, still unformed consciousness was present in the body, but could really only observe life, and the own meaning and role within that life, and experience the limitations of the body and the physical reality.
This consciousness experienced that it was locked up in a body it had no influence on and that the quality of life depended on the possibilities and limitations of that body.
This could be represented this as a sphere in a cube.

This interconnectedness made this level of consciousness feel that it could not exert any influence on the body or on life. However, that is an illusion. There is a clearly discernible interplay between the body and human consciousness.

The human is dependent on the possibilities of the body for shaping and experiencing his life, but the physical body adapts those possibilities to the wishes of this consciousness.
The body is a conscious independently functioning unity. (This is also reflected in the structure of the brain.)
However, the (limiting) beliefs that human consciousness has acquired from previous experiences determine, because of the entanglement with the body, to a great extent the quality and capabilities of the physical body. This negatively affects the quality of life.

By disconnecting human consciousness from the physical body and giving it its own cubic energetic vehicle in which the beliefs are stored so that they can be processed through later experiences, is achieved that the body can function independent again.
This allows the physical body to attune its own possibilities to the jointly desired future and not to the future as perceived by human consciousness through its belief-tinted glasses.

The conscious and inspired human being

Meanwhile, the physical body continued to evolve until it could also include the next level of possibilities, the level of the Soul.
With the Soul Consciousness also the dimension 'time' was added.
By adding the dimension of time to the dimensions of length, width, and height, successive events in the physical world can be related and evaluated by projecting them onto a timeline.
(Compare this to developing from photo to film, from capturing individual moments to creating a flowing storyline.)

The newer human with a Soul-consciousness lives in a reality composed of four dimensions, namely height, latitude, altitude and time.
The energetic cube of the first human can be pulled apart so that the two 3-faces are separate again.
Complete surfaces (squares) are no longer needed for these dimensions, because humans no longer need to investigate all possibilities. Physical reality has been mapped. Only the aligned options are now used. For this, the extreme points of the 3 lines can be connected to each other so that 3 connected triangular surfaces are created. These three planes can then be closed with a fourth triangular plane for the dimension of time. This ground plane is adjacent to all previous dimensions, with which all possibilities of time related to physical reality can be explored.
A closed spatial structure has now arisen, a tetrahedron.

Now there are two closed spatial structures for information about the present life in the physical world and the future possibilities, both related to time.
When these two tetrahedrons are pushed together into a star shape, they can move independently of each other. This creates several possibilities for the future from which the consciously inspired person can choose. Which future do you want to consciously shape?
These structures encompass the entire physical body making it a 'vehicle' for the Soul, through which together with that body can be traveled through time and space. This vehicle makes it possible to determine one's own position in both space and time.

The new human with a Soul Consciousness now knows how to determine his or her own position in the physical world, with the help of the dimensions length, width and depth.
He has become unconsciously competent in this and no longer needs to consciously concern himself with it. The consciousness of the human can therefore now move to the subconscious level and is unconsciously active from there.
The Soul, the Soul Consciousness of the multidimensional human, is now consciously active in the life of this newer individual human and can explore the possibilities of the dimension time.
The newer human is both aware of the possibilities of the physical reality (Human) and inspired to make the most of it in the future (Soul).

The conscious and inspired human being, the human being with both a human and a soul consciousness, is able, thanks to the dimension of time, to make connections between past, present and future events.
Contrary to the reality of the first conscious human, for the newer conscious and inspired human the future is not fixed. The conscious and inspired person can choose the future himself, based on the past.
This person can make the connection between cause and effect and, based on that, can make certain choices, display certain behavior and act in a certain way.
The new conscious and inspired person thus has a conscience and is responsible for the quality of life that is a direct consequence of choosing a particular future.

This type of person can choose to extend the past into the future, then nothing changes compared to the life of the first human being. But he can also choose to shape and live a better future or a worse future.
The newest human determines the future himself on the basis of the past, on the basis of his experience with previous events.
A skill that the first man lacks. He lives by the day and takes life as it comes. This type of person couldn't have known to which future certain choices would lead and therefore bears no responsibility for the quality of life.

It should be clear that the existence of people who have the possibility to choose their own future, among people who cannot help but take life as it comes, leads to various problems.
Failure to understand the differences in perspective and possibilities creates a 'generation gap', where people are falsely reminded of their responsibility for the quality of their own lives and that of others, while some try to evade their responsibility and others take on too much responsibility.
This also has negative consequences for the individual growth into a consciously inspired person.

The conscious, inspired and innovative person

In the meantime the physical body developed further until it could also contain the third level of consciousness, consciousness of the Spirit who lives beyond time and space, at the quantum level. This consciousness knows all the possibilities that can be created on a particular time by assigning a specific length, width and height to available particles of matter.
All possibilities.

This conscious, inspired and innovative human being, the human being with a Spirit consciousness, is able thanks to the dimension of quantum possibilities to see different future lines of development and thereby develop a future world that is not yet visible in the present reality. Future developments that are not a continuation, improvement or deterioration of the past.
With this, the human has possibilities to give the evolution of life a completely new turn.

Because this newest human now knows all about 'creating storylines' using the dimensions of length, width, height and time and is unconsciously competent in it, the consciousness of the newer human can move into the subconscious.
The consciousness of the first human as well as that of the newer human are both unconsciously active in the newest human. The new Spirit Consciousness is now consciously active and can fully focus on discovering new possibilities to shape in the physical world.

The newest human with a Spirit consciousness lives in a reality composed of five dimensions, namely length, width, height, time and quantum possibilities.

The two energetic tetrahedrons of the conscious and inspired human being are expanded with a new dimension. The dimension time can now be applied in conjunction with the other three dimensions. From the position where this person stands, 4 lines go into space and four contiguous 3-faces arise. Connecting the ends together creates a new base, a square. This allows to explore all quantum possibilities in combination to the individual dimensions.
The two pyramids of present state and future possibilities form a ten-pointed star when nested together.
This structure allows Spirit consciousness to create through the physical body, while the consciousness itself lives outside time and space, in quantum space.

So, 3 different types of humans are walking the Earth.
Type 1:
a human who knows all about the possibilities and impossibilities of matter, but only lives in the present moment. This human has no view on the future and also not on other possibilities that can be developed than the ones he already knows.
Type 2:
a human who can make connections between the cause and effect of its choices and who can observe lines of development, both in the past and into the future. This allows this type of human to make choices between a worse or a better future with known possibilities.
Type 3:
a human who not only sees the cause and effect of observation and developments in time and the connection between past, present and future, but who can also realize innovation, because he can perceive all possible places of particles in time.

Here too you can probably imagine that this leads to major problems in the cooperation between those 3 types of people, because none of them are aware of the difference in perception of reality and the associated possibilities for creating of individual and collective life.
This outer 'struggle' (rejection, misunderstanding, power and control) also had consequences for the inner growth to the next levels of consciousness. Certain parts of one's own consciousness were rejected. Incremental growth as I have described wasn´t possible.

Merkabah integration

The 'vehicles' for the Human and the Spirit are therefore not tetrahedrons but a (static) cube, for the Human, and a (dynamic) star shape consisting of two pyramids for the Spirit.
Because of this, each level of consciousness has a vehicle that suits its capabilities. In addition, all levels of consciousness are now in line with the current physical reality and all successive levels are attuned to each other, including the consciousness levels that become actively conscious in physical reality in the distant future.

Due to the link with the structures of the new system, there is a clear exchange of information per level of consciousness. This ensures that even the people whose 3D to 5D consciousness is still developing, are perfectly attuned to the whole.

Moreover, a clear line of development is now visible from physical reality to the higher levels of consciousness.
Each level has its own vehicle, the base of which always has 1 side more than the previous level and in which all information of all previous dimensions is unconsciously present.
As a result, there is a logical line in evolution and a gradual development of the possibilities that the physical reality offers.

flow with life

The new design means that life continues to flow and that you flow with that life no matter from which perspective you look at it.
No layer of consciousness can stop life. Because no more action can be taken which is not in line with the whole. The action taken is the action in which you are taken by the flow. You can do nothing more than to flow along to the best possible solution to get out of a situation which seems hopeless from a certain perspective.

You no longer create your life through your thoughts or emotions;
You create your life from now on from the totality that you are.

Flow effortlessly to your best life possible!

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