Humanity's Collective Pathway to a Higher Level of Existence

trajectory March until June 2015:
"Destination reached": Living from within a new reality

July 2015

A new plan for a new reality on a higher level of existence

As I described in the text from March 2015 ( trajectory June 2014 to March 2015: the struggle for the best possible life), we arrived from the existing joint reality on a higher level of existence. We have been able to continue on the way uphill ever since. The people who persist in the way downhill went their own way and therefore no longer influence the people who consciously or unconsciously go upwards. Because of the distance between the different roads, they no longer feel the need to exert influence. The (conflicting) ways are now clearly separated. And if we do encounter people who feel the need to influence our way, then we have apparently taken a wrong (too low) path and we can very easily walk back and still take a higher path that we can follow undisturbed. We have plenty of choice.

That means that we have found good solutions for all the blockages and challenges on our way that have their origin in our old reality. The road ahead is clear.
Because these solutions were still under development, the responsibility for finding the best solution and the ability to apply it lay with individuals. Now that the best solutions have been found, they can be made available to everyone through the collective consciousness, so that they can be applied at a subconscious level when the situation calls for it.
(I have already described making solutions available through the collective consciousness when a previous phase was completed, see August 2013 - Making the most of the multidimensional possibilities for problem solving by taking human ideas as the starting point )

We have thus completed an important phase on a collective level. We have finally broken free from the limiting influence of the old reality, because we are now fully aware of the workings of this reality. The old reality has no more secrets for us and with it we have raised ourselves to a higher level of consciousness.

The possibilities of the existing reality and those of the reality on that higher level are now completely in harmony with each other associated and integrated into a new shared reality on a higher plane of existence.
Because of our ideas and thoughts we are no longer bound by the limitations of our old reality. These are now related to our new, larger reality, so that we can actually create our new reality.

We, as humanity as a whole, have now replaced the old image of reality with the image of our new reality, the world in which all earthly life functions as an attuned whole. This new reality is no longer a vague dream, but a concrete plan based on the existing reality and aimed at connecting with the next higher level of existence.

This collective image is not a thought, dream or idea of what life might be like on a higher plane of existence, but it is a concrete representation of all the realistic possibilities in which life can be formed at this plane of existence. All possibilities from the beginning to the end just before the transition to the next level. And there are many! Much more than the possibilities that were there when we were at the beginning of the lower plane of existence, the plane we just came from, the world of the separated human.
The possibilities of all underlying planes of existence and the possibilities of awareness, related to these planes, form the basis of the possibilities on the new plane of existence. So we don't start over, but build on what we have built up, with a new expanded set of possibilities.

( For a better understanding of the picture of all potential possibilities, I refer to the quantum theory.
Before the exact place in time of a particle is 'determined', this particle scans all possible positions that it can occupy in anticipation of its final placement. Compare it to a dice thrown. As long as it is still in the air the die can still fall on all sides and all six possibilities are visible, but once it is on the ground it can only be one side up.
This applies to all available particles. All those particles together form an image of chaotically crawling particles, particles that together represent all possible realities (apparently) simultaneously.

The individual in the integrated whole

Not everyone is fully aware of the level of the new reality. Not everyone has brought his or her consciousness to that level. In order to do that, all underlying planes of existence of one's multidimensional life must be understood, understood and aligned. That is quite a job and everyone follows their own unique path in which the experiences that contribute to that awareness process can be experienced, at their own choice (personal preference) and at their own pace.
That unique path is aimed at reaching the new level of existence and already fits right in with the new reality.

Everyone's path fits exactly within the new reality.
This means that with every step in the new reality, the development paths of the people who are still working on the transformation process into multidimensional human beings are also taken into account. Everyone can go through exactly those experiences that are necessary for the individual awareness process, because there are others who, by following (consciously or unconsciously) their own unique path, provide just the right experiences that are needed to do so. Everything is and remains attuned to each other and the choices of each individual determine the route along which the joint life develops.

The future is not fixed, because there are several possibilities, only one of which can take shape in physical reality. This one possibility depends on the choices that each individual, each part of the multidimensional whole, makes. The future physical reality is therefore undetermined. However, all realistic possibilities for the future are known, namely by the starting point (the in the present existing reality) and the ending point (the next level of existence).
So collectively we follow the way upwards, to the next level of existence, and there is no one who can keep humanity as a whole from that.
It is different individually and that has to do with the experiences that someone needs to gain the insights through which individual consciousness grows. One can keep following the way downhill (decreasing individual possibilities) to the point that only the way uphill can be followed, or one can keep walking in circles because similar experiences are always needed to arrive at the right understanding. All individual awareness processes together determine step by step, from moment of choice to moment of choice, what physical reality will look like.

The individual who is fully aware of the new plane of existence

Those who have understood, fathomed and aligned all underlying planes of existence of their own multidimensional life are now fully aware of the new reality. There is nothing left in the underlying layers of consciousness that has not been understood. Therefore, their Spirit, the part of them that is outside of time and space, can descend into the body and integrate with the consciousness that was already present in that body (such as the human consciousness, the Soul consciousness, the body consciousness and the cell consciousness, to name a few).

All lower levels of consciousness are still recognizable as an independent conscious part of the consciousness of the multidimensional human being, but have now been raised to a higher level of consciousness whereby they are now supportive of the highest level of consciousness (the new integrated reality).
The multidimensional whole has reached a new level of consciousness and functions as one whole from this new level. However, the underlying levels of consciousness hold their own specific place and function within the whole as an independent conscious level of existence.
This creates a mutual support. The underlying layers support and facilitate the higher levels of awareness and the higher levels support and facilitate all underlying levels.

The with the individual integrated Soul manages the individual plan which is aimed at shaping the individual's part in the new reality. This new reality provides exactly those experiences that are necessary to fully get to know this highest level of existence, so that we then can bring life to the next level of existence and ourselves to a higher level of awareness.
The with the individual integrated Higher Spirit selects, on the basis of personal preference, one of the possibilities in the plan and determines how this possibility can best be formed in physical reality to suit the individual.

Although the individual Higher Spirit has descended into the body and integrated with the consciousness already present in the body, it is not bound by (the laws of) physical reality. Human consciousness is still bound to physical reality and the Soul functions on the borderline and is therefore bound to time/space but also has access to the realm beyond time/space.
The total multidimensional human now functions as a unit at the highest level of consciousness, as an integrated part of all life on Earth and is thus able to transcend current physical reality. As a result, this human being can now shape all the experiences necessary to fully understand and fathom the new integrated level of consciousness in preparation for the next higher level of awareness.

With this, a very long period of stagnation in the evolutionary process, caused by insufficient knowledge of the underlying levels of consciousness, has come to an end!
The evolution of life can continue!

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