Humanity's Collective Pathway to a Higher Level of Existence

Trajectory June 2014 to March 2015:
the struggle for the best life possible

March 2015

On our journey to a life on a higher level of existence with a higher quality of life for everyone, we (as humanity) have now arrived at that higher level of existence. However, the quality of life is still at the old level of existence.
That means we now have the capabilities that exist on this higher plane of existence; possibilities that were not available to us on the lower plane of life from which we come.
These new capabilities (which are largely still to be developed) need to be properly aligned with our current way of life, so that a gradual transition can take place without seriously disrupting daily life.
After a thorough transformation phase, in which all life has been brought into alignment with life on the higher plane of existence, we have now entered the transition phase.

The path we follow is aimed at developing and using more and more possibilities to shape and experience life.
We use all possibilities generated by the natural evolution process and optimally coordinate these possibilities with each other; possibilities of ourselves, of others and of the whole. As a result, the 'best possible life' gradually becomes better for everyone.
Before we went down this road we were on a route that led to a life on a lower level with a decreasing quality of life. That was because possibilities to shape our lives were not developed and developed possibilities were destroyed, because we thought we saw better possibilities. We did not look at the connection between all options.

Although we as a collective (through individuals) have moved upwards, on an individual level there are still people who, for various reasons, persist in shaping a mismatched life; aware or not of the damage it causes to one's own life, the lives of others and life as a whole.
Everyone grows and develops in their own way and at their own pace. After all, life is the best school. It must therefore be possible to try life without causing permanent damage to one's own life, that of others or to life as a whole. In the past this was not well organized, but during the transformation period some adjustments were made to the life plans that should make this possible.

In the past, it was possible for someone to appropriate other people's possibilities to use for their own benefit, even as this is at the expense of the other person. As a result, all roads have become intertwined and we collectively (humanity as a whole) have ended up on the way downhill.
In recent years this entanglement has been undone and all individual paths have been clearly demarcated and therefore clearly visible to all. Where the paths of individuals intersect, it is no longer possible to shape and experience life through possibilities that are not attuned to each other.
This means that people who want to shape their best possible life within a coordinated whole can no longer be stopped by others. For people who want to shape and experience a life that doesn't fit, such a crossroads of life paths is always an opportunity to choose to live and experience a life that best fits within the whole. This respects everyone's choice and supports everyone's life path, in such a way that everyone is embedded in the whole without an individual choice can have an undesired influence on the development of life as a whole.

Solutions for the recovery of 'lost' opportunities

The entanglement of roads has created an imbalance in the available options at the individual level. In June 2014, we as humanity made the choice to restore this imbalance.
(see: 'aligning available resources for the short, medium and long term')


A quote from that text:
"On the one hand, we have lost resources and opportunities to shape and live our best possible life, on the other hand, we have accumulated resources and opportunities that do not contribute to our best possible life. It would be nice if we could compensate for the lost possibilities with solutions that can be created with those resources and possibilities that are 'overcomplete'"

By doing this, we restore capabilities that we lost on our way downhill. We then first walk, as it were, a bit back to where we came from. As a result of which we arrive at a higher point, a point with more possibilities. From there, a better 'best life' is possible because then there are more possibilities to shape and experience life. I call that process 'rolling back', because we erase, as it were, the negative consequences of following a 'wrong' path. ("Wrong" in this case is not in line with the best possible life within a coordinated set of possibilities.)

When shaping the new collectively chosen route, I encountered problems, but also surprising twists.

The problems were related, among other things, to people who were convinced that the road only goes (can go) downhill. The belief is that, especially once you've passed a certain point, the possibilities only get less, but never more. Any effort to move upwards is seen as futile from that perspective. As a result, these people will not (quickly) be willing to cooperate. Some even go into battle to protect themselves and/or others from pointless activities that they perceive to make life more unpleasant and difficult, but never better.
What also does not help is that the 'climb to the top' is very difficult in the beginning, because the possibilities to shape and experience life have been reduced to a minimum. Gradually, through meaningful focused efforts, the possibilities are restored and new possibilities can be developed, making the way up increasingly easier. With the right support, it is possible to ease the effort, making the road less difficult.

The person (hereafter referred to as: 'main character') with whom I was working at that time to realize the new collective route, also had that conviction. Even as the people in the environment who could support this person and who were needed to do make this person's best life possible a reality.
Realizing one's best possible life is a collaborative effort that comes about through co-creation. That is difficult when the people who are needed for that have a completely different idea of what that 'best possible' life is. The right strategic approach is then necessary to ensure that the right things are done (can) be and to prevent the way up from being blocked and to ensure that doors are opened behind which the way up continues.

At some point I had exhausted all possibilities in that situation and we had entered a stable state that slowly led to improvement. The improvements were even noticed by some people! However, it was clear that it was going to be a lengthy process and there were still certain possibilities that were clearly not functioning optimally, but the cause of which was not clear or not clear enough to take the right action. As a result, no specific action could be taken to optimize these possibilities and progress somewhat stagnated.
Then came a surprising twist!

Something unexpected happened in an unguarded moment. Something that looked like a deterioration in the possibilities and quality of life. Something that caused a total interruption in the main character's life. The event temporarily removed this person from the own living environment, but also from the sphere of influence of the people who had supported the main character until then, but from the convinction that everything in life simply goes downhill. These people did see this event as 'proof' of their beliefs. If they had been involved in this event, they would certainly have made decisions that would have resulted in a definitive deterioration in the main character's quality of life.
However, things turned out differently.....

The events that followed developed independently in the beginning without anyone having a choice. All (newly!) involved people simply followed the process that was going on. I couldn't do anything at first either. If there were questions, I only had to state the facts and the right choices would automatically be made. So I guided and steered the process a bit, but I didn't have to exert a lot of pressure to steer it in the right direction (uphill!). Very different from the months before.

During this process, the initially chosen (standard) solution turned out to lead to a new problem. There appeared to be a hidden flaw that now suddenly came to light. Because the standard solution was not sufficient, a new solution had to be devised to remedy that hidden defect. This solution caused the quality of the main character's abilities to suddenly rise to a higher level than before the unexpected event!
If the hidden defect in the old situation had been revealed over time through further degeneration of the conscious possibility, this solution would never have been chosen. The resulting deterioration in quality of life would have been accepted as an inevitable consequence of diminishing possibilities over time.
Because this was a modification of an existing possibility, the main character had to learn to deal with the modified (recovered lost) possibility and integrate it within the other possibilities. This took some time and took place outside one's own living environment and without input from the supporting people in their own living environment.

During this period the quality of the possibilities to shape and experience one's own life improved by leaps and bounds. Solutions, which had been deployed on the way downhill to keep life with fewer options still somewhat livable, were therefore no longer necessary. This in turn led to greater independence to be able to shape and experience one's own life (according to one's own insight). As a result, the main character was less dependent on the supporting people in their own living environment, which in turn reduced their negative influence on the quality of the main character's life.

When the main character returned to the own living environment, life could be resumed at a clearly higher level of existence. The 'best possible life' was much better than before the unexpected event. We could never have achieved this great result without this surprising twist.

Surprising twists and turns arise from the fact that we as individuals are embedded in a whole that strives for a higher quality of life;
a whole that supports the 'fastest route to our best possible life'.

I had expected that the people who only knew the way downhill would now see the result of the effort required to take the way up. I thought that these people could not perceive development if this progresses step by step, but they could if that development suddenly takes a big leap.
That turned out to be a mistake.
People who only know the way down apparently have a certain image in their head. An image of how the development is progressing on the way down and that makes them blind to the real situation. They assume a kind of standard course of life.
Afterwards it turned out that, during the process outside the own living environment, these people did indeed try to exert influence in the direction of a life with a poorer quality of life. (Not intentionally worse, of course, but with the belief that they have the best solutions in mind.)
I hadn't noticed that, because these people didn't communicate or consult me about it. What I had noticed was that something was suddenly set in motion outside of me that was clearly a 'solution' that fits in the way down. By pulling out all the stops and stating all the facts again, I was able to reverse this initiative, so that all actions led to the best possible life again.

What was going on here?
The unexpected event made the two opposing roads suddenly seem to be heading in the same direction, as the road to the best possible life went downhill for a moment. This gave the illusion that the quality of life had reached a new low. However, this was not the case. The 'step back' was necessary to create the necessary momentum to get over the 'dead point' we were at. By taking a few steps back, enough speed could be gained to get over that point and thus reach a higher level.
Because of this speed it was no longer possible to bend the road downwards.

So what was very clear here was that everyone has the intention to shape the 'best possible' life. There is just a different idea and understanding of what best possible is.
The 'best possible' life with diminishing possibilities is becoming less and less, partly because solutions aimed at keeping life as pleasant as possible further contribute to the loss of possibilities.
The 'best possible' life with increasing possibilities gets better and better because possibilities are optimally used and restored possibilities generate new possibilities.
A much better life becomes possible when the possibilities lost along the way are replaced by new solutions.

The trick is opening yourself up to a better life than you thought possible. Then you can use all the possibilities that are available and you work towards the really best possible life for everyone.

A misdirected natural talent

The idea that someone, in good conscience, works towards a 'best possible' life in which the possibilities to shape and experience life, and thus the quality of life, become less and less instead of more, and who is prepared to fight someone who wants to shape a 'best possible' life that keeps getting better instead of worse, kept me busy.
What drove those people?

The strength with which they try to achieve their goal suggests that there is a natural talent behind this. Closer examination revealed that this was indeed the case.
These are talents that are intended to help you follow your own life path, your own development and learning trajectory, despite all kinds of forces from the outside world that want to move you in a different direction. And to support others in doing so.
These natural talents, which are activated in situations where they can add value, have, however, in the course of life, during the development of the talent, become detached from what they are intended for. The talents are no longer triggered by situations in which someone threatens to be undesirably removed from their own path by outside pressure, but are consciously deployed in situations that resemble a situation from the past in which the talent was spontaneously activated but which was then misinterpreted.

For example, the talent to recognize a 'conflict of will'. A conflict between what someone wants and what someone else wants from that person.
This talent is useful to prevent someone from doing what someone else wants against his or her will, so that he or she is pulled from one's own path, so that one's own development and learning trajectory cannot be shaped.
However, the talent can work against someone if it is misdirected and people who want to follow their path are pulled off their path by using the talent!
This is possible if we look purely at what the person wants and what others want from that person. Then no distinction is made between what someone wants from another for himself (withdrawing something) and what someone wants from another for that person himself as part of his/her path (adding something).

In the situation described above, an inner 'conflict of will' was present in the main character.
This person really wanted to live the best life possible, but at the same time thought (just like the people who provided support) that the highest achievable was already achieved. It could only get less and you could do nothing else than accept that fact. Why make an effort?
The actions that were necessary to optimize the available possibilities were therefore carried out, but under protest.
The main character wanted to shape both paths and did so ........ through different people.
This inner conflict, which was expressed outwardly through 'two faces', led to a conflict situation on the outside as well, because one group wanted to realize the way up and the other group wanted to realize the inevitable way down. As a result, the main character ended up in a split and was pulled apart by the opposing forces.
You see this phenomenon all over the world. Everywhere where there are conflict situations. This is clearly visible in the case of the citizens of Ukraine, for example. An inner conflict is shown to the outer world through two faces, causing those who want to support that person (or country in this case) as best they can.
If you don't realize this then the main character can be torn apart by the opposing forces from outside and at the same time the conflict can move to those who support the main character causing the problem to suddenly become detached from the inner conflict of the main character but is moved to the main character's supporters who suddenly find themselves facing each other as 'adversaries'. Instead of giving him/her/them a better life, the main character becomes a victim of the self-created struggle. (NB. This story was about the annexation of Crimea and the struggle in the Donbas region, but it also applies to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022.)

This is a particularly undesirable situation that requires a good solution.
The fact that a natural talent can be used in the wrong way has to do with the development of that talent. A natural talent is usually present early in life without anyone knowing and it is triggered in certain situations. The owner of the talent then automatically starts using the talent and gradually learns that it is a talent, what it is intended for and how and in which situations it can best be used.
During this process, convictions can arise as a result of which the talent is used in the wrong way.
In order to prevent a talent from being used in situations in which exactly the opposite is achieved than for which the talent is intended, an adjustment of the life plans is necessary. These situations can be excluded in the life plans. In the event of an inner conflict, only creating the way up is an option. Creating the way down is not within the realm of possibilities.
This means that although there will be fewer situations in which the talent can be practiced, it also means that the talent is always applied in situations for which it is intended, so that it will always have the desired result.
This also speeds up the process of becoming aware of one's own natural talent.


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