Humanity's Collective Route to a Higher Level of Existence

Being aware of the coherence between the different layers (dimensions, aspects) of your life

Juni 2013
Multidimensional awareness versus being aware of just one dimension

Consciously living in a world that consists of multiple dimensions which are closely interrelated, is a completely different experience than consciously living in just one dimension (the physical world).
(Note: I use the word 'dimension' here to indicate different areas of experience which you can view separately or in their coherence.)

Living in a one-dimensional world, the physical reality

When you focus on living in a one-dimensional world, the other dimensions are also active, but you are not aware of their existence and influence on your life. You are busy living your life in physical reality and that is sometimes hard enough!
Influences from outside, from your environment, what others expect from you, determine your choices. Sometimes you choose to go along with others and let yourself be carried away by everyday issues, and sometimes you retreat into your own world.
What you do today is an extension of what you did yesterday, and also your future is in line with that past.
Life is pretty straightforward and clear in a one-dimensional world. You are born, you follow in the footsteps of your ancestors or choose not to, you leave your own footprints behind so that the people who come after you know that you have walked the Earth, and then you die.
That is what life in a one dimensional world is pretty much about.

Unconscious influences from the other dimensions

You are not aware of the influences of the other dimensions on your life. Sometimes things happen to you and you don't understand why. Why does this have to happen to you?
Why do you run into the same walls over and over again?
Why do you continue making the same mistakes?
Why do you keep connecting to the wrong people?
Maybe you begin to ask yourself if life has a purpose and what that purpose could be. And maybe you get the feeling that there is more between heaven and earth than your eyes can see.

Living consciously in a world that is multidimensional in nature

When you are aware of the different dimensions that affect your existence and of how those dimensions are interrelated, everything changes.
You do not base your choices and actions only on the physical dimension, but also on the other dimensions of your existence where you are aware of. Your choices in other dimensions affect life in the physical dimension and vice versa. You are able to make different choices and execute different actions when you are aware of the consequences of these choices and actions in every dimension.
This makes the selection process, and the way you shape your life, complex. Making a choice and executing the associated actions has its consequences in all dimensions. Consequences that also affect each other. An evaluation of all consequences and reactions to this action is necessary after every action, before you can make the next choice or take the next action.
This way shaping life seems to go painfully slow. Sometimes it seems as if nothing is happening.
You don't follow a straight line through life when you look at it from the perspective of the physical dimension. Sometimes it seems like you have to change direction after every step.
But you can trust that you follow the best route of your choice through life, navigating through all dimensions of your existence of which you are aware.
This is not a straight line but a network of coherent and aligned possibilities.

Let's look at some dimensions to see how they relate to each other.

The dimension of the Earthly life as a whole, collective consciousness

To begin with, there is the dimension of the collective consciousness of all life on Earth. This is the overarching consciousness of all individuals together.
As a collective we changed course and we are now moving in a new direction.
Every individual moves along. Not only the individuals that move in the same direction, but also those who move across or even against the current.
As a collective, mankind moves into the new direction. Compare it to a train that drives forward, while you walk in the other direction towards the end of the train. Even when you move in the opposite direction, the train will deliver you to the collective destiny.

The path that we left is the path where humanity, as a collective, could go through an individual development separate from all other life.
The new path is the path where humanity is fully integrated within all of life.

This development is completely in line with how life develops. Life develops from within (from seed to fruit-bearing tree, for example). The individual parts (roots, trunk, branches, leafs, flowers, fruits, seeds) first develop separately. Then the parts are united and integrated which each other, so that they function as one.
This doesn't stop with individual life, but extends further and further until it covers all of life. First there is separate development of the parts after which integration into a joint functionality follows. (For example: ornamental tree, orchard, food supplier (family, village, land, world), seed supplier.)

The diagram below shows this development of life on Earth as a collective consiousness. The last picture depicts the integration of all dimensions of life on Earth. Everything is interconnected and affect each other. On Earth all life is aligned, and as a result Earth functions as one living organism. This stage is already reached on a collective level an with this we entered a whole new level of experience.
(Note: at this point I leave aside the place of Earth within our solar system, the Milky Way and the Universe. This also forms an integrated whole in the same way as indicated in the diagram. The stage of development we are in at this moment is making life on Earth function as one organism and investigate and learn what is the best way to do this.)

       fig. Development of the collective consciousness of life on Earth

Individual life develops from within the collective Soul of Earthly life. Here also, the development of the parts takes place first, followed by the integration of the parts into one functional unit.
Not everyone is in the same stage of development. On an individual level, all stages of development are possible on Earth.

In the dimension of collective consciousness your individual choices and actions affect your development towards complete integration with all of life. If you know this, you can speed up the integration or make it a more smoothly process.
The other way around, the ambition of the collective life as a whole to strive for complete integration of all of life has an impact on your choices and possible actions. When your choices are not in line with the collective direction, than you will notice that it takes a lot of effort to go into the chosen direction. You feel like you are biking against the wind, you experience a lack of energy or you feel completely stuck with nowhere to go. You feel like you have to give your life a whole new turn.
Your possible choices are limited by the collective direction.
The moment your actions would have a negative effect on the collective direction, your freedom of choice ends. In other words, you can only choose between possibilities that fall within the possibilities of living within an integrated whole.
So, on the one hand people are able to speed up the integration and on the other hand people are taken along in the direction of integration whether they want that or not.

When you consciously want to take the collective dimension into account, your choices should be focused on the integration of separate functioning parts which have to be turned into a functional whole, instead of maintaining independently functioning separate parts within a functional unit. The separate development of the parts must lead towards the integration of those parts when they are fully developed.

The dimension of the Spirit

In the dimension of the Spirit, or conscious intelligence, it is all about generating ideas and concepts with which the possibilities to shape life can be used in the best way possible, based on the physical dimension on Earth at this moment.
The dimension of the Spirit is located outside the physical dimension, so that all possibilities can be projected into the future.
This dimension therefore contains all potentials for one's own life and for the collective life, related to the other dimensions (violet, 7th chakra, connection with the overarching dimensions). Realistic (perfect fitting piece of the puzzle within the whole) and unrealistic (no connection with others within the whole). The unrealistic possibilities cannot be realized, because needs and possibilities don't match. The realistic possibilities cannot all be realized because the limitations of the available matter, time and space in the physical dimension. The best possibilities are being chosen to bring into realization in the physical dimension in consultation with others (blue, 5th chakra, co-creation, connection between inside (all dimensions of spirit) and outside (physical dimension).

From birth the possibilities for the development of the whole lifetime is known in the dimension of the spirit. The possibilities for one's own life, but also the possibilities for a collective life for instance within the family, within the social area (e.g. education), within the work area, within the community as a whole, and so forth. All these potentials for future life have already been developed within consciousness. Therefore they are known and can be plotted in time to form the life plan with potentials for a whole lifetime.

bewust_leven_kern      bewust_leven_eigen bewust_leven_volledig


Because all potentials are known from the beginning (in consciousness), it is possible to specify upfront what your individual life can contribute to the life of others and the joint life, but also what you need from others and the joint life to be able to do so.
As I mentioned earlier not all possibilities can be developed and therefore we have to make a choice. This choice depends, among other things, on the question which of your possibilities are needed for the growth and development of the possibilities of others and of what you need from others to develop and use them and if these possibilities are available to you.
This way we can limit the possibilities to realistic possibilities.

The same principle applies to the possibilities of life as a collective. All possibilities for the development of life on Earth from the beginning of this life into the future, are known from the start. The possibilities for individuals are a subset of the possibilities of all of life. (The possibilities for life on Earth are a subset of the possibilities for Earth as a whole, and these are in turn a subset of the possibilities of the Universe which are known from the beginning of the Universe.)

The new collective path means a shift of the realistic possibilities for the individual and the collective life. In the old situation all possibilities were realistic which led to independent perfectly functioning parts. In the new situation the condition is added that it should be possible to combine the independent perfectly functioning parts into a new independent perfectly functioning unit. This condition means that independent perfectly functioning on the expense of others is not possible. It also means, that the consistency between the parts should be checked with each step in the development of the individual parts. The realistic possibilities for the development of the joint life also shifted because of this added condition.
All ideas and concepts, for the individual and the joint life, are focused on complete integration.

We see here that the dimension of the spirit has different layers, which all have different possibilities to shape life with but are nevertheless interrelated. So, also individuals who are still developing separately are an integrated part of life as a whole. This is a top-down approach. The collective life growths towards full integration of the human being within life as a whole, which gives the individual human beings a direction to grow towards, a framework, which they can follow on their own pace.
It is the individual human being who shapes life in the physical dimension. This means that there are people who are already fully integrated and who therefore are able to fully utilize the possibilities that come with full integration and who are therefore able to 'steer' the community into the direction of a community that supports full integration. There are also people who can utilize the possibilities to support the transition of the community. This way the people who are still working on their individual development are taken along into the collective direction.  

Your choices affect, in the dimension of the spirit, the ideas and concepts you are going to realize in the physical dimension. These ideas and concepts fit your possibilities and your level of development. Your choices affect how your life and the community will look like. Which ideas and concepts that you can contribute, support the growth towards full integration in the best way possible?

The dimension of the Soul

In the dimension of the soul (green, 4th chakra, connection and alignment with overarching dimensions) all dimensions come together to be processed into actual experiences with which life can be lived, experienced, studied and formed in the physical dimension.
The soul designs the experiences which are necessary to shape and experience life. Experiences through which you are able to develop yourself, but also others in your environment and the community. In this dimension it is mainly about 'doing together'. Which experiences are needed, possible and desired to make the transition to full integration together and which experiences are needed to study and live the possibilities for full integration in the best way possible. "Who does what?" (yellow, 3rd chakra, higher ego or will center, free will within the combined possibilities), is an important question. Because of this coordination it is possible to experience and study different aspects of full integration in the same time, separate or in combination. Aligned experiences are an efficient way to develop, experience and understand life. This is, again, a top-down approach. The collective soul wants to experience one aspect of life, full integration of the life of the human being within life as a whole, and this is shaped, through coordination, by all individuals within this collective.
The soul makes arrangements with other souls about the best way to support each other with shaping the individual and collective experiences (blue, 5th chakra, co-creation, connection between inside and outside). Through integration with the dimension of the spirit, the arrangements also contain agreements about experiences that are needed to realize the chosen ideas and concepts in the best way possible.

In the dimension of the soul it is all about the question "Which experiences do you prefer?". Do you agree with the arrangements your soul made with others?
To give you an example: my soul is an expert in helping other souls with a persistent problem where they seem to be unable to get rid of. A problem which causes stagnation in the growth of themselves or others. Often it is unknown what the real problem is. That has to be examined first. My soul uses a special method for that which is very effective. The souls enter into a partnership for an unknown period of time, that lasts until the problem is clear and can be solved. To make this possible, my soul bonds with the other into a close relationship so that every detail of the behavior, the beliefs of this person and where choices are based upon, are known.
This method has a huge impact on me, because I am in a close personal relationship with someone for a temporary but unknown period of time, after which the contact is broken and that person disappears out of my life. In the past the warm feelings which are necessary to create a close relationship confused me, because I wasn't aware of this agreement between our souls.
That is why, this time, I got the question: can you handle this or do we have to find something else?
Now that I know how it works, I will be able to handle it. I can enjoy a period in which I can work with someone I like and who likes me. What else do I desire? Now that I know that it is about a temporary relationship, a temporary joint venture with a specific purpose, I am able to deal with it that way.

The dimension of the human being

In the dimension of the human being it is all about our well-known physical dimension, the visible world.
The physical dimension is that possibility out of all potentials that were visible in de dimension of spirit (and still are!), which is actually manifested in the physical dimension. It is the possibility (or possibilities) that has become a reality.
The physical dimension is the basis for further manifestation of future possibilities.
A misunderstanding is that the future would be a linear continuation of the past. 'Once chosen, always chosen!' This is a misunderstanding that easily arises when only the already manifested, physical possibilities are visible and when we cannot perceive the potentials in de dimension of the spirit. Whether we are able to perceive the information in the dimension of the spirit depends on the capabilities of our human body and on how far we have developed these capabilities and learned to use them. Also the future possibilities depend on the capabilities of our body; how did we develop these capabilities and which known capabilities can be improved and which unused potentials can still be developed.

Physical life has evolved from a clear and simple organism that multiplies, develops and renews itself independently through cell division (red, 1st chakra, the physical body), via an instinct driven organism that reproduces through fertilization from the outside (orange, 2nd chakra, multiplying and improving life through reproduction), into a complex organism with a free will that can go when and where it wants to be (yellow, 3rd chakra, lower ego or will centre, conscious choice, freedom of choice).    
The body is composed out of the physical matter of the Earth. The body is therefore connected to the physical Earth through the base chakra (1st) and is part of the development of the collective life on Earth.

Again, notice the top-down approach. All individual physical bodies together form the collective life on Earth and are composed of all available matter of the Earth. (This life also makes use of the possibilities of the Earth to meet their needs and built a life (and a community).)

Integration with the dimension of the soul through the 3rd chakra brings the will of the human being in line with the possibilities of life as a whole and aligns the individual life with the lives of others and life as a whole.
Integration with the dimension of the spirit through the 5th chakra makes sure that optimum use can be made of the capabilities of the physical body by realizing ideas and concepts that are based on these individual and combined capabilities.

Until recently, humans functioned as an independent autonomous unit living mainly in the physical dimension. Life was shaped through a straight line of cause and effect. The lives of the humans and the use of the resources of the Earth were not aligned. Some people were successful in shaping their lives and knew how to use the joint life to provide in their needs, while others could not shape their lives because the thus created community did not provide in their needs. The community did support some individuals very well, others could live with it by adjusting themselves to whatever the community had to offer, while others were not supported at all by this community on the physical world but became victims of it.
Now that humanity collectively changed direction and evolves into a fully integrated community in which individual lives can grow to their full potential because they are fully supported, there are consequences for individual lives and joint live, the community.
From where we stand now we follow a route through the future possibilities of life which leads to full integration and a fully coordinated life within a community that supports all individuals.  

The human being, however, is an independent individual with a free will. The individual, independent human being can come and go when and where he wants. When an individual continues on the same path (consciously or unconsciously), than he or she will experience limits at some point in time. This is the point where the deviation between an individual lived life and the integrated individual life reached its maximum. From that point forward free will is limited and the planned route is blocked. The individual is forced to change its course.
Some people will then go zigzagging through life, because they will take up their old habits again and change to the old course as soon as it is possible. Then they will reach the border again and they will be forced into another direction again. 

strategic adjustment
strategic adjustment

This does not only work on an individual level, but also on the level of the community. Since late 2007 the current community follows a zigzagging motion. This shows that communities experience the same limits as described for the individual human being.
Until now, on the level of the community, we are apparently unable to radically change course in the direction of our best possible joint life. Instead we persist in our old habits, which brings us further away from our best possible joint life (until we reach our limits again).
How long can this go on?

To support those individuals and the community, the best strategy is to choose a course of action that leads as fast as possible to the desired outcome, without giving anyone the opportunity to change the direction to the old course (routine). When these people or groups of people are aligned with life as a whole, then it will be impossible for them to deviate from this. The undercurrent is too strong. They are integrated within all of life and there will be no more room for different choices.Life has changed. Let life work for you and change with it.

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