Humanity's Collective Route to a Higher Level of Existence

Trajectory December 2015 to March 2016:
re-creating the past instead of co-creating the future

April 2016

As the road-map demonstrates, our collective life went downhill instead of uphill. A deviation has occurred relative to our best possible future. A tendency is noticeable in our society of recreating the past rather than co-creating the future. Why is that and what is needed so that we can continue our journey uphill?

First, let's examine how the creation process works and how it is possible for people to re-create the past.

The natural creation process of the physical reality

The physical reality, the tangible world around us, exists in this form only in the present moment. The previous moment is already past and the next moment is still in the future. The current manifested reality is (again and again) a snapshot of our conscious journey through time and space. This is an important fact which can help us to understand the creation process.
It may be difficult to see this because, from the perspective of conscious awareness within a physical body, physical reality seems to be there ALWAYS.

Past, present and future on a time line

When we look at the creation process at particle level we can see that all particles are present in one space, the area we named time/space. All particles are present at the same time. The particles which can form the physical reality in the future, the particles that are part of the present physical reality, the particles which formed the physical reality in the past, but also the particles that never took part and will never be a part of the physical reality. All these particles swarm together in this area we call time/space.
These particles all have certain characteristics to which you could assign a certain code, so that you can recognize whether a particle belongs to the past, the present or the future. All these particles are 'inactive' or 'active' and both space and time can be 'undetermined' or 'determined'.
With this coding we can arrange the particles in order of time to create a 'time line'. This time line can then be used to interpret the difference between what is now present and where, what has been present in a specific place on a specific time, and what still may come.
So, a time line doesn't really exist, but we can make a presentation of one in our mind by arranging the particles in sequence of development over time.
The creation of a time line based on the sequence of development over time of the particles from which physical reality can be composed, is a skill of our higher Mind, the consciousness that is not bound to physical reality (here and now).

How physical reality, the present, manifests

The particles with state 'active, determined place, determined time' have a fixed place and time within the area space/time. Together they form the physical reality in the present moment. The particles with state 'determined, inactive' and the particles with state 'undetermined, inactive' form the past and the future respectively. The undetermined particles move back and forth between all places and times where those particles could manifest in the physical reality (every particle has limited options). The determined particles have a fixed place in time and therefore stand still.
In the transition process, from the present to the next moment in the future, particles with state 'determined, active '(present) get the status 'determined, inactive' (past), while at the same time the particles with status 'determined, inactive' of which the determined time equals the next moment in the future get the status 'determined, active' (present). A new set of particles form the complete physical reality again from one moment to the other.

Just like the cells of your brain renew themselves every time while the information in the cells is kept in tact, so will the particles of the physical reality renew themselves in every moment while the information is kept in tact.

The influence of consciousness on the creation process

How time and place of every particle is determined depends on various factors.
The natural course of time and the natural evolution of life, for example, determine which possibilities are no longer available and which become available, giving them the status 'determined'.
Another factor is Consciousness. Consciousness has a great influence on determining time and place of the particles with which physical reality is constructed, by making conscious or subconscious choices.

Levels of consciousness

A human being consists of several levels of consciousness which function apart from each other. One doesn't have to be aware of all these levels of consciousness and how they influence each other and the creation process. Think of the intelligence at cellular level, organ level and body level. Also, the construction of our brain gives away that we possess a reptile consciousness and an animal consciousness next to a human consciousness.
These lower levels of consciousness each were once the highest consciousness in the physical reality. We can't remember these lives consciously through our human consciousness which is now (for most people) the highest consciousness in the physical reality. The memories of these lives, lived by other levels of consciousness, dwell in our subconscious. We build upon the knowledge of these levels of consciousness gained through experience by living their conscious lives in the physical reality. We apply this knowledge in an unconsciously competent manner.
Next to the lower levels we also have higher levels of consciousness which together form our super- conscious. The Soul, who exists on the border of physical reality and the area outside time/space, and the Spirit who is not bound to time or space. These levels of consciousness will be our highest consciousness in the physical reality in the future. Human consciousness then disappears into our subconscious. (From that moment on we are humans in a subconsciously skilled way.) We are now in the middle of that transition.
Evolution of consciousness goes step by step because of the limitations of the physical body. A certain type of body makes a certain level of consciousness possible. When consciousness outgrows the physical body, a new body is created through the process of natural evolution (driven by the needs and choices of the higher levels of consciousness), a body that supports the next level of conscious being with new possibilities and skills to form and experience physical reality.
These levels of consciousness exist within each individual, but also within humanity as a whole and within the totality of life on Earth.

Motives and choices from higher consciousness

On the highest level of conscious being (not bound to time or space) life is all about understanding all facets of life to the tiniest details. The Evolution of Consciousness.
Therefore, from this highest level of conscious being, choices are made with the purpose of creating a physical reality that could provide the answers to certain life questions by experiencing that reality through our conscious being which is bound to that reality.
The better we learn to know reality, the better we can consciously adjust physical reality to fit the abilities, possibilities, needs and desires of everyone through co-creation.

Humanity's Collective Route to a Higher Level of Existence

The Collective Roadmap of Humanity

Building a Higher Existence (from July 2015 to the present)

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Creating the best of both worlds, or the best possible world for everyone?
December 2015 to March 2016:
Co-creating the future instead of re-creating the past
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The preparation phase

The transition phase (from December 2004 to June 2015):

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August 2013:
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July 2013:
From now on, with the next step everyone is building the best life which is possible within a multi-dimensionally functioning whole
June 2013:
Being aware of the cohesion between the various layers (dimensions, aspects) of your life

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