Humanity's Collective Pathway to a Higher Level of Existence

Trajectory December 2004 to March 2014:
Where do we come from? Where are we now? Where are we headed?

Renewal - March 2014

Overview of the collective route, including time line:

collective route 7
collective route 7


On December 21, 2012 humanity would reach a final crossroads in her existence. The road we were following could not be continued. We came at the end of our possibilities to maintain the way of life we were used to. That meant that there was no logical continuation of this road. 'Straight ahead' was not possible any more. That was a dead end.
Earth as well as our bodies could no longer support our way of living (separated from life as a whole). We had exausted the Earth and our bodies by using their possibilities without managing them.
Humanity was faced with the choice: "How do we continue?"


On the current level of development of humanity no more possibilities remained to develop life any further. To continue we had to go to a higher level of development (a higher plane). On that higher level were new possibilities to shape and live life. On that level it was possible to take the coherence between all life, the unity of life into account.
Was it possible to get to that higher level from where we stood?
The answer was: yes, there were options.
Humanity as a whole got stuck on a certain level of development, but on an individual level the capabilities that matched a higher level of development were already present. These capabilities were not or not optimally developed, because there was no use for these capabilities within the old development level.

To reach the next level we needed these capabilities. Without them there was no way to get to the next level.

Now there were two possible roads to get to this higher level:
Via a jump or via a gradual transition.   

In theory a jump is the most logical way:
start all over again and build a new life on this higher level, with only those people who were in the possession of the capabilities that were needed for this level of living and continue on with our lives.
With other words destroy the old life, including the people who lack these abilities to bring life to a higher level of development.
In the course of evolution it would appear as if humanity started a new branch with a new species, while the old branch went extinct.
In the past a jump was the only way to go forward.

But a jump to a higher level of development will have a major impact on everyday life and on the continuity of life. Many people (souls) will develop trauma's because of the destruction of the life they so carefully built. The accumulated value that was built in the past will also be destroyed, so we would be back where we started from in many ways. A jump causes that we must recreate this value again before we can continue where we left off. (Without a foundation you can't continue to build a higher level!)
So it is a very long way to go.
In short: a jump in this stage of the development of life is not a good idea!

In practice a gradual transition is therefore for everyone the most desirable way to go forward.

At the end of 2007 we made our first conscious collective choice as humanity as a whole:
we take the road to a higher plane via a gradual transition. 
collective route 1

But .................. it is not the easiest road!
It is a challenging route that requires (or even demands) from us that we give the best of ourselves and that we use and develop our capabilities in the best way possible. Especially those qualities that are considered useless within our current society.
Pioneers are needed who are able to find solutions for removing obstacles we encounter on our way. The solutions must ensure a minimal disturbance of daily life. These pioneers are available. (I am one of them.) These pioneers search for the best possible solutions and make sure that these 'best practices' become available to everyone. This way most people experience a smooth journey to the next level. (Some delay can be experienced, because finding the best solution for certain obstacles can take up a lot of time.)


The new possibilities were dormant within the old life. The reason for this was that within the old life there was no use for the new possibilities. The new possibilities were meant to shape life on a higher level of development (living in unity instead of in separation). The ideas and concepts that were based on these new possibilities were also totally aligned with life on a higher level of development. In line with the possibility to make a jump to a higher level of development.

But now we had made a different choice. We chose to make the transition to the next level from the old level of development, retaining the value of what was build in the past (and including the people who build this value and therefore had knowledge of what was build). That meant that all concepts for living on this new plane of development had to be adjusted and made suitable to also contain and support the old way of living.
It was not possible to develop and use the new possibilities within the old plane of development, but is was possible to integrate the old way of living into the new possibilities and applications for living on the new plane of development.
It even turned out to be possible to connect the oldest generation of the human being to the new 'system'! (In February 2014 I was able to establish the first connection. This result exceeded my own expectations!)


At one point we experienced a setback on our 'fastest route to the next level of development'.
Although there had to be a possibility, because otherwise we would not had been able to take this route, we could not find a solution for integrating the old and the new way of living so that each of us could live our best life possible by making optimum use of each others possibilities. There were too many conflicting ideas. There seemed to be no other solution then to completely separate the roads. And so we did.

collective route 2
collective route 2

How was that possible?
Until now we made use of the knowledge and experiences from the current level of development. We did use the new possibilities, but in a way that was based on the current level of development. At the same time we worked on developing the new possibilities, but they were not yet completely developed.
This problem we encountered could not be solved within the perspective in which the situation was created. To find a solution we had to change our perspective.


Until now, we had approached the problem from the perspective of step-by-step development via levels which doesn't seem to be directly related to each other. Evolution of life seemed to move in leaps forward. In any case when a certain branch of development had reached the end of its possibilities to develop any further. Examples of these are the dinosaurs and the mammoth.
The new level of development is based on life on Earth as a coherent unity. Doesn't this indicate that continuous development through the different levels of development had to be possible? Besides, we were already working on creating a pathway to the next level.     

Could we somehow visualize the coherence between the different levels of development of life on Earth?
Yes, that was possible. From a certain perspective you can see that all life arises from the centre of life, the core. From this centre the spiritual part of life arises as well as the physical part of life. This way you have a clear view on the fact that all life arises from the beginning, birth. The birth of the Earth (picture), but we can track this back all the way to the birth of the Universe, the big bang.
By looking at life from this angle it is possible to make the transition from a step-by-step evolution to gradual evolution by continuous development.
A step upwards again, towards the total integration of the old an the new life.

collective route 3
collective route 3


By letting life arise from its centre, not only life itself but also the societies, it became possible to align the old and the new life. The line between the old level of development and the new level of development is visible from that perspective.

It also became clearly visible that live arises out of a overarching life. This is also a fact that can be used to align life. Making solutions (the 'best practices') available on the overarching level of existence means that the solutions become available to everyone on a subconscious level.
Now a new solution comes into view that makes it possible to accelerate the process of aligning all lives with each other: phasing out of everything that is not in line (using up the value that it still contains), develop everything that is in line but not yet activated and use what already is in line (see transformation diagram).

collective route 4
collective route 4


We are on a route that leads to gradual evolution by optimally aligning our capabilities and possibilities, independent of the level of development of individuals.
That means that we are no longer traveling together with a collective destination in mind, namely the next level of development. We are still all traveling towards that destination, but now each on our own pace. By relating the different levels of development and by finding solutions to move easily from one level to the next, a clear development roadmap for the human being became visible that made this possible. Instead of seeing the different levels of development as separate lines which are not interrelated, we now see them as logically successive levels of development.

This way a long term development roadmap is created, that exceeds the duration of a human lifetime. Because of this, a long term development path on soul level is recognized, that can be followed by new souls who want to go through this process from the beginning or who are still at the beginning of this development path (on other planets, for instance). This development on a soul level is comparable with the development of human lives which always starts in the baby stage. 
With this, the evolution of the entire Universe has come to a higher level of development.  Evolution is no longer focused only on the development of physical life, but the development of physical life (bound to time and space) is now interrelated with, and supportive to, the development of the spiritual world (not bound to time and space).

collective route 5
collective route 5

At the end of Februari 2014 the preparatory phase is completed. The route of our collective preference (of humanity as a whole) is made possible. For all (foreseen) obstacles is a solution available on a collective level.

The individual plans for the transition to the best possible life (individual and collective) are known.
Most of the people will manifest their best lives in a natural way, just by living their lives. Some on a conscious level, but the majority on an unconscious level. Following the plan is secured, what means that people cannot leave the path they are on unconsciously under the undesirable influence of others.
It is still possible to deliberately deviate from the plan, but only if it is possible to create a 'recovery plan' with which the individual can be directed back to their original plan. Such a plan is possible when people are available to put them back on track while manifesting their own plan for leading their best life possible. In principle can anybody who manifest their own plan support others with their transition plans or recovery plans. Consciously, or unconsciously.

The preparatory work is done. (The 'pilots' have been successfully carried out.)
The route we want to follow is known.
The implementation on a large scale can now begin!

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Humanity's Collective Route to a Higher Level of Existence

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