Humanity's Collective Pathway to a Higher Level of Existence

From now on everybody builds towards the best life possible within a multi dimensional functioning whole with their next step

July 2013

From the beginning of January I am looking for the quickest route to the best possible life for everybody within a multi dimensional functioning whole. My spirit brings ideas forward and I work on those ideas to determine if they are feasible within the existing physical world.

With 'best possible' I mean:
optimum development and use of every physical and mental (potential) possibilities and of the (potential) possibilities to live one's own life and to contribute to the development and use of the (potential) possibilities of others within the society of which the individual is a part of, aligned with each other and fitting within all of life. A development and use that is aligned with everybody's level of development and personal preferences, so that the development and the use is optimally supported. 
For a clear understanding:
'the best possible life' is different for everybody. For some it will be to experience joy, happiness and harmony in everything they do, for others it will be the satisfaction to overcome difficulties by relying on and using their own inner strength, for yet others it will be the challenge to create something that has never been created and experienced before. Everyone has their own definition of 'best possible life'.  

In January my spirit came up with the idea to begin with renewal of the educational system. I understood why: it could make sure that new children could start as soon as possible with living their 'best lives possible'. This indeed seemed a fast route. On closer inspection however, there were many difficulties to overcome with this idea. There were possibilities, but also a lot of challenges. And there was a unanswered question: 'What would happen when these children entered the 'old' society looking for jobs? Would there be a place for them? If not, would society get disrupted because these places could not be filled? If so, would those children be able to change society from within?'
Because of this unanswered question I rejected this idea. No, starting with renewal of the educational system is not feasible.

Next, I received the idea to start with the renewal of all aspects of the society, including the educational system. I investigated the idea and came to the conclusion that is was feasible and I described the idea in my text of June 2013 'Being aware of the coherence between the different layers (dimensions, aspects) of your life'.
Again there was an unanswered question, only this time I was not consciously aware of that. I accepted the question as a given fact. (I settled with less then the best!) My spirit, very sharply, saw my question, sought an answer and came up with a new idea for an even faster route to our best lives possible.
Namely the idea that everyone, every individual as of now can start working on the development of a new life, a life based on the possibilities of a multidimensional whole instead of based only on the possibilities of the physical dimension.
Until now I had taken the possibilities of the physical world as a starting point, the capability to grow towards a multi-dimensional society from the physical dimension. The change capacity for that depends on the individuals who already function on a multidimensional level, imposing in fact a (too) big responsibility for the change process on these individuals. 

The question I got stuck with and that indicated that renewal of the society in all its aspects was not the fastest route, was the question 'How long can people maintain a different life?'. These people move within a small bandwidth between an acceptable life and an unacceptable life, because they hold on to their habits.
I showed this in the picture below:

The behavior of these people also takes the society along in their zigzagging movement between an acceptable and an unacceptable society and that in turn has consequences for the lives of the individuals who want to live their best possible multidimensional lives within this society.
I underestimated the effect of the movement of society on the lives of these individuals, because there is a solution on individual level. This solution however is not known by everyone and/or not everybody is able to apply this solution.
With the new idea my spirit came up with, this solution comes available to everyone on a subconscious level and on the same time the zigzagging movement is already stopped on an individual level, within ones own life, so that the individual life can no longer cause a zigzagging movement of society as a whole. Everybody moves only in the direction of the best possible life within a multidimensional whole, while it is not possible anymore to change direction towards an unacceptable live again the moment that life has reached the status 'acceptable'.
Above picture then looks like this:

By taking the capabilities of the multidimensional whole as a starting point, instead of the capabilities of the physical world, it becomes possible to make life easier for the individuals who are already consciously functioning in a multidimensional way. These individuals will then be able to shape and live their best life in total freedom. The solutions that those individuals had to built in their path before they would be able to live their best lives within a society that doesn't support that, can now be moved to the collective level. This makes the solution available for everybody and this way they form a framework within which the individual life can be lived in the best way possible.


The way life is organized and the unfolding of life from the inside, as I described in my text of June 2013, are the basis for the new idea. Life unfolds and develops from within the core, from within the soul of life. The individual human being arises out of the soul of the collective life of Earth. The plan for the life that is possible for that individual human being is constructed at the same time and is situated in the soul of the individual. So, from the collective life individual life arises that carries a plan that holds all potential possibilities for the life of that individual.
(See picture below)

conscious life supply demand
conscious life supply demand

The plan for every individual contains all possibilities for the optimum unfolding and development of the individual itself and for the possibilities for that individual to shape and live life and contains also the possibilities that are meant to support the development of the individual and its possibilities in the best way possible.
This plan is compiled based on the physical possibilities of every individual which is a (small) part of the physical possibilities for the collective life on Earth (the red circles) and the ideas and concepts which can be realized with the physical possibilities of the individual as part of the ideas and concepts which can be realized for the complete life on Earth (the purple circles). All possibilities for that individual plan lay coded in the little green circle and form a part of the plan for the complete life on Earth. Considered over a period of time, the plan contains all possibilities for the total lifetime of Earth and the sub-plan for the individual contains all the possibilities for the lifetime of that individual.

With this construction the problem of the division of the available possibilities of the Earth is also moved from the individual to collective level. every individual has exactly the amount of matter to its disposal that fits within life as a whole, now as well as in the future.
During my search through all dimensions for the evaluation of the new idea, I came across the consciousness (spirit) of the first human being 'Adam'. Actually, he found me because he felt that my designs didn't respect his rights. He wasn't at all sure that giving the responsibility for managing the life plan to the soul would guarantee that his birthright as firstborn would be respected. Then he gets not enough. If he doesn't get everything, he gets not enough.
Being the first human being that emerged from the collective consciousness the whole Earth was at Adam's disposal. Or maybe not? Maybe only what came to him, like an apple falling from a tree, plus maybe what Eve wanted to share with Adam from what came to her, was at Adam's disposal?
The seeds in the apple represented the future possibilities and held the promise that Adam - and his descendents - would always have enough even in the future. Adam never understood this principle. He wanted to be able to have everything, the current as well as the future possibilities as well as the possibilities of Eve, whenever he wanted.
(BTW, this was the first time since I am working on these designs that someone who doesn't agree with what I am doing started a dialogue with me! This positive development pleased me very much.)


The new idea also stems from the desire to begin as quickly as possible with the new learning process because we finished the old one with success.
On collective level everything is learned what could be learned from the separate and independent development of the soul, the spirit and the human being. The best way to develop the separate parts, so that a smooth integration can follow, is known. As everything in life the collective learning process is shaped and learned through the experiences of the individuals from the collective. Now that the collective lesson is completed and there is nothing more to learn about the subject 'independent development of the parts' there is nothing to experience for the individuals that can contribute to the collective learning process. Everything is known.
What we learned is turned into knowledge and that knowledge is now available on a subconscious level because it is integrated in the collective plan for life as a whole, so that all individuals are 'unconsciously competent' in this area and it forms the basis for the next learning process.
The next learning process is about the development, learning to use and using our possibilities within an integrated whole. The emphasis here is on cooperation, co-creation, getting the best out of all our individual and joint possibilities together.
How does that work? How does it not work? How does it work best?

Also the individuals who are still developing their separate parts independently contribute to this learning process. For this it is necessary that their development falls within the range of aligned possibilities. This is accomplished trough the new idea. Known problems with certain stages in the development are solved smoothly and unnoticed so that every individual can go on with his or her own development in line with the new plan.   


We are currently in a situation that the plan for ones own life isn't active from birth so that life unfolds and fits perfectly within the possibilities of life as a whole, but that the plan has to be constructed and start working for everybody who lives on Earth right now and who lived their lives until now based upon the possibilities of the physical dimension.
This is a totally different situation then when the plan is active from birth. Because now we have to deal with a life that (for most people) is not fully aligned with the available possibilities according to the plan, the possibilities in a multidimensional whole, because it was not possible to connect with that plan so the human being was dependent for his actions and decisions on his or her own insights from the limited physical perspective.
Because of this we have a different starting point for our physical (potential) possibilities that is not present in the original plan, therefore a change trajectory should be incorporated in the plan to take our lives as fast as possible to a point in the original plan.

How does the plan for your best possible life from the current situation look like? The picture below gives a good impression of how the plan is constructed, I think. The red slanting lines on the right show that the different life is going to be phased out. The purple slanting line and the dark red slanting line on the right indicate that unused possibilities and unrealized ideas, which can contribute to the best possible life, can still be developed. This includes restoring and enhancing possibilities that are still needed now and in the future but do not function properly (anymore).

plan best life
plan best life

The life that is realized until now is fixed and has become the past. That life continues into the present moment, the NOW, This is the physical world as we can perceive it today. In the NOW we come, through the execution of an action, from the past to the future.
(Notice that this is action-bound and not time-bound. There are deadlines in the time, but those are also the result of an action or actions.)
The action is planned by the soul and is based on the ideas of the spirit and also the future possibilities are known to the spirit. The individual human being performs the action thus realizing one of the possible outcomes. Because of this action all future possibilities change.
In this process of acting the human being is able to deviate from the choices in the plan of his or her soul. So there is no predestination, but just making use of your possibilities.
It is the challenge of the collective soul to learn to know all possibilities an individual sees (from the perspective of the physical dimension), which do not fall within the aligned possibilities, so that they can be taken into account and the spirit can adapt the ideas and concepts to the new possibilities.
The plan is aligned to the possibilities, not the other way around.  

The collective plan plays a big part. This plan is managed by the collective soul. Every individual plan, and thus the available choices for every individual, fall within the framework of the collective plan. The behavior and habits of people are included in the collective plan and the collective spirit comes with ideas and concepts which take this behavior and the habits into account. This way solutions as an answer to limiting behavior are immediately available for everybody.
This way the road is cleared through the collective plan so that everyone can unfold, develop end learn according to the individual plan without unnecessary barriers. The individual can focus completely on the execution of the own plan without having to plan an additional trajectory first to clear the road to make the execution of the plan possible.   

In the physical dimension the idea lives that the past only exists of 'that what is realized'. From the perspective of multiple dimension however also the unused possibilities from the past are visible and also the related un-realized ideas and concepts which can still be developed, worked out in detail and realized. Whether or not these possibilities can be developed depend on the question whether the possibility is needed in the future (does the possibility answer to a future need?) and of the question whether or not is available now what is needed to develop this future possibility, from the realized world.

A human being works on the development of possibilities of which a future demand is present while he or she receives from others what is needed to do so, while at the same time delivering to others what is needed now by them to develop their possibilities of which a future demand is present.
This is an essential difference with the 'old' one-dimensional life.
In that life we first noticed a lack of something and then we looked how we could fill in that lack. When there was a lot of demand for something (much lack) then we were going to develop end deliver that something, because then we could earn enough money to live from (because we never had enough money!)

So: the main focus is not on filling in current shortages anymore, but on developing future possibilities.

The plan for the new life begins with an analyses of the current life of every individual. Everything in life is being assessed to see what is in line with the 'best possible' multidimensional life and what deviates from that.
What is in line can be used and build upon. It will be integrated in the 'best possible' life.
What deviates should (carefully) be phased out and cleaned up.
What is not needed anymore is cleaned up directly and is no longer available,
what is still of value can be used up to be of value in the transition phase,
what is still working but not properly should be used in an adapted way until it has to be replaced,
what is still working but not in a for everyone safe way is no longer available, but can be replaced by a better and safer solution. These solutions are already available.
Then the unused potentials are assessed and the related ideas and concepts and to what is necessary and available to develop the possibilities which are needed in the future.

The basis of the plan is now ready. All future possibilities are now known. The execution of the plan can start.


The plan, which contains all possibilities that lead to the 'best life 'possible', can be executed when the one possibility is known that is rated as 'best possibility that can be realized in the physical world at this moment'.
To be clear: we are talking about the first set of choices in the plan. When this one choice, the best from the perspective of the combined dimensions, is realized in the physical world new choices are available. The process of choosing the 'best possible option' goes step by step, because after each choice a new network of choices exists and every action, in line with the plan or not, influences the available possibilities.   

Finding this one best possibility is a process in itself. It is the responsibility of the individual soul, by developing and offering the right experiences, to find out what is the best possibility from the perspective of the human being. It is the responsibility of the spirit to realize the idea or concept that fits the human being best. Cooperation with the soul is needed for this, because the soul has to develop and offer the right experiences that the human being needs to be able to evaluate the proposed idea or concept and choose the best one.
As I mentioned earlier not only the human being but also the associated spirit and soul are in a certain stage of development. This influences how the 'best possible choice' is determined. This is taken into account in the collective plan. In fact all possibilities lead to a best possible life. This creates a safe framework to learn how to create together by taking each other into consideration.

A careful preparation is needed to arrive at the best life possible. Time is not a factor of interest here. The care with which the best possible option is determined ís.

What can you expect when your life is not in line with your best life possible?
Then you enter a change process in which possibilities are going to be phased out or repaired or brought into optimum form and unknown possibilities are being developed.
How are you going to experience that? What are you going to notice of it?

There are many different ways to come from the old life to the new life. Also in this process you have a choice. This choice does not involve the continued use of possibilities that are not in line with your future best life. However, you are able to still try to use possibilities which are not in line with your best life possible again and again, thus actively slowing down your growth towards your best life possible. You can also choose to do nothing because none of the choices are of your liking. With this action you also slow down your growth towards your best life possible.    

During the evaluation of this new idea I asked the question how people are going to experience that possibilities are suddenly closed down. To answer that question I got a series of three experiences (events) where I could derive the answer from.
What struck me was that I needed emergency services before I could continue. This emergency services could not only help me on my feet again, but they also provided me with advice about a better solution that was available to me.

Where I used a possibility which was not safe because it could be misused by others to gain personal advantage, I could not gain access anymore. In that case I was more or less forced to use a better and safer solution that fitted within everyone's plans.
At the same time the unauthorized use of this possibility by others is prohibited. For these persons this possibilities was a 'shortcut' and they are confronted with the fact that this route is suddenly closed down. So they are now forced to use possibilities that do fall within their plans, but they didn't want to use because they preferred the easier shortcut above their (more difficult-looking) own path.
The collective plan is adapted at this point. Barriers on one's path should be avoided. Life must continue to flow and necessities should be available in the right amount just in time so that people don't feel the need to take a shortcut.
(The fact that people only use their own aligned possibilities already lead to a better flow because use and availability are aligned to each other.)

Where I was using a possibility that didn't function optimally because it is worn out because of old age I was helped to get on the road again, but the message was clear that I was using a possibility that didn't function properly anymore because it came at the end of its lifecycle. It was a possibility that had to be replaced but there was still some time to postpone this replacement.
Here I had a choice. Replace immediately? Replacing the part that didn't function properly anymore? Or keep using the possibility as long as it still worked for me  until replacement was necessary, but in an adapted way?

The third possibility was a possibility from the joint life (the community) which was already scheduled to be phased out because a better solution is being worked on but is not yet ready to be used. This possibility still had some value for me to use up for shaping my life according to my plan, until the new solution is ready for use. 

Gradually, and for most people barely noticeable, we grow towards our best life possible.
Via the fastest route possible.  

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