Humanity's Collective Pathway to a Higher Level of Existence

Making optimum use of the multidimensional possibilities for dealing with barriers in life by taking human ideas as a basis

August 2013

The first part of our new journey is behind us. We have determined our direction. Our choice for the design of our (collective) new life is made. Now we are at the beginning of a trajectory which is a continuation of that choice. This trajectory has its own possible choices, on collective level as well as on individual level.

How did this choice come about?

Step 1

At the basis of this collective choice was a desire. The desire that new children would as soon as possible be able to shape and live their lives in total freedom. As you can see by the many initiatives people started in the area of educational renewal many barriers are experienced by different people with the educational system. So, this is a desire that really lives within the physical dimension.

These initiatives are the result of ideas that are a result of individual experienced barriers. These individual ideas are meant to remove the barriers the individual experienced out of the system so that others do not have to go through that same (negative) experience. All these ideas are focused on repairing the existing system, not at the renewal of the whole system. 
The focus from a human perspective is on removing barriers (there where the system fails to give full support) and not on the optimum alignment of (potential) possibilities.    

The collective desire to make it possible that new children can start shaping their lives in total freedom as soon as possible, resonates with the desire on human level to remove the individual experienced barriers out of the educational system.

The first idea that followed was to investigate if it is possible to remove those barriers through renewal of the educational system as a whole.
A logical idea, because children has to first grow, unfold and develop their possibilities before they can use them. The educational system is meant to facilitate this process. By removing growth limiting barriers out of the educational system children should be able to develop to their full potential.

Step 2

In the dimension of the Soul a connection is made from individual to the whole, from individual experience to collective experience and from past to future.

In the collective experience at this moment in time there is a distinct difference between past and future. The past is characterized by experiences with the separate development of the individual parts. while the experiences in the future will be experiences related to the development of the individual parts within an integrated whole.
The individual experiences with the educational system and the experienced related bottlenecks are experienced in the past within the context of the separate development of the parts. These experiences provide information about how the educational system supports the development and growth of the individuals, what works, what doesn't work, how can you make it work, what leads to a smooth integration of the parts into a working whole and what doesn't.

The individual experienced barriers do not all derive from the limitation of the possibilities to develop fully. Some barriers have to do with avoiding challenges in the own development. These are not barriers but learning points which are a necessary step in the individual development. The individual tries to steer the own development away from those experiences because he or she dreads them. These experiences then become blockades. The individual searches for short cuts to get past that learning point. This is impossible because the challenge is in the own behavior. The individual stagnates the own growth by these actions. 

In the dimension of the human it is difficult to see the difference between a growth limiting barrier in the educational system and a blockade in the personal development. As a consequence people sometimes try to shape their personal short cuts, asking help of others under the guise of educational renewal. This has an undesired effect. The growth stagnates and the deviation of the own plan increases.
In the dimension of the soul, however, this difference is obvious because the individual plans for learning and growth are managed here.
Here, in the dimension of the soul, it is possible to separate experiences which can be of value to adjustments to the collective plan from experiences which can be of value to adjustments to the individual plan.
This masking of the personal blockades by giving them the label 'barrier in the educational system' is a complicating factor for the total renewal of the educational system.
This was one of the reasons why the idea to start with renewal of the educational system was rejected.   

This complicating factor applies, by the way, to all supporting systems within society.
Renewal is therefore a risk to all supporting systems within society as long as it is impossible to differentiate between behavior blockades and growth limiting barriers in the systems.

So, on a soul level it is possible to make that distinction.
Barriers are caused by unexpected obstacles which appear on the individual path while they are not a part of the experiences that are necessary for the personal development and have a negative effect on this development. Solutions must be found to make sure that those barriers do not influence the personal development. These solution first will be found on an individual level after which they can be implemented on a collective level so that others will be able to pass those barriers without having to find personal solutions first.
Blockades are limitations that origin from the own behavior, caused for example by certain beliefs or because one still has to learn to work with the new possibilities. They are part of the own development plan. The obstacles that appear on the path are part of the own life plan and are meant to give an opportunity to discover the influence of the own behavior in certain situations and choose a different approach so that such situations form no longer a problem. 
By creating short cuts, outside the own plan, in an attempt to circumvent or avoid these obstacles, one creates barriers in the supporting systems which cause unexpected obstacles on the path of others.

Because of the importance of this distinction between barriers and blockades the concept is designed which I described in the text of June 2013. According to this concept the possible and realistic contribution to society through the supporting systems and what is needed from the society to be able to deliver this contribution is already present in potential. 

Until this point the focus is on removing barriers. This is because the desires and ideas from the physical dimension, as separate dimension, are taken as a starting point. The design of June 2013 is a result of this focus on removing barriers.
Now that the physical dimension is integrated in the multidimensional whole, the focus can shift from removing barriers to developing possibilities.
This way, trough the dimension of the soul , desires from the physical world can be lifted to a higher level so that better solutions can be found for removing existing barriers.

Step 3

In the dimension of the Spirit this concept from the previous step can be used as a basis to determine all the possibilities and the related needs to find the best idea. This resulted in the idea that everyone can start as of now on an individual level to develop towards their best life possible.

This idea became possible by moving the various solutions for barriers on an individual level to the collective level and include them in the collective plan.
This way not only children can shape their new life in total freedom, but everyone who wants to can. So this is really the best idea to realize the desire that new children can start shaping there lives in total freedom as soon as possible.
A developed concept of this idea can be found in the text of July 2013.

Now we can start working on the details of that design.


Before I could work on the details of my individual plan, my Spirit wanted to be sure that I really would choose the best possible idea for the new concept.
That is why I was confronted again briefly in July with the past, or to be precise with the fact that I allowed myself to be carried away in the stories of others. I don't think up stories myself, but I went along with the stories of others. I absorbed these stories and lost myself on the way. I didn't even recognize the 'me' in those past stories. How did that happen?

Evaluation of my approach in the past

What happened among other things, was that I observed that others didn't know how to realize their best possible reality. By letting me be absorbed in and identify myself with their stories I could lead them from within those stories to their best possible reality.
And? (my Spirit asks) Was that a successful approach?
Eh .....
......yes? Yes, I managed to get those people back on track and their growth is well underway.
......no? No, these people stuck to their stories. They could not handle reality and they changed my role or 'status' in the story to that of 'bad person' and shared this opinion about me with others to reinforce their story. This blocked the progress of my own path.
Okay, so? So this approach doesn't work, because it is damaging for myself, for my own development and for the development of others who are related to my path.
Good, this approach, letting yourself be carried away by a story and leading people from within this story to their best possible reality doesn't work. Clear?
Yes, clear. Thank you.
So? So as part of realizing my best life possible I don't allow myself to be absorbed in the stories of others to lead them to their best lives possible.

The situation

Frankly, I thought that everyone was trying to realize their best reality, but that some people just didn't know how to do that. This is clearly not the case. Now I know that people run into the limits of their development. Instead of developing themselves further from that point on, these people 'flee' from the situation. Or rather, they try to flee and their actions are focused on that. However when someone is right on his or her path there is no way to leave that path, so they are forced to work on their development.
My added value in these situations is that I can lead people to the point that no escape from their path is possible anymore.
Most of the time, this blockage in the development is not recognized in the physical dimension or is being denied while the cause of the blockage is attributed to barriers caused by others or within the supporting systems (or both). That is why the direct question to find a solution for this problematic situation in the personal development comes to me from the dimension of the soul, from a subconscious level from a human perspective. For this my soul makes agreements with other souls and the necessary experiences are included in the involved life plans.

In the one-dimensional world the human being lives an imaginary story. This story has some characteristics. The 'main character' for instance is often perfect and rises far above others. As a consequence this person should have a perfect life. Another consequence is that this person has nothing left to develop. Again and again however this appears not to be the case. But because the main character is perfect he or she cannot be the cause of this imperfection, so others have to be the cause of that. Some of those others are difficult characters and others are just plain stupid and when deliberate actions can be 'proven' then we have to do with a 'bad person'. Of course the life of the main character is imperfect because the bad persons make sure it is, because they only find themselves important!

Here we have to do with an essential difference between life in a one-dimensional reality and in a multi-dimensional reality.
The human being in the one-dimensional world doesn't know what to expect in life and therefore imagines a story and turn this story into reality by his or her actions and reactions. However, this story is in no way related to the real possibilities to live life. These possibilities are not visible in the physical dimension, but they are visible in the dimension of the spirit. The spirit makes sure that the best possibility is brought into reality so that the human being can live its best life possible.
When the human sticks to its imaginary story, the space for the spirit to deliver the best possibility is limited. The human assesses the possibility on 'usability' within the story and throws the 'best idea' in the recycle bin, throwing the chance on living the best life possible away with it.

Making room for new solutions

Now I understand why my spirit started with this idea. Again it takes the desires from the physical dimension as a starting point, desires which are a result of barriers that are experienced when walking the own path.
It was an idea that appeared to work well for me. May be that was so from the perspective from the one-dimensional reality, but is definitely not the best idea from the perspective of a multidimensional reality.

The question that remains now is the question "How can I support others on their path in such a way that it is not at the expense of my own path and thus on my own best life possible?". My soul gave me some experiences to examine that question, but the best moment to withdraw from such a cooperation is always the moment when the other person already damaged me and/or my path. This is because this is the only proof I have that I consumed all room for change and that is a precondition for me before I can withdraw myself from the cooperation.

Until now my starting point was a problem that was experienced in the physical reality. I asked the question: "How can I support others on their path in such a way that it is not damaging to my own path and thus at the expense of my own best life possible?"
In this question the focus is on removing a barrier.
I came to the conclusion that I could not give added value to others in these situations without any damage and that is why I cannot support people in this way. These people can be no part of my path.
This conclusion, however, caused a problem, because there is demand for my expertise in this area but I didn't know that at this stage.

I rephrased the question, now with the focus on developing possibilities:
"What is the best way for me to shape my best life possible while supporting others with shaping their best lives possible?"

I looked at my possibilities and came to the following conclusion:
my possibilities are designed for solving issues by answering the question: what is the best possible way to reach the best possible place where we can and want to be?
(In those cases where a standard solution is not yet available => pioneer.)

I shifted 'problematic situations' to 'issues' (puzzles). This way I made room for my spirit to come up with new ideas. The advantage of issues is that I can get a conscious demand from the physical dimension to find a solution to an issue. There is no emotional charge on an issue as there is with a problematic situation. It's not necessary to point out who is 'guilty'. There just is a situation that asks for a solution because it is a situation that didn't happen before and/or because there is no solution found yet.

From one-dimensional solution to multi-dimensional solution

My spirit asked me to take a look at the technical side of my approach. How exactly was it possible that others managed to put me in a bad light and to keep denying their problem?

As you may know, I work with resonance. I recognize pure vibrations (pure tones) and impure vibrations (dissonant tones). But what are they, pure or impure vibrations/tones?

The 7 chakra's of a human being vibrate all on their own frequency. Every chakra exists within a separate dimension with its own range of frequencies. Through the voice, the 5th chakra or 5th dimension, a message is brought out. This sounds like one message, but this message is composed of the vibrations of all dimensions involved. Actually, all 7 dimensions bring out their own message. 1. Body language, 2. Physical attraction, 3. Emotions, 4. Intentions, 5. Words, 6. Thoughts, 7. The pure received message of higher dimensions. 

A message sounds pure when all dimensions are aligned and communicate the same message (they are consistent). When one of the dimensions communicate a different message then there is a dissonant and the complete message contains an impurity. By tuning in on the separate dimensions it becomes clear where the dissonant is located and why from that dimension a different message is communicated.

Between transmitter and receiver is often a filter located, the external belief system. This filter causes that not all vibrations can be received pure in all dimensions. Some vibrations are weakened or totally muted, while others are amplified. As a result a pure tone can be received as a dissonant and a dissonant can be received as a pure tone.
This deformation applies to incoming and outgoing messages.  

In my old approach I took all vibrations and began to resonate with them, with the pure vibration as well as the impure vibrations, I amplified them with words and brought them out. This way a dissonant could be heard and felt through me. I became someone who communicated a dissonant sound! And the others were able to deny that the dissonant came from them.
I also picked up the pure tone and, because I thought that the other couldn't hear this tone, I brought this pure tone out. This was my second 'mistake', because now I gave the other person the opportunity to deform the pure message an deny it! And I became someone who brought out a deformed truth!
This approach was the best possibility for me in a one-dimensional reality, because in this reality I could perceive the dissonant vibration but I could not distinguish the different dimensions. The only thing I could do was picking up the message as one package and change it. 

Now my spirit suggested a new approach and I could try that instantly. What I don't do anymore is picking up the tones to amplify them by letting them resonate within my system.
This way the pure tones stay pure and the dissonant tones stay with the other.
In the dimension where a dissonant is brought out instead of the pure tone, I let the pure tone in the other person vibrate by bringing out my own words, words that resonate with this pure tone. Because the vibration of the pure tone within the other is amplified by my words it becomes difficult to ignore. Now the tone sounds on the inside as well as on the outside.
At the same time the pure tone in my words is amplified because the same pure tone in other people is beginning to vibrate so that others feel the need to bring this message out in their own words. This way the pure tone is amplified even more on the outside and it becomes impossible to ignore.
The dissonant tone that was meant to mask the pure tone is drowned or is 'out of place' and can therefore not brought out (because this can lead to loss of face).
Instead this person can do nothing else than bring the pure tone out.
The person with the dissonant now resonates pure in all dimensions and with that resonates in line with his or her own path. (And it is not possible to deviate from it anymore.)

Wow! I never had such a fast result! And this without damaging anyone in the process.
As part of solving issues with this approach I can still help people who got stuck in their development because they cannot see a solution for their problem.


In the manner described above, all barriers that are experienced in the physical dimension can be addressed.
First determine if it is a barrier in a system or a personal blockage in the development, than lifting the problem to a higher level by transforming it to an issue so that the focus can shift to the development of possibilities instead of removing barriers, so that better solutions can be found for removing these barriers.

I am ready for it. Are you?  

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