Humanity's Collective Pathway to a Higher Level of Existence

Trajectory March to June 2014:
aligning available resources for the short, medium and long term

July 2014
Deviation because of unjustified use of available resources of/by others
collective route 8
collective route 8

Combining the implementation of the individual transition plans which lead to the best life possible, and at the same time supporting people who consciously (and persistently) choose to deviate from their own (best) life possible, gave some problems. (See " March 2014 - The actual roadmap of humanity. Where do we come from? Where are we now? Where are we headed?")
An undesirable deviation downwards related to the best life possible occurred, because one's own resources were made available to others. 

With own resources I mean the particles of matter (at quantum level), the available resources and possibilities, which are necessary to shape your life. But also attention, time, space. And also thinking about the ideas of others.
Available resources can only be used once in the physical reality at the same moment (time) and on the same place (space) in a certain form (matter). Our individual lives and the available resources are connected to each other and they behave like communicating vessels. As one person takes/gets more then he/she has to their disposal, then the other person automatically has less and sometimes even too little to shape and live one's own life. 
The attention, time and space you make available for the purpose of a life that doesn't fit within the possibilities, cannot be spend on shaping the best life within everybody's possibilities.
If you put effort in thinking about how ideas that are not realistic still can be realized, then ........

When shaping your life within the possibilities you have, then all (particles of) matter you need for that, all resources and possibilities, (of yourself or combined with others) are at your disposal.
However, when you want to shape a life outside your possibilities then your available stock is useless to you (because for the large part that still has to be developed, but that is only possible when you shape a life within your possibilities), but instead you need the existing available resources and possibilities of others. Those others can make the resources they need for their own lives available to you, voluntary or enforced, but then they no longer have those resources to their disposal. This is at the e pense of their own (quality of) life. Often this is possible without getting the other persons into a difficult situation immediately, but a problem is created an it is certain that this brings the other person into problems in the future. These problems are not visible in the physical reality, but they are visible in the area outside time/space (the dimension of the Mind or Spirit). 

The people who deviate consciously from their possible lives don't make use of their own (for them invisible) potential of available resources by developing and managing them, but instead put claims on the (for them visible) available resources of others to shape and live their own life with.
That this is at the e pense of the other persons is a known fact (this becomes visible at some point in time), but that is being justified with the argument that the others have no use for their own available resources. The path downwards where the others have arrived (because of mismanagement and giving away their stock of available resources in the past), is then referred to as the 'natural way' and as 'the only realistic possibility'.
Here then applies the phenomenon self-fulfilling prophecy, which makes the arguments look valid. By taking away available resources from others, the possibility that those others can shape and live their best lives possible is indeed not realistic anymore because the necessary resources are no longer available.

"It takes two to tango!"

The reasons why we want to facilitate people who want to shape and live a life outside their possibilities are many. Often those are people where we love to share our lives with. Often we think that we are dependent on those people and we feel more or less obliged or forced to create a shared life with them, for instance because they are family. Or simply because it was our own choice to create a shared life with them. Nearly always we think that those people have to offer us something in return. But, as you can read above, this is an illusion.
Often we react to a certain tension that we feel between ourselves and the other. This is a pitfall. This tension is being used and deliberately created by other persons to be able to live a life outside their possibilities. Once you are aware of that, than you can leave that tension for what it is (a 'trick' to make you move into a certain direction outside the possibilities), and evaluate if and how this encounter falls within the possibilities.    

The reasons why someone wants to shape a different life outside their possibilities are equally divers. Often it seems easier to use the existing resources of others then to develop one's own possibilities (using the existing resources for that). What is also a factor is that the potential possibilities are not yet visible and it takes time and effort to develop them. E isting possibilities can be used instantly. But the longer you wait with developing and using one's own possibilities the harder it gets. This is because our body, the basis of our possibilities, suffers immensely when we don't optimally develop and use our own possibilities. 

When we want to shape our best life possible, we have to reserve and use all (potential) matter, resources and possibilities that we have to our disposal for ourselves. Giving away is not an option. And by giving away we are not helping others either. There are (exactly) enough available resources for everybody to live a life within their own possibilities, but deviating from the own possibilities causes automatically a shortage in the available resources (as well as for ourselves as for others).
If we want to shape and experience a life within our possibilities then we have more then enough resources to our disposal. That is because particles are 'reserved' for us (on quantum level) for every possibility we can choose from, while we can only bring one of these possibilities into physical form.

On our journey to our best possible lives (joint and individual) we have made a new choice in April 2014:
as of now everybody uses their own (potential) resources for themselves.

This final choice for purely assigning the available means to the person for whom those means are originally intended, caused quite a commotion. There is always a lot of (energy)movement when a final choice is made because all particles on quantum level are being re-arranged in order to form this final choice and the related future possibilities, but that was not the only reason. It caused also commotion in the existing physical world because from one day to another all 'claims' to other peoples resources were 'e pired' and everyone could only asses the own available resources.
The other way around we could not call upon the people who had claims to our available means anymore, because suddenly we were not interesting to the others because we had nothing to offer in return of their 'services'.
This process was supported by the re-arrangement of the particles of matter on quantum level, but was also made somewhat easier because the people who wanted to live a life outside their possibilities could hold on to the illusion that they were able to use the resources of each other. By making use of this illusion it was possible to prevent a fight about the available resources because people didn't feel the need to cling on to resources that weren't theirs. As a result, it was possible to implement the new situation in a very short time.


The mentioned entanglement of the available resources and the wish to live a different live than the one that is available to you is not due to reluctance or malice, but is a result of the difference between the various stages of the multi-dimensional human being. There is a difference in perspective that causes a different view on the available resources and consequently the use of them.
The separated human being, the inspired human being and the conscious inspired human being each have a different way of handling available resources. 
The separated human being cannot see the potential possibilities and is not able to observe development. Because of this, he sees all manifested resources as 'freely available', even when these resources are still in development or when the resources are necessary to (further) develop the potential.
The inspired human being is able to observe development, but still cannot see the potential possibilities. This human being limits the possibilities to the visible resources, but understands that some possibilities cannot be used because they have to develop further and that some resources are meant for future use.
The conscious inspired human being has an overview of the complete range of available resources and is therefore able to bring totally new, not yet existing and therefore unknown, possibilities into development.

The difference also has to do with the different lifecycles that can be observed, like daily life, one human life, successive lives (generations) and the evolution of all life on Earth and even the evolution of all life in the Universe.
The lifecycles all have a different duration, or length within which the available resources are needed. These lifecycles overlap and that is why the same available resources are used for the purpose of more than one lifecycle. For example, some available resources cannot be used and / or consumed in the daily lifecycle (short term) because they have to be developed further for future use (medium and long term).
The separated human being is mainly focused on the daily lifecycle, now. The inspired human being looks a bit further, namely to the lifecycle of one human life, in line with previous generations (parents) and later following generations (children).
The conscious inspired human being, finally, has an overview of the total lifecycle of life on Earth, life as a whole. The total term from the 'birth' of the Earth to the 'death' of the Earth.

As said before, these lifecycles do not stand on their own but are closely related to each other. In fact it is all about the development and use for the short term (daily life within one human lifespan, the separated human being), the medium term (human lifespans within three generations, inspired human being) and the long term (evolution of all life on Earth, the conscious inspired human being).
By assigning and reserving the available resources for the life within the current and future possibilities of an individual to that individual, and taking into account the available resources that are necessary for the development of these current and future possibilities, the development of life on the long, medium and short term are aligned with each other.


Where are we now?
Because of the described entanglement of matter we lost a lot of possibilities in our lives. And we lose even more possibilities as time passes by. Sometimes people even lose their lives before they had a chance to use all of their (potential) possibilities. Are we on track? Do we still follow the fastest route to our best possible lives?

On the one hand we have lost resources and possibilities to shape and experience our best life possible, and on the other hand we collected resources and possibilities which do not contribute at all to our best life possible. It would be wonderful if we are able to compensate the possibilities we lost through solutions that can be created using the resources and possibilities that are 'over complete'! 

collective route 10

collective route 10


Now everyone can only use the resources that are meant to shape and live their best life possible (both individual and shared) and it is not possible anymore to claim other peoples resources and possibilities.
That means that people are now being challenged to develop their own possibilities.
But, well, that is exactly what they tried to avoid! And, as mentioned, the idea that those people can use each others resources is an illusion.
So, what will happen when those people discover a gap through which they can pickup up the old route (and routine) again? Well, then they don't hesitate one second but seize that opportunity immediately. Suddenly you can see the course of the flow with which these people want to shape their lives. This flow runs through a number of other people. People you just brought into alignment with a life within the possibilities of everyone. Suddenly these people turned around again because they received an impulse to move the other way in the direction of a life that falls outside the possibilities.
It is important to make the right adjustments immediately before they get momentum and can't be stopped. Making sure that everybody stays within the possibilities and closing the gaps that apparently were there.
Leaving gaps suddenly proves to be a great diagnostic tool!

But how is it possible that people can change so easily between one route and another? Apparently they have the space to make this turn. This space should have been limited the moment these people were in line with everybody's possibilities. That didn't happen. Why not?

One of the reasons is the tendency to give in. As soon as we ourselves think that there is room to allow, this space is immediately being claimed. This phenomenon was demonstrated clearly by the dog whose presence I sometimes are privileged to enjoy. When there was a timeslot that I hadn't clearly assigned for myself, the dog claimed that time and I gave in because I couldn't think of a reason why I shouldn't spend that time on the dog. Later that day I would encounter serious problems because of a lack of time.
Because of that I decided to make a good planning for myself next time. At the start of our day together I explained this planning to the dog. That worked! The dog undertook no attempt to claim more time than I assigned, while the promised walk together was planned a few hours later that day.
Because we sticked to the plan we also cleared the way for synchronicity to take place. During our walk we had an encounter that was clearly planned on a higher level. This encounter was needed, because the person we met was on a crossroads in life and wondered how to go on. With my natural ability to illuminate the common theme in one's life I enabled this person to see and evaluate the past so that the path to the future became clear.

Another reason is that the process of aligning all possibilities to each other is a delicate and precise process that takes time. Everyone involved, and every part of the collaboration process, must be aligned separately. This is an iterative process because whenever a next person, or part of the process, is being aligned to the possibilities of everyone, it can turn out to be so that the already aligned parts have to be tweaked a bit.
Also, in the beginning there is often not yet a clear view on all the lines and streams, all the possibilities and impossibilities. This becomes increasingly clear as more and more options are aligned. It also becomes increasingly clear who makes conscious choices and who simply goes with the flow. Only when it is clear that someone goes along the deviant path can the space be demarcated in such a way that only the path within everyone's possibilities can be followed.

With someone who makes a conscious choice to follow the deviant path, there is an opportunity for awareness. Here is an opportunity to move along with this person and allow the deviant choice. A condition is then that it is clearly communicated that this person had a choice, which choices those were and what the consequences of those choices could be. By allowing the conscious choice for the deviant path, the situation can escalate to such an extent that the other person has no choice but to make a choice that falls within everyone's options.
The opportunity for awareness is then used and filled in in such a way that no one involved is harmed, but that it instead even facilitates a life within everyone's possibilities.

The better we stay within our possibilities on our own path, the better we can support others in shaping their best possible lives. Both, the people who stay within everyone's options and the people who consciously want to deviate from this.

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