Humanity's Collective Pathway to a Higher Level of Existence

Adjustment to the life plan: unconscious automatic reactions

February 2019


More and more people are transitioning to a higher level of consciousness.
However, many of them remain stuck in old patterns and therefore the transition to that higher level of consciousness is experienced as (very) difficult.

I myself also experience that it is difficult, if not impossible, not to react to known triggers in the old way'.
My body's reactions have also been giving me trouble for months. My body does everything it can to avoid pain. But because of this I get more pain because my body starts to twist in all kinds of turns, causing new problems! And I can do little or nothing about it on a conscious level.

Something isn't right yet. But what?

Being free to make a different choice

Not everyone chooses to align their life to others and life as a whole. There's nothing wrong with that, if it's a conscious choice. After all, we have been given free will for a reason. For the development of these people it is still important to discover their own identity and their own possibilities, separate from the lives of others. And that's fine.
These non-coordinated choices have been taken into account in the life plans. They nevertheless fit into the whole. (I.e. they cannot hinder anyone in living their best life possible.)

And yet this is exactly where it goes wrong: in the interaction with people who make a different choice. How is that possible?

Unconscious reactions from lower levels of being

We are not dealing here with conscious choices of free will, but with unconscious automatic reactions to triggers.
These reactions come from the same level of awareness as the 'trigger' that 'evoked' the reaction.

Let me take my body again as an example. My body experiences pain. To which my body responds with a pain-avoiding action.
My body(consciousness) reacts out of 'body preservation' in the way that has proven its effectiveness in the past.

Another example is the reaction to someone who gets angry and who you therefore perceive as threatening. Anger triggers a survival response: fight, flight, or freeze. Which of the three it will be depends on the strategy that has given you the best result in the past. Give in to what the other wants from you (flee) or go into battle.
You react from your 'primitive' consciousness out of survival instinct.

And a final example is that of the modern human who, while preserving his own identity, makes choices and who puts pressure on others (seduces, manipulates, intimidates) to make that choice possible, even if the other person has to give up his own wishes and choices, his own life.
The response to this has to do with the idea that you can only survive as an individual if you are accepted by the group. Rejection causes you to be kicked out of the group and then you have to see how you can make a living.
For fear of being rejected and being kicked out of the group, people give up their own lives and dreams to shape the life of the (compelling) other.

The solution

This problem can be solved by including the triggers and automatic reactions in the life plans.
All reactions that fall within the possibilities as laid down in the life plan can then continue to work, while automatic reactions that cause you to 'get out of your way' are 'turned off' and replaced by 'the best (re)action at that moment.'.
Even through subconscious reactions, everyone continues to follow the life plan.

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