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Balancing life across and through all levels of multidimensional life creates a better balance in life as a whole

September 2014
Keeping natural equilibrium through balanced movement

Since December 2004 I have gone through the entire process from separated human being to integrated multidimensional human being myself.
The journey started with my own healing, my own forgiveness, my own transformation from separated human via inspired human (integrated Soul) to a conscious inspired human (integrated Spirit).
And with my own transition from a life that was mainly determined by others, to a life in which my own choices and my own path are leading.
From a life of cause and effect (downward) to a life in which I choose the best option out of all my possibilities (upward).

My process started from within. Life as a whole had reached the last possibility to return to its neutral position. If life as a whole continued on its chosen path, it would become completely out of balance and unable to return to its neutral position.
I had no choice but to enter this path of healing, transformation and transition. I was forced to. Not by someone from outside, but by life itself, by the natural evolutionary process.
This process allows life to move freely between two extremes without becoming unbalanced. Movement is necessary in order to develop and grow, but movement can also cause us to become unbalanced. To prevent this, a movement can only be initiated if a counter-movement is present with which the balance can be restored. (Like, for example, the cooperating muscles 'flexor' and 'stretcher')

Life had started a movement, but the counter-movement had failed to materialize. (It was there, but still developing.)
It turned out that I was the one who had the ability to initiate the right counter-movement, but I wasn't aware of it. During my life I have subconsciously used that talent time and again, but I encountered so much resistance that I suppressed my talent again and again. Now that I write it this way, it is of course logical that the initiated movement felt like resistance. One counter-movement simply goes in the exact opposite direction from the original movement. I just didn't know how to deal with it yet.
I was also unaware that my actions (or in-actions) would have such a profound effect on the balance of life as a whole. In my own life, not using my talent had only a limited impact, but for life as a whole it started to become a pressing problem. When the counter-movement could no longer be postponed, the force of nature dragged me along and forced me to use my talent as best I could, right through all the resistance I encountered.

Because of this overwhelming experience and the impressive power (violence) of this process and the consequences for life of the lack of the right counter-movement, I now understand why it is so important to use your talents for what nature intended.
And also that it is important to get to know, further develop and learn to use your talents, so that it eventually becomes a specialism that can be used in the right way in every situation. Using an undeveloped talent in a crisis situation, as was the case with me, is like having a leg amputated with a blunt ax by someone who has no experience with it.

If my own life and life as a whole had been better aligned, I could have developed my talent in time. Unfortunately that was not the case now. My own life and life as a whole only came together because a crisis situation arose simultaneously in my own life as well as in life as a whole.
My work has since focused on refining my talent into a specialty and improving the process of balancing life. The results of that work can be seen on this website.

(Note: I am certainly not the only one who, at the time of the crisis in life as a whole, was forced by the evolutionary process to use his or her natural talents to prevent life from becoming unbalanced. It has been a collective effort involving many people worldwide. Many have gone through their own process of healing, forgiveness, transformation and transition in the same way.
However, I can only describe my own part, a shackle in the whole.

Solutions that initiate a balanced movement at an individual level

The counter-movement initiated in that crude way has meanwhile returned life as a whole to its neutral position. And from there a new movement has already started.
The previous movement was a one-sided movement. Caused by the creation of contradictions, using the principle of duality. Life as a whole had almost lost its balance.
The new movement, on the contrary, is a very balanced movement. The principle of duality is applied here to create a smooth natural movement.
Multidimensional humanity has learned to walk by trial and error.

Life as a whole is now in balance, despite the fact that on an individual level many have not yet returned to their neutral position.
That is why I am also working on finding the best solutions with which everyone can regain their natural balance as quickly as possible and then go along with the new balanced movement. The more people that come along, the more balancede energetische laag ded the whole will function. Compare it to a sick body that has already recovered but that still has to clear some germs and regain strength.

From moving with a group, to consciously independent moving alligned to others

All my solutions are aimed at converting individuals who function from a group identity that is separate from life as a whole, to independently functioning individuals with their own identity who are attuned to life as a whole and who can group themselves into a functional group in such a way that their independence, individuality and identity are preserved.

Those solutions make use of the energetic structures and currents underlying the physical world, and they form the physical world.
By making use of this energetic layers, my solutions work more deeply and are more effective than solutions devised by people who only (can) take the visible physical reality into account.
Changes in the energetic layers are the cause. They cause an effect in the physical world.
Changing something in the physical world has a one-time effect. These changes must be applied over and over again. Because when the cause is not addressed it keeps producing the same effect. Its like mopping the floor with the tap open. However, changes in the cause permanently result in a different outcome. The tap is closed, no more water is added, when the water has been mopped up, the floor remains dry.
First tackle/change the cause and then repair the consequences.
The changes I make in that energetic layers become generic solutions that are stored in the collective memory. This makes them available to everyone as a standard solution for a particular situation. Through the soul plans these solutions become available and under the direction of the Soul they can be used without people having to be aware of these structures.

Finding those solutions was not easy. People who were out of balance have clung to each other in an attempt to keep standing on their feet (within a whole that is constantly in motion). This has created an apparent equilibrium. An apparent equilibrium, because this group of people as a whole is completely out of balance within life.
There are also people who have found the semblance of equilibrium in themselves by linking other people to them as an extension of themselves, making them seem like an independently functioning stable whole. Such a group of people also forms an unbalanced group within life.
And then there is the power system, which also causes individuals and life as a whole to become unbalanced.
Often in groups there is a key figure around whom everything and everyone revolves. Or there is someone who offers himself as a foundation for others to build on. Or someone includes everyone with an overarching energy. And there are more 'constructions' like that.
Characteristic of such groups is that there is really only one individual, the key figure. The whole group of individuals remains within the features of this person. Sometimes the original key figure is not even alive anymore, but the group still has his or her identity.
To bring life back into a perfect balance, all these groups will have to be dismantled. All individuals will have to find their own, independent, balance within life as a whole. They have to discover, develop and learn to use their own way of doing things, use their own possibilities. Each individual is an indispensable link in the whole with its own unique natural talents that are intended for a specific application.

The people in such groups have not only found a false balance, but also a sense of security that has no basis, a false sense of security. It is clear that these groups are perfectly aware of the fact that they offer a false sense of security. That is why they use fear and threat as an instrument to make everyone 'equal' to the group identity so that the group becomes even larger and more stable and therefore has a better chance of survival (the group, not the individuals, because they are all equal anyway, interchangeable and replaceable).
The more threatened a group feels in its existence, the more fear it sows (and the more storm it reaps).

All groups that terrorize (frighten) their environment consist of groups that revolve around a key figure. These groups have a pull effect on people who feel lost and out of balance, people who have not yet discovered themselves and/or people who are 'stuck' in a group who and what they want to resist (in order to be able to shape a life that deviates from the group). When these people join the (for them new) group, they are fully included and they feel safe and secure. They are absorbed by the group and without any difficulty adopt the group identity and behave as is customary within the group, as the key figure would behave. They feel like kindred souls, but the only thing they have in common is that they feel lost and want to rebel against others or other groups.

In converting the lives of individuals to a real balance and a real safe situation (a life in line with life as a whole) it is important that the feelings of balance and safety are not disturbed.
I recently saw how difficult that is. To my astonishment, suddenly, out of nowhere, and apparently for no reason, the power system was activated. Where did that come from? After a thorough evaluation, I saw that the construction of the group I was working on consisted of a key figure who built on other people. They were his foundation, and I questioned whether that foundation was fit to build upon. In combination with the power of the life stream that I use to set the right movement in motion, had staggered this person. He appealed to his position of power to keep himself standing. Fortunately, I now know enough about the power system not to let it escalate. I also saw that the power system was started by creating a contradiction between this person and me that in reality was not there at all. I thought that was an interesting observation. By clearing up the misunderstanding that created the contradiction, the basis of the need to appeal to the dominant position also disappears.

By the way, 'rollback' is a mechanism I often use and it works very effectively. Go back to the point on your path where it went wrong and continue from there.
This is not possible from linear thinking, then the past has passed and you can only adjust from the present in the hope that the future will become slightly better in due course.
However, from a multidimensional perspective, this is quite possible. That's because the multidimensional path through life you follow is separate from "time" in our physical world.
It is not bad to take a wrong turn. Sometimes it's even helpful to go down a side street for a while, as this will give you information that you wouldn't have had otherwise. (Let's see what the situation looks like from another side.)
If you discover that you have strayed from your route, you can simply go back to the choice moment where it went wrong by correcting the mistake or reversing it. It may have happened, but it has no consequences for the future. (The electrical charge is off it.)

Oplossingen voor mensen die 'succesvol' weten te overleven

In the beginning I wanted to take everyone with me in the balancing, but I met people who consciously deviated from their own path because they thought it would personally benefit them. These are the people who had found a successful way for them to survive, separated from the whole.
Because these people saw no reason whatsoever to change their situation (it could only get less!?), they tried to withdraw from my sphere of influence. I therefore started to focus on the people who did want to grow, ensuring that the deviant lives of the 'successful' people did not go at the expense of the lives of others and life as a whole.

I noticed that I mainly worked with key figures or with the consequences of key figures who had dropped out of the group. It is difficult to balance those key figures. These are often 'great' people. People who are an important figure in the lives of many people. So important that he or she can determine the fate of those people. They are also people who feel responsible for all those people and who therefore come up with solutions to make their lives run as smoothly as possible. They are often people of authority and with charisma, confident and intelligent. These people live their lives as best as they can, using all their talents and supporting the people who depend on them in the best way they can think of.

What's wrong with that, you might ask.
What's wrong with it is that these people form a separate entity within life as a whole. A separate entity of people who cannot stand on their own two feet, but who depend on the key figure. The key figure and the people around him function from a group identity, and not as independent, autonomous individuals with their own identity who lead their own unique lives that perfectly match the life as a whole & the lives of others in and/or outside the group.
Even when these people fan out in society, they still function (or try to function!) from the group identity. This is difficult or impossible without the permanent support of the key figure.

The people who consciously deviate from a life in balance with others and life as a whole, continued to occupy my mind. Of course, life is not in balance until everyone takes their place in the whole. All the possibilities that life has to offer then cannot be optimally developed and used.
Until now, I've worked with individuals, whom I restored one by one to their natural equilibrium within the environment in which that person functioned. This seems like a very long way to go. Not very efficient.
However, if a key figure could be brought into his or her natural balance, a snowball effect can occur! All people who are connected and move along with this person are then brought into their natural balance.

To make that a bit clearer for myself, after writing the paragraph above, I got the opportunity to remove some 'key figures' with associated branches in my garden, near a bush. Because of this I could see that removing the first key figure is difficult because of all the entanglements between all the branches of the different key figures, but after that it becomes easier and more transparent. When I was doing this, I realized that I had already done that in practice. It took me some effort to find the key figure in the group I was working on and in the end it turned out that there were several key figures who had 'braided together'. On closer inspection, I see that the solutions for aligning key figures are already there.

Solution for people who are aware of their influence on the quality of their life

Some people are expected to take over the role of the key figure. But because this is completely different from what someone can really do, this is of course not always possible. However, hese people do not expect to be supported by the key figure because they believe they are considered capable to come up with solutions on their own and be a key figure themselves.
When these people and their lives are on the verge of collapse, they can successfully be put on the road to their best possible life by providing them with the proper support.
That support then consists of offering a temporary foundation that provides relief from the heavy burden that the responsibility for one's own life has now become. And from an awareness process to bring the self-image in accordance with itself instead of with the identity of the key figure of the group; awareness about one's own talents and possibilities.
When life is put back in order and when there is a clear positive line again and when life is organized in such a way that it is in line with the possibilities of this person, then it is possible to take back responsibility for one's own life. and to lift up the temporary foundation. It is then important that this person receives the support he or she needs until he or she can confidently live their best life possible.

Solution for people who are not aware of their influence on the quality of their life

It is also quite a challenge to align people, who are completely unaware of their influence on the quality of their own lives, with their best life possible. (Belief of these people: life just comes as it comes. You should not whine about it but accept the situation.)
These are people who easily join a deviant group.
They don't see the point at all in taking the right (balanced) actions, actions that are in line with their best possible life. Especially if that requires an effort. In the beginning, the actions will indeed be an effort because the body is in bad shape and suffers from addictions, as a result of a life that was not in accordance with the capabilities and needs of the body.
Because these people "blow with all winds" it's easy to take the right actions to align them with their best possible lives. But they're just as likely to fall back into old habits once they reconnect with the deviant group they are part of.
This passivity causes that no movement is initiated from within the person self and therefore no counter-movement is activated. That means that when that person is pulled off balance by a deviant group, that person remains in that position.
By aligning the life and environment of these people with their soul plan, it becomes possible for the Soul to work with these people and carry out the soul plan. The human can therefore be 'anchored' via his own Spirit in Collective consciousness.
From the soul plan, these people are encouraged to actively move and there is always a counter-movement through which they return to their neutral position. It's a balanced movement.
However, when these people are passively unbalanced by the attraction of a deviant group, then they 'live' life and behave as they belong to that group. The contact with their own Soul and their own soul plan is disturbed.
It is not possible then to let those people move back to the neutral position via the soul plan, because no counter-movement has started. This can be solved by aligning the body with its own capabilities, allowing this person to be anchored in the Earth. The human is then anchored between 'Heaven' and 'Earth'. Above and below are related, creating an interaction between the possibilities of the body and the soul plan.
This makes it possible to return to the neutral position from the passively achieved deviating position. In addition, the soul plan can be adjusted if the body has become out of balance or threatens to become unbalanced due to incorrectly directed actions, so that the body also comes back in line with its own possibilities and needs.

I've noticed this very clearly in the last few weeks. I always find out just in time, seemingly by accident, about actions that are not aligned to the best life possible. I can then correct those actions before they can have any ill effects.

All levels of multidimensional life are working together to balance life as a whole on an individual level.

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