Humanity's Collective Pathway to a Higher Level of Existence

Beginning of the new trajectory:
finding new solutions for old problems

April 2019
Inventory at the start of a new trajectory on our collective route

Every morning I have a conversation with myself and then I write down all questions, answers and insights. Often there is little to write about, but last week suddenly a lot of information was available on various topics.

That information flow had to do with the new outer energetic structure of 3x2 pyramid shapes (see: "System adaptation: remove unwanted influence between dimensions")
By implementing this adjustment (solution), we have embarked on a new path on our collective route to a higher plane of existence. This road is passable, but we still have to shape it in physical reality. And because our route runs right through the old world, we encounter blockages in the form of old habits, behavior, fears, rules, and so on.
The new structure apparently offers solutions to problems that have been around for some time. Problems that stagnate the creation of the new reality.
In the exchange of information with my (multidimensional) self and the reading of the information in the quantum realm, I could not yet find the solutions, but I could very clearly see and analyze the cause of the problems.

The problems all come down to the same thing: the old way of thinking, acting, habits, rules, etc. forms a kind of 'overlay' over the new way of being, so that the new reality cannot be created.
In the old reality, people with a new consciousness could not express themselves at all and therefore could not create the new. Any behavior that was an expression of this new consciousness was successfully suppressed.
When we learned that the new could only be stopped because people with a new consciousness voluntarily suppressed their behavior and expressions, at least these people could express the new. That was already a very important step in the growth of people who were born with a new consciousness.

But that expression was then 'captured' again and distorted by people from the old consciousness, so that it was still not possible to create a new reality. A reality that fits who we are.
There was always someone who tried to 'silence' you or to cast a bad light on your expression or to tarnish your pure intent and integrity by questioning it.
Thanks to the new structure, solutions are now available that should ensure that our expressions actually lead to the creation of a new reality. We just need to find and shape those solutions.

The topics covered were the following:


From the old, human consciousness we learn from each other and teach each other.
From the new Soul Consciousness we learn by offering each other life experiences.

The bombings in Sri Lanka were a result of the fact that certain people would "teach others a lesson" (and if that doesn't go willingly, then it has to go ill-fated).

How do we exchange information?

People who process information in the old way hear a word, interpret that word according to their 'internal dictionary', give it meaning and draw a conclusion about the intent of the word according to their belief system.
People who process information in the new way, along with the word, also receive the energy of the meaning (message) and the intention with which the message was sent. They interpret nothing, but receive the total information in one packet from the sender.


In the old reality, money only becomes available if you meet certain conditions.
In the new reality, the availability of money is incorporated into your life plan and is available at the right time to shape your life path.

I have very little money to spend right now, while I have a lot of money that I can't reach because it will only be available in the future. For example, I had the option to take early retirement, but the condition was that I would end my energetic practice, which is not an option. So the rules and conditions are also used via money to prevent it from taking on a new shape.


The last topic is the mismatch between the matter you need to shape your life path and the available matter.
Your life plan is formed by the particles of matter that are linked to your consciousness. Each particle has different possibilities to take solid form in physical reality at a certain place and time.
You can choose to shape one of those possibilities, then you shape the matter to your choice. If you don't do anything, or only know what you don't want, then eventually only one possibility remains that forms and encloses your consciousness.
Those are the 2 ways how you can shape your life path with the particles of matter that are available to you.

The human ………… well …….

The human appropriates matter whether it is linked to him or her on a quantum level or not.
If it is matter that is needed by someone else now or in the future, the particles keep moving and the matter becomes unstable.
When there are no more possibilities for those particles, they become solid and immobile. If the human then no longer needs the matter, or dies, then the matter will retain its shape, but is now 'lifeless' (clutter, space debris) and it is in fact difficult to get rid of.


We are again at the beginning of a new path in our collective pathway to a higher plane of existence. The 'blockages' on our route are clear and we are sure that a solution to clear these blockages is available, otherwise we would not have been able to go down this road.

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