Humanity's Collective Pathway to a Higher Level of Existence

Milestone reached: the necessary preparations on individual and collective level are completed. Next phase: renewal of society

October 2013

On October 21, 2013 we again reached an important milestone in our evolution.
New ideas about how we want to live our lives and how we want to experience life, can be manifested in total freedom in this physical world.

The course evolution had taken in the past, seemed to lead to a dead-end. Due to the fact that the development of human society got stuck on a certain level on a certain moment in time, while the natural evolution of physical life just went on.
The result of this situation was that people got new ideas to shape society with, while they were unable to manifest those ideas or even bring them forward, because society didn't allow change to happen.

The need for renewal grew stronger and stronger and as a consequence the measures to stop this renewal too got stronger and stronger. The situation became unbearable. Earth became a pressure cooker in which the pressure rose so high that there was serious danger that it would explode.

On another (frequency)level of our multidimensional life, where the physical world is a small but important part of, we worked diligently to find a solution for this situation. The reason for this was that the development of Earth had consequences for the whole Universe. No-one wanted a new 'Big-Bang' to occur while the development of this Universe had only just started.

There were two possible solutions:

We chose the fast road and made it through the difficult part.

Now we have a multidimensional society that gives optimum support to the natural evolution of life in the physical world.
As of now we are able to manifest our innovative ideas without being held back by any barriers, so that the human societies can be brought on the same page as the natural evolution of the physical life, after which both evolution lines can go on together, supporting and strengthening each other.

The lives of the people who felt supported by the old societies are secured. These lives just continue as before, without too much further disturbances.
At the same time the care for these people is taken out of the hands of the 'Innovators'. These 'Innovators' are completely freed up so they can fully focus on themselves and developing, designing and manifesting their ideas, taking the life necessities of everyone (now and in the future) into account.

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Milestone reached: the necessary preparations for individual and collective  level have been completed. Next phase: renewal of society.
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