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Adjustment to the system: eliminate unwanted influences between dimensions

April 2019
Dependency relationship between people with different developmental levels

I don't know where this piece is going yet. But I do know that the solution is just around the corner, so I'm sharing my thoughts on that solution here.

Our new life is still not really taking off. We don't let ourselves be stopped anymore, but we do spend a lot of energy and time coming up with solutions to be able to continue despite the limitations imposed on us from the 'old world'.
As mentioned, we won't be held back by these imposed restrictions, but it will slow our progress. Moreover, there is a lot of frustration among people who still want to experience the 'old world', because they have no control over us.
The situation as it is now means that no one can live their best life possible.
There seems to be an unwanted relationship of dependency between people of different developmental levels who, in the one physical world in which we live, want to simultaneously shape and experience different realities.
Living together autonomously.
Brexit is a perfect example of this problem.

The key words here are:
freedom of movement (boundaries), information, perspective, possibilities.
These can be 'limited' or 'extended'.

It was the intention that the energetic structures would provide the necessary limitation or expansion.
This doesn't seem to work or doesn't seem to work enough. People try to limit each other or try to escape restrictions imposed by others. This leads to the previously mentioned wasted time and energy, frustration and delay.

What also strikes me is that more and more 'stories' are being created that have little realism. These stories all stem from the need for a better future (hope) or from the need to avoid a worse future (fear).
From these stories, people make choices and act or behave in a certain way.
It is possible that the source of these stories lie with the energetic structures.

Are the energetic structures adequate?

It has been 2 years since I have adapted the design of the outer energetic structure, the Merkabah, to the new developments.
(Read: adjustment to the system - information separation.)
If I look at this new structure in relation to the above problems, then that structure could well be the cause.

Merkabah integratie

What is striking is that the Soul Star structure (2 tetrahedrons) encompasses the whole body, but the other two structures do not. One hangs below and the other rises above it.
The idea behind this structure was that the consciousness that is actively present in the body is the Soul consciousness. The human consciousness is in the subconscious (past) and the higher Spirit consciousness in the superconscious (future).
This is absolutely true for the newly transformed human. However, not for the (from himself) separated, not yet transformed human being.
The active consciousness can besides the Soul, also be the Human Being or the higher Spirit.
If the Human is the active consciousness, then as it is now he lives mainly in the subconscious and can only express itself through the abdomen (chakras 1,2 and 3)
If the higher Spirit is the active consciousness, it lives mainly in the superconscious and can only express itself through the head (chakras 5, 6 and 7).

That's where all those unrealistic stories come from.
Stories of hope from the superconscious through the active higher Spirit consciousness and stories of fear from the subconscious through the active Human consciousness.

So it is a problem that the active consciousness does not fully coincide with the physical body.

Oh, something comes to mind. What I write above is about the human separated from himself, but even the already transformed human has this Merkabah structure around him. In the interaction with someone who actively lives from a Human or higher Spirit consciousness, the transformed human can move its active consciousness to the Human structure or the higher Spirit structure, to get to the same wavelength.
This person then in fact reacts again from separation.

Conclusion: the new structure maintains separateness.

The solution

The different 'vehicles' for the successive levels of consciousness are necessary to be able to support each level as well as possible in their separate development into a fully conscious independently functioning part within the multidimensional whole.
Each part must be given the opportunity to get to know itself, but also to learn how it can best relate to others within this whole.

The active consciousness must encompass the body.
In the separated situation the Human, the Soul and the higher Spirit are the active consciousness. They are not integrated, but develop separately. But all three must therefore completely encompass the body.
That is not possible with one structure, because the structure determines the level of consciousness. The shape, the number of surfaces, the mobility or rigidity determine the experience of consciousness. It determines the possibilities to perceive and create reality. It determines the perspective from which the world is viewed and it determines the room to move, the space you have to shape your life and the information you need to do so.
All this is necessary to get to know yourself and to develop in the right direction.

The three energetic forms are composed of particles of matter that vibrate at different frequencies. They are on different wavelengths. This allows them to occupy the same space simultaneously and still live separately.
So the solution is to superimpose the shapes so that all three can encompass the body.

Merkabah los
Merkabah los

(Fig. First design)

This should solve mentioned problems.

UPDATE: After sharing the above text, an obvious problem with this structure emerged.
The new is not seen! Several people focused on the old without seeing that it is part of the new.

The new wants to manifest itself! What does it take to make this possible?

Focusing on the old means that the new quantum possibilities cannot be seen. That is indeed right, because the cube structure does not contain these possibilities. The idea behind this was that humans still have to fully understand and get to know their 3D reality.
Is it possible to also give the Human (human consciousness) and Soul (soul consciousness) a 5D 'vehicle', while the Human can only deal with his 3D reality and the Soul with his 4D reality ?

In addition, the separated Human, Soul and Spirit must also learn to work together. Then an outer energetic structure of 3x2 pyramids also makes sense. The faces of the pyramids are only filled with other information. Thus the Human gets to see only that quantum possibility that can be realized at the moment or in the very near future.
This way, the new reality can be manifested by people who are still in the middle of their transformation process and who are still in the process of switching from old to new.

Merkabah los
Merkabah los

(Fig. Definitieve ontwerp)

The picture of the path of development for the new human has therefore also changed and now looks like this:

Ontwikkeling nieuwe mens
Ontwikkeling nieuwe mens

(Fig. Path of development of the new human)

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