Humanity's Collective Pathway to a Higher Level of Existence

Let's make waves together!
A faster route to the best possible life for everyone

May 2022

Right now, our collective route to the best possible life for all is determined by people who knowingly make choices that are at the expense of other people. And while all lives remain attuned to each other, it causes a significant delay.

We can accelerate our journey if the people who consciously follow their life path use their expertise and creative skills to not only shape their own best life possible, but also consciously take the people with which their lives are connected with them along their life path.
As a result, we create waves that move in ever-expanding circles through the quantum field of physical reality. When those waves come together, they become vortices that take everyone along on their life path. Deviating choices at the expense of others are then no longer possible.
Will you join us? Let's make waves!

Co-creating your life in alignment with all life

Everyone has certain creation skills. Skills that allow you to combine particles of matter into tangible forms that you can use to shape your life and your environment. Everything tangible in your life consists of particles of matter that are put together in such a way that they take on a certain shape. Combining these forms in a certain way creates a specific reality with which you can experience life.

In the new evolution phase 'living in alignment with others and life as a whole' you shape your life with particles of matter that, on a quantum level, are bound to you (your consciousness). The form that the particles take is related to who you are and what function you fulfill within life as a whole. Matter moves with you as you live according to your place within life as a whole.

The possibilities to use these particles to shape your life and living environment are not only attuned to what you want and can experience in your life, but also to the possibilities of everyone with whom your life is connected and with life as a whole.
If you did nothing, didn't make choices that would affect the formation of the particles, then the particles materialize and disintegrate around you naturally as you move through time and space. It then seems as if you are dependent on how matter forms around you. You just move through time and space and a certain world arises around you without you having done anything for it.

In reality, there is a whole process behind it that ensures that out of all possible places that the particles can occupy at any given moment in time, eventually only one place remains. Only when a particle has just one possibility left it will manifest itself in that particular place at that particular time.

This manifestation process is a complex dynamic whole of repetitive, attuned sub-processes. As soon as a change occurs, for example when someone has made a choice, all options are again attuned to each other.

A number of processes take place outside your sphere of influence. Such as the optimal attunement of all lives to each other so that together they form a perfectly functioning whole. But also natural processes, such as growth and development.

Said processes already reduce the number of possibilities in which a particle can manifest itself in time, but there will still be multiple possibilities left.
It makes no difference to life which of these possibilities takes shape. However, for those who experience these possibilities because they are in the middle of it, it matters a lot. Does life hurt and is it a torment, or are you enjoying a wonderful life to the fullest? How you experienced life influence the choices you make in your life. Therefore, the final choice is yours, depending on your personal preferences and expertise and attuned to the personal preferences and expertise of others.

Expertise and personal preferences

You see that in an attuned reality, your possibilities to shape your life and living environment are limited to those possibilities that allow everyone, without exception, to live his or her best possible life.
In determining the best possibility to co-create, you can use your expertise, your creation skills, and if there are multiple alternatives then you have the choice to manifest the possibility you prefer.
But the use of your expertise and your personal preferences must also be attuned to others.
I know from experience that this is a learning process.
My preference is to take the fastest and most efficient route to everyone's best possible life. However, this route turned out to be far too challenging and demanding. Not only for the people who shaped that route with me, but also for my own body.
So I had to adjust my preference. I still take the fastest and most efficient route through life, but I keep in mind what everyone needs to make the changes happen. For me that means slowing down, taking it step by step, seeing what everyone (including my body) can handle and building in processing and recovery time.

The way in which I use my expertise is also a learning process. My skills are intended for the new phase of evolution, for building a new society in which all lives are attuned to each other. However, now that we have decided to gradually move to the next stage of evolution, I usually work with people who feel separated from others and who are trying to survive as best as they can. In a world that is focused on survival, my skills are a threat.
I had to learn to deal with this and adapted my methods to the need for safety. This way I can prevent that people are going to resist the change that is necessary to co-create their best life possible attuned to others and life as a whole.

The previous phase of evolution: survive as well as possible as an individual

We have come from an evolutionary phase in which people have mainly focused on their own lives. What is the best way to live my life in this world, among other people who also wonder how to do that for themselves? We have explored all possibilities for centuries. We experienced life as unsafe, which meant that we mainly focused on surviving as good and as comfortably as possible.
For example, we wondered:
Is the best way to survive to join a group of people and adapt to the habits of those people? Or is your best chance to survive to separate yourself from the group? And what can we do with the formed matter that the Earth has to offer? Can we appropriate that matter? Does that increase our chances of survival? Or our comfort? And if others have appropriated something that we can use to increase our chances of survival, can we take it and appropriate it?

Yes, those are all possibilities to survive life as an individual among other people. However, these ways of living are always at the expense of others and even at the expense of life as a whole.
When lives are not attuned to each other and when the matter you have gathered around you is not attuned to the matter you need to live your life and to what others need and what will be needed in the future to shape all those lives, then no one can live his or her best life possible.
That is what we have learned from the previous evolutionary phase. We have taken the insights we have gained and put them into our superconscious and incorporated them into the life plans, so that we can apply those insights as wisdom in our future lives. When attuning all lives.

Individuals who make different choices determine our route now

Because we have concentrated on our individual life without taking into account what that means for (the quality of) the lives of others, an enormous imbalance has arisen between the matter that is available to everyone, now and in the future, and the matter that everyone has gathered around them.
From that perspective, it seems impossible to attune all lives in such a way that everyone can live their best life possible.

However, from the quantum level of our reality and from the perspective of the step-by-step evolution of life, it can be observed that it is indeed possible to attune all lives in this way, to divide and assign the particles of matter in such a way that everyone can shape and experience their best possible life that is attuned to all life. Now and in the future. At the quantum level, everyone's lives are attuned to each other and at the Soul level incorporated into individual and collective life plans.

The only question now is: does each individual shape their life according to his or her life plan and the collective life plans? They can, but they don't have to. People can consciously, willingly and knowingly, choose to shape a life that seems good for themselves, but that is at the expense of others.
Such a choice changes the possibilities in the life plans, because the possibilities are again attuned to each other.

A clear example are Putin's choices. For example, he has appropriated Ukraine's grain stocks and blocked export routes. As a result, he has caused a food crisis in countries that depend on the grain that Ukraine grows for their daily food. And is that a concern to him? That people have to stand in line for the few loaves of bread on the shelves and fight to get the last loaf? Well no. He (figuratively speaking) sits on the grain and tries to use it as a bargaining chip. To get out of the sanctions imposed on his country for illegally invading Ukraine. He willfully chooses for himself, at the expense of many others in this world.
However, this makes it very visible how the lives of people all over the world are interconnected.

It is of course nice that everyone has free choice without the connection between all lives is being lost. However, if we let the people who consider themselves more important than others determine our lives, it will take a very long time before everyone can actually shape their best life possible.
This can and should be different. And you can make the difference.

Attune the lives of people that are connected to your life

We now let people who want to walk 'off the beaten track' determine our route through life.
How can we ensure that we, people who consciously manifest their life path, determine the best collective route?

By consciously following our life path and using our expertise to ensure that the people with whom our life is connected also manifest their life path.
So it's not just about shaping your own life in conjunction with all other life, but about taking the people around you with you by helping them make the transition from living separated from others to living attuned to all life according to their life plan.
By consciously using your expertise and creative skills, you create a circular movement around you in the quantum field that keeps expanding more and more. When these circular waves made by conscious creators touch each other and start to resonate, we make bigger and bigger waves, making it difficult to deviate from the choices in your life plan at the cost of others.

Of course, your possibilities to make waves will be incorporated into your life plan. And in the joint life plans. But deploying your expertise is indispensable to achieve our common goal.
I'm ready to embark on this adventure with you, should you need my help.

Let's make waves together!

Plan best life
Plan bestlife

(Fig. How to come to your best life possible)

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