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Trajectory September 2016 tot March 2017
adaptation: how do we shape our shared life?

Maart 2017
traject mrt juni 2016
traject mrt juni 2016

Adjusting the Merkabah on an individual level (see: the text of September 2016) had a curious effect:
although the duality was resolved on an individual level, the phenomenon of polarization (extreme opposites) in the world is only increasing.

How could that happen?

The arisen problem

Creation struggle for our shared life

A creative struggle is currently underway, which is particularly evident in the Western world.
In fact, it is the battle between world leaders about 'the individual' who has to create the desired shared reality.

World leaders cannot create anything themselves.
They depend on the people who are going to shape (build, realize) the world according to the world view they have in mind.

Unfortunately, most people don't realize that.
They do not realize that it is themselves who determine and create the shared reality. They think (live in the illusion) that a world leader does that.

Most people are therefore convinced that they must first adjust the worldview of the world leader, before he will start to shape the life in which they can live the individual lives they want.
Some therefore enter into a discussion or demonstrate and explain what they think the image should look like.
Others resign themselves to their fate.

The other way around, the world leader is convinced that he needs enough people to shape his world view.


A democracy is based on this principle.
In this, people try to express their wishes regarding the worldview in advance, and they try to choose the world leader who can best create their image.
Because it is becoming increasingly clear that the leader's worldview can never coincide 100% with the worldview of another individual, more and more individuals who decide to create their own worldview by taking in the position of a world leader are rising up.

The world leader determines and creates the collective life, the individual (only) lives in this shared reality. (Right? Wrong!)

The origin
ontwikkelingsfasen mens
ontwikkelingsfasen mens

The world leader represents the highest consciousness of the human, the Spirit that is beyond time and space. The individual represents the lower consciousness of the human, the spirit that is within time and space.
See the picture on the right, in which I have depicted how the different layers of human consciousness first functioned separately from each other.

(For more information see: The development path of the evolved human, and changes in society )

For a consciousness that is outside of time and space (the Spirit), it is difficult to comprehend that the development of physical reality takes so much time.
In the beginning of our existence many individual higher Spirits became frustrated and disappointed in their own 'Human' and their own 'Soul'.
“Apparently they don't want to work with me”, was their conviction.

All kinds of energetic constructions (thought forms) have arisen from this conviction, in which an individual higher Spirit put the Soul 'outside' in order to be able to direct the human directly, and (through manipulation) even other people.

For example, someone with a higher consciousness could link other people to himself, as if these people belonged to that consciousness. This higher individual consciousness then functioned as an overarching consciousness that could put several people at work for him.

Now all layers of consciousness are integrated on a collective level and for a number of people also on an individual level. In others, at least their own individual layers of consciousness have been linked to each other.
The individual Merkabah has been modified in such a way that no one can be linked to another person.

Then, how can individuals still be drawn into the overarching structure of others?

What exactly is happening? Observations

What I observe is that individuals cooperate in manifesting a worldview when they are within the sphere of influence of someone who clearly expresses such a worldview out of the conviction that he needs others to realize that world according to his image. As soon as such an individual is out of that sphere of influence, he or she starts to shape life again according to his or her own convictions.

This phenomenon is also observable in my practice.
People whom I had successfully shown that the way to 'up' (=the way to their best possible life by exploiting all their potential possibilities) was feasible for them, seemed to have lost sight of those possibilities after they left my practice.

Especially people with a 'life-threatening' diagnosis such as cancer or a chronic illness are prone to continue creating their old reality if they have been in contact with a specialist doctor, even though deep down they know they don't have to go that way anymore.

They are then drawn into that doctor's reality, making choices that are not in their (and everyone's!) best interest.
Choices with which they continue the way 'down' (= the fastest way out of this life by destroying possibilities). Choices that take them further away from their best possible life.

For example, they opt for a life-disrupting treatment or for taking lifelong medicines that have unwanted side effects. (For which luckily there are medicines to solve them! Medicines that also have unwanted side effects.)
In both cases, only the symptoms are addressed (temporarily removed or suppressed), but the root cause is maintained.
So amazing to see this happen!

The cause

Survival strategies

A client brought me a piece of the puzzle (thanks for that!).
This client struggled with the fact that he was always drawn into his old reality and therefore started to show the behavior that was expected of him in that reality. This behavior seemed to give him a completely different (outer) personality. This personality made him make choices that were in line with that old reality (someone else's reality!) in which he found himself.

So he could shape his new life (his own life!) or his old life (another's life). It was impossible for him to shape his new life in his old environment.

I saw that he switched 'lines of development' at such a moment.
In the old reality he followed the "way down" thereby developing the outer personality, while in his new reality he followed the "way up" further developing his inner personality.
What caused him to be sucked back into his old life again and again was a character trait that caused him to make the (conscious) choice to shape the world in the image of the other.
It was a survival strategy.

If at any point in your life you come to the conclusion that it is better to disguise your real (inner) personality by adopting a desired personality (image) that allows you to survive within the reality of someone else, then of course you will.
It is understandable that you choose that strategy when you are a child, then you are actually dependent on the people around you.
However, when this behavior has become a habit, a reflex, then as an adult it keeps you from living your best life possible.

How the Merkabah causes this phenomenon

Looking again at the collective problem, we can conclude that such character traits, desirable outer personalities (images), and survival strategies cause individuals to shape someone else's reality when they are within that person's sphere of influence.

The change in the Merkabah caused the real (inner) personality to become clearly visible again and that caused the reflex that people would assume the desired outer personality in the vicinity of someone who imposes his or her world view on them.


If we then take a good look at the Merkabah, we will see why.

The top purple triangle (the Spirit) and the bottom red triangle (the Human) can tilt. They are connected through the heart chakra.
If one tilts, the other tilts with it.

In their extreme tilted position they touch each other and thus cover the heart chakra. The real personality is no longer visible, the outer personality has taken its place.

This is what happens when the purple Spirit star is aligned with someone else's tilted Spirit.

Learning through experience

The ability to tilt is necessary, because someone must be able to display the desired behavior in every situation. This extreme position is also necessary, because the character trait that causes the behavior has yet to be understood.

The person can then grow, so that the conscious character trait is no longer an obstacle to shaping the best possible life.
However, this is regulated from within and not from outside.

The reflex from the outside must be neutralized, so that everyone can shape their own life, even in the immediate vicinity of someone who imposes his world view on others.

The solution

In case of outside influence, the purple structure will tilt because the top is pulled to the side. As a result, that person loses sight of their own real future possibilities.
This can be solved by an (automatic) counter-movement of the top of the red structure. This will automatically restore the vertical alignment.
This can be included in the collective life plan.

Determining and creating a shared life together

A shared life is not determined and shaped by one individual.
The potential possibilities for collective life arise by combining all potential possibilities in all individual life plans into one plan, the collective life plan. The individual plans are then adjusted to these possibilities.
The collective life takes shape as individuals begin to shape and live their best life possible, as part of that joint life plan.

Don't let yourself be limited by shaping someone else's worldview.
Live Your Best Life Possible!

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