Humanity's Collective Pathway to a Higher Level of Existence

Trajector July to December 2015: the preparation phase

January 2016

In March 2015, we (humanity as a collective unity, collective consciousness) had managed to uplevel our lives from the human existence to a higher plane of existence.
All life on Earth has been functioning as a coherent unity ever since. That coherence is achieved, monitored and regulated from our higher consciousness, the Soul. The responsibility for the quality of (all) life no longer lies with the lower human consciousness but with the higher soul consciousness.

In order to achieve that, we have had to make all kinds of adjustments to the higher way of living in recent years to ensure that the way of living that belongs to human consciousness would not hinder us from being able to shape the desired life on that higher level of existence in complete freedom.
We were no longer tempted to limit (the quality of) our lives to leading (suffering) a human existence at the level of human consciousness. Thus the people with a multidimensional consciousness within human existence could live a life on a higher level.
Now it is the other way around and within the higher existence not only a life from a higher consciousness on a higher level of existence can be lived, but also a human life on a lower level of existence. A level that fits human consciousness.

The evolutionary transition from animal to human existence

To make this difference a bit clearer, I want to take you to the period in evolution in which we made the transition from an animal existence to a human existence.
Try to imagine that at that time on Earth there was only nature in which animals lived. There were no man-made structures, such as houses, roads, cities, countries, clothes, electricity, internet, written word and so on. There was only an animal existence. The animals lived a life that suited them exactly, to their capabilities and to their animal consciousness.
At the time of the transition to a human existence, all possibilities to shape animal existence were used as best as possible. The animal had developed all its capabilities and applied them in every conceivable way to live and experience an animal life. There was nothing new to experience from the animal consciousness, the full potential of possibilities had been developed and utilized.

The being with a human consciousness and (physical and spiritual) possibilities to express that consciousness, arose from animal consciousness and was born from animal parents within animal existence.

The first animal that was born with a higher (human) consciousness and associated possibilities did not know that about itself. This animal, the first human, thought that he was an ordinary animal, just like all the other animals around him, and therefore tried to live an animal life as his parents showed him.
Unnoticed, however, this person used his human qualities in addition to his animal qualities. Qualities that did not occur in the animal community and for which there was no application within animal existence. The human animal had new capabilities, capabilities that were not fit for the shaping of an animal existence but which were meant for the shaping of a human existence. An existence that animals (unlike humans) cannot imagine.

The other animals were therefore initially afraid of this human animal. They did not understand the new possibilities to express themselves and to shape an existence. Within animal existence, this human animal therefore felt compelled to suppress its new possibilities. He adapted to the way in which animals lived and (out of necessity) had to lead (suffer) an animal life.

But since the human characteristics, qualities, talents and skills could not be suppressed, the human animal itself began to find applications within animal existence for its talents. Others (animals) tried to imitate him, but only looked at the outer appearance of the actions. They did not see that there was a whole thought process behind the actions of the human animal. They themselves had no possibilities for those thought processes. The animals began to imitate and apply human skills in a way that suited their animal consciousness.
At a certain point, because of this outward appearance, the human animal no longer stood out from the other animals and the human qualities and the human animal were no longer seen as 'special'. The human animal had added possibilities to animal existence, but life had not been fully lifted to the human level of existence.

Only years later, after more human animals emerged through the natural evolutionary process, did these new animals recognize the new traits in each other and they began to understand the new possibilities. What exactly can you do with it? What exactly are they for? The human animals could start using their newly found qualities to build a life that suited them. They could use their knowledge of animal existence to adapt their talents to the animal consciousness and way of life to ensure that they could live their lives on the level of human existence. In this way they transcended animal existence and lifted all existence, including animal existence, to a higher level: the level of human consciousness.

The Human began to clearly distinguished himself from the animal by leading a human existence. Some animals fit within the human life and lived together with humans in the same habitat, other animals have their own habitat, demarcated and protected by humans and still others live in untouched nature far away from humans.
At this point, the differences between an animal and a human are clear to everyone. The animal had reached the end of its evolutionary process, while the human was then still at the beginning of his evolutionary process.

The evolutionary transition from human to multidimensional existence

It is exactly the same with the new multidimensional human born of the ordinary human. This multidimensional human being is at the beginning of his evolutionary process and has yet to clearly distinguish himself from the human being, who in turn has now come to the end of his evolutionary process.

Just like the human in relation to the animal, the multidimensional man in relation to the original human has a higher consciousness and new possibilities to express that higher consciousness. Physical and mental characteristics, qualities, natural talents and skills that are intended to shape a life and build an existence that fits that higher level of consciousness.

From that higher level of awareness it is clear that all of life functions as an attuned and coherent unity. The multidimensional human being is aware of the coherence of life and of his role within that unity in preserving the coherence. His choices and actions are aimed at restoring, maintaining, optimizing and preserving the coherence of life. The new possibilities support the multidimensional person in this. They are 'tools' or 'instruments' used by the higher consciousness, the Soul, with which the multidimensional human can determine his or her best course through life.

At the level of the human spirit, that unity consciousness is not there. The human is especially aware of his own life and his immediate environment. Humans are also very aware of the differences between people. Th human has an individual consciousness. His characteristics, qualities, natural talents and skills are therefore aimed at being able to function as well as possible as an individual and to distinguish himself of all other individuals.

At the level of the animal consciousness (which is also part of the multidimensional human) the attention is on living according to the laws of nature, living in groups, aimed at the survival of the species and the progressive evolution of life.

In the multidimensional human being, all these levels of consciousness are expressed. In coherence, poised and balanced. The multidimensional human follows the laws of nature and lives his individual life perfectly attuned to others in conjunction with all other life.

To be able to do this, the multidimensional human being has properties, qualities, talents and skills with which individual life can be shaped in its natural context.
The human being with a human consciousness does not have these possibilities, for the simple reason that those possibilities are not necessary to be able to express human consciousness and to shape a human existence.

At this point in evolution, humans and multidimensional humans are outwardly like two drops of water. As with the animals, the human has come to imitate the actions and choices of the multidimensional human without knowing or understanding that behind those actions there is a whole process by which the coherence of life is guarded. The human uses those actions as a 'trick' or 'handyness'. Since this person has no consciousness and no possibilities to monitor the coherence of life, those actions can be at the expense of (the quality of life of) others and ultimately also at the expense of himself and (the quality of) life as a whole.
If you only look at the outer actions then, at this point in the evolution of life on Earth, there is no difference to be seen between a human being and a multidimensional human being. The difference lies in the invisible process behind those actions and in the result, the consequence of those actions, for the quality and coherence of life.

Converting the human way to the multidimensional way of doing things

Simultaneously with the imitation and learning of the 'new tricks' by the ordinary human, the multidimensional people have started to hide their higher consciousness and their new possibilities with which they can express that consciousness, and/or adapt it to the human way of life to create a human existence so that they would not stand out from the crowd.
Some ordinary people have masqueraded as "experts" or "authorities" or "masters" and re-learned their "tricks" to multidimensional people, causing these people to misunderstand and misuse their talents and skills. Human existence was thereby preserved and the higher existence could not be realized.

Now the time has come for all multidimensional humans to actually start living as a multidimensional person in order to be able to design, live and experience a higher quality level. To do this, everyone must first unlearn the acquired human habits and use the possibilities for which they are intended.
That is not so easy, because everyone is now used to being a 'human being' and some don't know any better than that they are human. Therefore, there are still plenty of challenges on our fastest path to our best possible life.

There is now a large group of multidimensional people who have discovered, understood, developed and learned to apply their talents in the right way. These people are scattered all over the world and live among multidimensional people who have not yet discovered themselves and their talents. They have thoroughly prepared themselves to be able to support those around them in converting their human way of doing things into the higher way of doing things that suit them. Now the time has come to use their new abilities to develop the capabilities of others.

Dit is de volgende stap op onze snelste route naar een leven op een hoger niveau van bestaan.

Zit jij al op je hoogste niveau van bewust zijn en gebruik jij je vaardigheden om een leven vorm te geven en te leven en een samenleving op te bouwen dat daarbij past? This is the next step on our fastest route to a life on a higher plane of existence.

Are you already at your highest level of consciousness? And are you using your skills to shape and live a life and build a society that fits that?

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