Humanity's Collective Pathway to a Higher Level of Existence

Trajectory March to June 2016: Creating the best of both worlds or the best possible world for everyone?

June 2016
traject mrt juni 2016
traject mrt juni 2016

The path to our best possible life is littered with old remnants from our past lives. Lives we have lived at a different stage of life's evolution from lower levels of consciousness than our current active level of consciousness.
In the text of March 2016 (co-creating the future instead of re-creating the past) we looked at limiting beliefs. Beliefs that arise from misunderstood experiences and the accompanying emotions. At a subconscious level, these beliefs prevent the desired future from manifesting itself, but instead re-shape the past over and over again.

An adjustment has been made in the timeline, but that did not solve the problem. Our best possible life still cannot manifest.

Acting from non-active levels of awareness

We still act unconsciously from the lower levels of awareness.
Or actually:
our body reacts to impulses from outside, impulses that demand a reaction from us.
As a result, we act directly without being aware of these impulses that our body receives.
Our body then in fact still creates the old reality, because someone else asks us to and we unconsciously respond to that impulse.
We try to shape two worlds, as it were.

Why does our body react directly with an action to impulses from outside?
This has to do with the evolution of the body.
The body has gone through all phases in the evolution of conscious life and has supported consciousness in all those phases in the best way possible.

The moment we are ready to move to the next stage of the evolution of consciousness, we act fully consciously competent from our active consciousness.
We then know exactly how we can function best in certain situations. We know exactly how best to behave and how to act in specific situations, from that specific level of awareness.

At the transition to the next stage in the evolution of consciousness, our awareness, our active consciousness, shifts to the next higher level of consciousness and the current level of consciousness disappears from view, to our subconscious.
From that level of awareness, our body can now fully subconsciously perform the actions that belong to that specific level of awareness. We no longer need to consciously actively engage with this level of awareness. Our body will act the right way in every situation.

However, with the transition to the next phase in evolution, an extra dimension is added to the body so that we experience life differently, so that we find ourselves in a completely new reality.
We therefore end up in situations that are completely new to us, so that we no longer know how best to behave in those situations and how best to act to create our best possible life. We don't even know what our best possible life is anymore!
At the level of active consciousness we are now completely consciously INcompetent!

To become consciously competent again, it is necessary that we start to behave consciously and act consciously again.
This means that our conscious body may no longer respond to impulses from the different levels of consciousness when signals come in. This is because these signals are interpreted from a reality that does not correspond to the reality in which we are actively aware, so that the response will be inadequate.

However, we want to benefit from the knowledge we have gained in the different levels of consciousness. The signals must therefore first be brought to a conscious level, so that they can be interpreted on the active level of awareness from the actual reality. The body can then respond to the correct interpretation of the situation in the best possible way, from the different levels of consciousness, but now as a unit aimed at creating the active reality.

Adjustment to the Chakra Communication- and Information System

To realize this, an adjustment is needed to the Chakra Communication and Information System. The signals that come in from the outside through the various chakras should not be sent directly to the body, but should be stored as information and interpreted from reality from the active level of consciousness. This information must then be incorporated into our life plan from which the right action is determined. The request for action then goes to all cells of the body, allowing the body to perform the appropriate action.

The multidimensional person can now create and experience the reality that belongs to its level of consciousness.

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