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Using duality as a 'tool' and let it work for you
instead of losing yourself in irreconcilable contradictions

June 2016

One of the higher skills meant to shape and live your best possible life is to recognize two associated opposites or dualities.
This is actually the basis for all other higher skills, because it is supportive in their development.
The development of the skill 'recognizing dualities' has been somewhat different. This development is related to the perspective of the level of awareness of the human being.
Ordinary people have started to use this higher skill in such a way that there has been a struggle to shape the best possible physical reality from their own perspective. And not the best possible for everyone

Everything in physical reality has a beginning and an end

Physical reality has a temporary character.
It consists of four dimensions: length, height, depth and time.
These four dimensions form a grid of coordinates in which you can determine the place and time of something that is in that physical reality.

Physical reality is made up of building blocks (particles of matter) and larger parts composed with the building blocks, which can also be put together into a new whole.
Every particle has a fixed place and time in the whole, so does every composite whole because of this. With the help of the place and time coordinates you can determine the beginning and the end of each part.

In physical reality there is also Consciousness (Spirit or Conscious Intelligence). Consciousness is in itself not bound to place or time.
The moment Consciousness is 'trapped' in a physical form, life arises, for example a human being.
If this person has the right possibilities and knows how to apply them, then he can determine his own place and time in that physical reality with the help of matter.
This allows this conscious person to orientate and form an image of the total physical reality. He can then use this image to create his own life.

The perception of duality, or irreconcilable opposites

How a human perceives and experiences physical reality is relative to the position in which it finds itself.
Take a high-rise apartment building as an example. If you stand down and look up you experience the building as high (when you imagine that you can't just climb on the roof), but if you stand on the roof and look down you estimate the distance to the ground as deep (when you imagine you can fall down).
'High' and 'deep' are two completely different quantities, while they are about the same unchanged matter. The perspective from which matter is perceived determines how people experience physical reality.

If we then look again at the parts of which physical reality is composed, it is clear that a human can see only one end of something at a time from where he stands in this reality. The other end is hidden behind that and only becomes visible if the human were to turn around and stand on the other side of that part.
He can simultaneously see the beginning of one part and the end of another identical part. The human experiences these two identical parts as separate from each other and 'opposite' to each other and therefore incompatible.
One might conclude, from a human experience, that physical reality is composed of incompatible opposites.
This way of looking is called linear, because the field of view moves along a straight line. From his point of view, human can only perceive in straight lines.

Dueling to force agreement on perceived reality

If two people were to face each other on opposite sides of an object, their perception of that reality would be exactly opposite.
If these people don't go around and look at the other side of the part, from the other persons point of view, but instead they stick to their point of view and take a stand against the other persons perception, a struggle or duel can arise over the nature of that object.
It can, according to the experience from the perspective of those people, only be one or the other but not both at the same time. After all, the contradictions are incompatible.
The aim of that duel is to convince the other that one's own view of the matter is the only correct one, to induce the other to participate in shaping the physical reality that the other wants to experience.

From a rectilinear perspective, the nature of physical reality is experienced as dual. It's either one end or the other. From this point of view, this reality is made up of dualities, or of opposing pairs belonging to each other.

You create reality together

Why is there a struggle for one's own perception of physical reality?
The reason lies in the fact that there is only one physical reality that we all want to use to shape and live our individual lives.
We need others to create that one shared reality, that we need to shape and live our individual lives.
The struggle for the correctness of one's own perception is therefore actually a struggle for manifestation.

If one wants to live a white reality and the other a black one, then there is a problem.
You can only create either a white or a black world, right?
Only one of them can live the life he desires. The other doesn't.
And if you can't figure it out, you can always make a compromise and choose the golden mean and start shaping a gray world. Unfortunately, no one can then shape and live the best possible life.

Obviously this way of 'tuning in' does not lead to the best life for everyone.
From a rectilinear dualistic perspective, no physical reality can arise in which everyone can live their own best possible life.

Raising this skill to a higher level

From the perspective of a higher level of consciousness, the perspective of the multidimensional human being who can see everything from different sides at once, can be observed that the opposite pairs are the ends of the same part. A whole spectrum of possibilities is visible between those ends. Possibilities that are not directly visible (via direct observation) from a linear perspective, because they are all hidden behind the visible end.

The ends are thus not irreconcilable opposites. On the contrary.
They appear to have a logical connection with each other.
They are the extreme possibilities of a certain part with which physical reality can be formed.

By allowing these two extremes to flow into each other in different proportions, the intermediate spectrum of possibilities is created. From a human perspective, we severely limit our options. If we allow the two extremes to merge, more possibilities arise with which we can shape and live our collective and individual life.

Every component with which we can shape physical reality carries a spectrum of possibilities. Length, depth, height and time, but also, for example, color, emotion, movement, power.
Everything we've used to create our physical reality.

So there is not just white, black or gray, but a whole spectrum of colors.
This means that when we have come to 'agreement' to jointly shape a 'white' reality, the possibility of a 'black' reality automatically arises and the possibilities of a reality of any color in between those two extremes.
Dat er maar één mogelijkheid is om onze gezamenlijke werkelijkheid mee vorm te geven en dat we ons daaraan moeten conformeren, ook al voelen we ons daar niet goed bij en past het niet bij wie we zijn en kunnen we ons beste leven er niet mee vormgeven, is dus een illusie. So, it is an illusion that there is only one possibility to shape our shared reality and that we have to conform to it, even if we don't feel good about it and that it doesn't fit who we are and we can't shape our best life with it.
All these possibilities are available to shape and live the individual life with.
It therefore makes no difference at all from which perspective reality is viewed and shaped. The perspective is only a limitation for one's own possibilities to shape and experience individual life.

Use the equilibrium principle to make balanced changes

How can you apply this knowledge to shape your best life possible?

We can then use the equilibrium principle, which we have come to know and apply from our dualistic linear perspective:
you take both extremes and add them together in equal parts. Then you have found the exact middle of the spectrum.
Imagine the spectrum you are working with as a balance scale. Both sides of the spectrum are then exactly in balance if you balance the scale on this middle.
You can now start using this equilibrium or balance point to ensure that physical reality remains in balance. This is important, because most people derive their safety from experiencing a state of equilibrium. If you disturb the balance, others will make a counter-movement and then you no longer know what your best next step should be. After all, the situation has changed.

That is why it is extremely important to keep the balance with every change you make in the joint physical reality.
That means, if you add 'white' to one end of the spectrum, you must simultaneously add 'black' to the other end of the spectrum.

Recognize your higher skills by using the equilibrium principle

Developing your higher skills comes naturally. This development naturally follows the equilibrium principle.

As an example I take one of my own higher skills: 'seeing the consequences of choices'.
At the beginning of my life, when I didn't know that I possessed higher skills, I automatically used that skill when I saw people take a path that would damage their own life, the lives of others and/or the life as a whole. (The one extreme.)
This was not usually met with cheers and applause. Ultimately, these reactions resulted in me suppressing this higher ability and not using it in situations where this higher ability was needed. (The other extreme.)
I saw life derail and I could see the importance of using this higher skill.
Because a higher skill cannot be suppressed and because using the higher skill in the wrong situations is at the expense of yourself and can damage your body, you automatically get room for an evaluation of this period in your life and you come to the conclusion that sometimes you need to use this skill and sometimes you don't. (The golden mean.)
Then you can discover in which specific cases your higher skill gives the most added value and in which cases you are left with the pieces. Then you can investigate how you should act in each situation to realize the best life for everyone. (Using the whole spectrum via the equilibrium principle.)

Do you recognize your higher skills and are you already using the whole spectrum of possibilities that physical reality carries within it?

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